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I’d totally be on board for a ‘Lil Scarlet Witch series

Mike Maihack's Scarlet Witch

Mike Maihack's Scarlet Witch

The recently revived Project: Rooftop has kicked off a new feature called “All-Ages All-Stars,” where artists redesign comic characters into kid-friendly concepts.

Up first is Mike Maihack, who gives the Scarlet Witch and her family a bit of a Saturday Morning Cartoon makeover. Could Wanda be the next Disney princess? Stranger things have happened …

But seriously, this is a cool idea, and I hope to see more of this feature soon.



I’d buy it.

I’d buy it for my daughter, but I’m not holding my breath on any of this.

Considering their in-continuity history, having Vision as an older teen is a little creepy.

I dig Vision as straight-laced-but-loving-boyfriend.

I met Mike at Heroes Con last year as we were booth neighbors. Discovered his amazing work in the process. Cow & Buffalo is hilarious and fun. And his new webcomic, Cleopatra in Space is gonna make him big! Stunning work.

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