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Frazer Irving joins Batman and Robin with Issue 13

Batman and Robin #13

Batman and Robin #13

DC Comics announced this morning that Frazer Irving will follow Andy Clarke as artist on Batman and Robin beginning with June’s Issue 13.

Irving, who collaborated with writer Grant Morrison on 2005’s Seven Soldiers: Klarion the Witch Boy, joins an impressive art roster that’s already featured Clarke, Frank Quitely, Philip Tan and Cameron Stewart.

At one point Irving was set for Issues 10-12, which initially were to be drawn by a returning Quitely.

Irving is also illustrating the second issue of the Morrison-penned Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne. That brings us to DC’s other Bat-related announcement — the full artist lineup for the six-issue miniseries: Chris Sprouse, Issue 1; Irving, Issue 2; Yanick Paquette, Issue 3; Cameron Stewart, Issue 4; Ryan Sook Issue 5; and Lee Garbett, Issue 6. The miniseries debuts in May.

“Frazer’s a unique comics creator in that he handles all aspects of the art chores — pencilling, inking and colors — which gives him the best creative control an artist could ask for,” Batman Editor Mike Marts told The Source. “And with fantastic results! Readers will drool when they see Frazer’s amazing pages to both Batman projects he’s working on.”



Irving, Paquette, Stewart, Sook: It’s practically a Seven Soldiers reunion tour!

The art just keeps getting worse and worse. Quietly was the only good artist and then the book just fell off.

I agree with Mr. Five.

Tan, Stewart, and now Clarke are just mediocre on this title. Hopefully Irving will brink his A-game. And I hope Sook uses his Wednesday Comics style!

The Ugly American

March 18, 2010 at 7:35 am

Where is Greg Land when you need him most???!!!???

Not familiar with Irving’s work, was unable to purchase comics when Seven Soilders was out; poor student, but i will be giving it a shot like i have so far with all the artists that have been on this book. The consistent change of artists however has been mostly good for me; Quietly and Stewert have been stand outs so far, and Clarke certainly has a quailty that can match those two, but found some of his renditions to flat. Tan on the other hand has been this series weakest artist, while he can draw a darker tone, I am one who has never liked his style on anything he’s done. Can’t wait to see what Irving brings to the series.

I don’t understand the fascination with Frank Quietly art. It has never appealed to me and to be honest, I much prefer the others listed. Not saying they’re all great, but they are a step up from Quietly, at least for me.

I’ve been looking forward to Frazer’s turn for a good long while now. Very anxious to see what he does. Klarion the Witch Boy was the first work of his I ever saw, and I just fell in love with it. His run on Iron Man was also a lot of fun to read.

I wasn’t planning on picking up The Return of Bruce Wayne, but with those artists and Andy Kubert’s character designs, well… I’ll certainly be picking it up now.

I’m not even a Batman fan. The sheer amount of talent brought in on the Batman books once Bruce “died” was what drew me right in.

It’s been a really fun year for reading Batman books.

Andy Kubert’s character designs AND covers.

Also, Frazer’s doing the Witch-hunting issue! That’s going to be great!


Francis Rossi was confused by DC Comics demand for a return to Status Qoe!

“We didn’t know they were fans” commented Rossi.

I am pretty stoked for these artists. Quitely took a while to grow on me, but now I love his work. I hope the ugly American is joking though. We don’t need no tracers on Batman! I just hope that the mini series is good

If I were a newcomer to comics and were to judge artists by this thread, I’d begin to think that Quitely is the ONLY good artist to ever work on comics.

what the hell are you people talking about?
Sook, Stewart, Irving = world class cartoonists.

heh! They’ve barely left schooloing – don’t know what cartooning is.

i just really don’t care for frazer irving’s work AT ALL. i was looking much more forward to quitely returning. big disappointment there for me. but to each his own

To each his own is right, but come on! All of these guys have paid their dues, and they get paid to do it. The funny thing is, could any of us do any better? Probably not

So much distaste for the artists…I think they are all great in their unique ways, but I have to say that I am not feeling the cover posted above. Maybe it’s the style or choice of layout.

I keep pre-ordering DC comics supposedly drawn by Ryan Sook, only to find that he’s only able to finish about half a dozen pages of his assignments before his editor bumps him for a speedier artist. Hope this’ll prove different.

I haven’t had a problem with any artist on this title, they all brought something different and Morrison did a great job or writing to their strengths.

Tom Fitzpatrick

March 18, 2010 at 9:41 pm

I wonder, if Irving finished the last three issues of Gutsville.

I wonder ….

Greg Land is the most worthless artist in the comics field. Photoshopped playboy bunnies do not an artistic subject make.

Quitely is by far the best, but other than the putrid Tan, the others are fine. I’ve been waiting for Frazer Irving to come to Batman for years. I’m ecstatic about this !!!

stop hiding behind your darn fingers…
every one of’em is a Quitely fill in..
some are bad at it too..
(I mean, dudes, check out Quitely’s disastrous fill-ins from Morrison’s X-Men run.. he’s irreplaceable) !

Cameron Stewart is awesome. Anyone who considers his stint part of a “decline” or who labels him as mediocre has brain damage.

Cameron Stewart was killer on the title. I still think that Quitely did the best art in the series and is absolutely killer, but Stewart was spot on as well.

Very informative post. Yamaha Fazer looks best in terms of design and styling in its segemnt.

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