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Fantagraphics Books to launch manga imprint

The Comics Journal #269

The Comics Journal #269

Dirk Deppey has announced that Fantagraphics Books has signed a deal with Japanese publisher Shogakukan to launch a manga line translated by scholar and translator Matt Thorn.

The line, which Deppey says has been four years in the making, apparently will launch in September with a collection of stories by legendary artist Moto Hagio, a pioneer of modern shojo manga.

(Thorn interviewed Hagio in 2005 for a Comics Journal cover story, at right.)



AWESOME. This has a lot of potential.

Hopefully it won’t JUST be shojo. I mean that’s great and all for fans of that genre, but I’m ready to sink my teeth into most any other manga.


I hope they bring over some really freaky, avant-garde stuff.

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