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IDW returns to Jurassic Park, with covers by Miller, Pope, Adams and more

Jurassic Park #1

Jurassic Park #1, by Frank Miller

Two months after Frank Miller tweeted “I just drew a really cool dinosaur,” everything finally falls into place with IDW Publishing’s announcement of Jurassic Park: Redemption, a new ongoing series by IDW Senior Editor Bob Schreck and artist Nate Van Dyke.

June’s Issue 1 will feature covers by Frank Miller and Tom Yeates, with subsequent covers in the initial five-issue arc by Yeates with variants by Arthur Adams (#2), Paul Pope (#3), Bernie Wrightson (#4) and Bill Stout (#5). What’s more, IDW will be giving away posters at WonderCon featuring Miller’s cover art.

The series is set 13 years after the events of the first Jurassic Park film, as John Hammond’s now-adult granddaughter Lex Murphy works with the United Nations to keep people off of Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna, while her brother Tim tries to redeem their grandfather’s name.

In addition to the new series, IDW has secured the rights to reprint the Topps Jurassic Park comics from the 1990s in a trade paperback.



Man, I love me some Jurassic Park. I’m down for this.


Best news of the night!

I’m so psyched!

Man, this had better be good!

It’s too bad the interior looks like it’s gonna be awful, because the premise sounds awesome.

Joe H: God, those are some horrible-looking raptors.

Jurassic Park needs to go away. I sincerely hope IDW didn’t pay a lot for this…

Gotta admit, this has potential (but you’re right, those raptors are buttugly).

I hope IDW will release ‘em for iPhone as well so l could carry ‘em in my pocket! I can’t wait for JP IV!

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