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Forbush Man, Doctor America and Golden Age Deadpool star in Who Won’t Wield the Shield? one-shot

Doctor America

Doctor America

When I first saw the solicitation for Marvel’s upcoming Captain America: Who Won’t Wield the Shield? one-shot, I thought it was just another Deadpool parody comic. But while Deadpool does make an appearance — or the Golden Age version, anyway — he’s not the only character making fun of Captain America. The book will feature a new Forbush Man story written by Jason Aaron, a Doctor Strange/Captain America mash-up by Matt Fraction and the previously mentioned Golden Age Deadpool tale by Stuart Moore. talked to all three writers about their stories.

“Dr. Stephen Rogers, transformed by the Super-Satan formula into the pentagram-bespangled sentinel of the arcane, Doctor America,” Fraction said. “On behalf of the Undergovernment he goes mano eeeee mano with Richard Milhous Manson, aka the sinister Red Dick, and his genocidal assistant Bebe Rebeyonder to save the soul of the swinging, sinister, ’60s.”

Fraction’s tale, appropriately, will be drawn by Brendan McCarthy, as you can see to the right. OK, now I wish I’d pre-ordered this …



Oh boy! I can’t wait to save my money by not buying this!

I don’t think I’ll buy this, but compliments to Mr. Fraction on what is probably the best descriptive blurb about any comic I have read in ages.

Fraction and Mccarthy is too good to pass up. Need to go after this.

Hahahaha. Now I MUST buy this.

Huh? Fraction has given into his odder side…

So much McCarthy from Marvel? Wow, this really is a golden age.

You had me at “sinister Red Dick”.

Talk about burying your lead. They promoted this as Deadpool heavy book, something that’s been choking on the weight of soon to be 5 monthly books and hemorrhaging readers at my shop (when there were two titles and the occasional one shot we had 20+ going out the door. Now we’re at about 6-8 per title). That Fraction blurb alone would’ve had me ordering in the high teens. Wish I’d read this twelve hours ago before FOC.

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