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Fantastic fanart

Robert Kline art from FF #12

Robert Kline art from FF #12

Before there were LJ communities, before there was DeviantArt, heck, before there was an internet, there were fanzines. And before Gary Groth was the editor of The Comics Journal, he was the editor of Fantastic Fanzine, a project he began when he was 13. At Comic Attack, Ken Meyer, Jr., reproduces all of issue 12 of FF, together with commentary on many of the creators. And if that whets your appetite, check out the earlier issue he blogged about last fall.



I miss real ‘zines. Sure, most of them were terrible, but they took a level of love and effort that Blogger and it’s ilk just destroyed -thus making it possible for any talentless idiot to voice their opinions and bad poetry.

That is a badass piece of art by Dr. Klein though!!

Scott, true…there a lot of crappy ones (though they were mostly well intended), but there were many really good ones too! Check out the installments of Ink Stains at and tell me what you think!

And thanks to the guys here for mentioning the column!

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