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Emerald City | Batman Beyond #1 in June, more JSA on Smallville

Super Pro K.O.!

Super Pro K.O.!

BOOM! Studios isn’t the only publisher at the Emerald City Comicon with news. Here’s a rundown on some of the other stuff coming out of the con …

  • Laura Hudson at ComicsAlliance reports from the DC Nation panel that occurred earlier today. We already know that animated star Batman Beyond is set to appear in this year’s Superman/Batman annual, written by Paul Levitz. According to editor Ian Sattler, the annual will be out in June and will feature Superman Beyond as well. And a new Batman Beyond series kicks off that month.
  • At that same panel, Geoff Johns also confirmed that the JSA would appear again on Smallville toward the end of the season. “The hope is for every DC character to appear outside the comic book. Correctly,” Johns said.
  • And James Robinson is working on a new Shade series. Previously he told iFanboy he’d love to explore Opal City in the form of a Shade series.
  • Laura also reports on the Mondo Marvel panel that occurred in Seattle. Although there were no announcements, they did talk about the recent Tea Bagger controversy in Captain America, how the Disney/Marvel merger was going and, as always, “One More Day.”
  • iFanboy reports on some of Oni’s news from the show. Guerillas by Brahm Revel is moving from Image to Oni, with a first volume collection due in October. In July they’ll release a new graphic novel called Super Pro K.O.! by Jarrett Williams, described as “Shonen Jump meets high-impact, old-school wrastlin’.” And Phil Gelatt and Tyler Crook’s Petrograd comes out in November. I spoke with Gelatt about the book last summer, when it was announced at SDCC.
  • As reported on CBR, Hack/Slash is moving from Devil’s Due to Image. “…it became pretty clear that the pretty well [publicized] financial problems DDP was having weren’t going to help me get my book out every month or help me get my creators paid on time,” creator Tim Seeley told CBR. “I’ve been working with Image on my other creator-owned stuff like “Loaded Bible” and “Colt Noble and the Megalords,” and I’ve always had great experiences working with [Image Comics Publisher] Eric Stephenson and [Sales and Licensing Coordinator] Joe Keatinge and the rest of the crew. And, most of the comics I read and enjoy every month come out of Image. So, with the help of DDP president Josh Blaylock, I set up a deal to bring Cassie and Vlad over to Image.”
  • Heidi MacDonald reports that next year’s Emerald City Comicon will run three days. They’ll also run a one-day show called the Jet City Comic Show in September.



Mysterious Stranger

March 13, 2010 at 6:11 pm

Batman Beyond series? I’ll buy that.

Batman Beyond is such a waste of time

It should also be noted that we will be seeing Firestorm in Brightest Day getting his second chance. Geoff Johns commented to me that he loves the character. Ronnie’s coming back!

In the Green Lantern world:
Pete Tomasi stated he will be utilizing the two page spread of Guy Gardner to really flesh out more of his backstory and delve into why Guy is and reacts the way he is/does.

While he didn’t say “definitely”, Geoff Johns was asked about a Green Lantern animated series and he confirmed without confirming one would be on the way.

When asked about Sinestro Corps War appearing as a DC Animated Direct movie, Geoff again said if “we” wanted it, which the audience very loudly agreed we did.

The Larfleeze Christmas special (likely in the next installment of the DCU Holiday special) will be Larfleeze searching for that greatest of givers from the North Pole. This was previously announced but the sheer pleasure he took in relating the information shows its going to be a very fun story.

Mark Waid snuck into line to ask a question of his own, about GL having another adventure in the 52nd Century. Geoff had to have had him set it up because he alluded to a team up with Hal and Barry going back to the future…

One of my personal best experiences at ECCC today was catching up with Philip Tan. It is such a pleasure speaking with him in that he just glows about how honored and thrilled he is doing the projects he has done. Last year he revealed Larfleeze to me. This year he gave me a peek of some new non-Outsiders art which he pulled out of a Fedex package… That boy is up to something good!

Both the DC Nation and the Green Lantern panels were some of the best I’ve seen in the 20 years I’ve been going to cons.

Thanks for those news bit James, while nothing huge I always enjoy hearing about what Johns has in store for GL after Blackest Night looks like things will continue to be interesting in the months to come with The New Guardians on earh.

never liked Batman Beyonds costume….but may as well use him I guess.

@ Dave: Any Batman that isn’t Bruce Wayne or Terry McGuiness is a waste of time.

Gosh we’re all happy this weekend, aren’t we?

A Shade series is fantastic news. Thanks for making note of this, JK!

“@ Dave: Any Batman that isn’t Bruce Wayne or Terry McGuiness is a waste of time.”

I certainly agree with that first part, Josh… And based on what litle I’ve seen of Batman Beyond I’m inclined to agree with the second part too.

Batman’s my favorite character, has been pretty much all my life, and it was Batman Begins that brought me back to comics after more than decade away. In spite of that, I haven’t bought a Batman monthly in at least a couple of years.

Beyond was overrated, imo. Too much Spiderman teen angst, not enough dark knight detecting.

Nice ass in that pic, by the way.

Firestorm coming back, Hack/Slash moving to Image, a Shade series? A very good weekend indeed….

I love Batman Beyond, can’t wait.

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