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Incarnate creator Nick Simmons responds to plagiarism allegations

From Tite Kubo's "Bleach" (left) and Nick Simmons' "Incarnate"

From Tite Kubo's "Bleach" (left) and Nick Simmons' "Incarnate"

Incarnate creator Nick Simmons has responded to widespread accusations that he plagiarized Bleach and other popular manga, saying that “certain similarities” were “simply meant as an homage to artists I respect.”

Radical Publishing last week stopped production on the collection of Simmons’ three-issue miniseries amid growing claims he had copied panel compositions, character designs, dialogue and plot elements from eight manga, including One Piece, Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D and Bleach.

In a statement issued by Simmons’ representative and posted on Comics Worth Reading, the 21-year-old artist said: “Like most artists I am inspired by work I admire. There are certain similarities between some of my work and the work of others. This was simply meant as an homage to artists I respect, and I definitely want to apologize to any Manga fans or fellow Manga artists who feel I went too far. My inspirations reflect the fact that certain fundamental imagery is common to all Manga. This is the nature of the medium. I am a big fan of Bleach, as well as other Manga titles. And I am certainly sorry if anyone was offended or upset by what they perceive to be the similarity between my work and the work of artists that I admire and who inspire me.”

A representative for Radical Publishing verified the statement comes from Simmons, son of KISS frontman and reality-TV star Gene Simmons.

Incarnate debuted in August with heavy promotional support from Radical and A&E TV, the network that airs Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels. The comic is showcased on the show’s webpage and sold through its online store.

The plagiarism allegations emerged early last week, igniting discussions — and art comparisons — on countless blogs, message boards and fan sites, with a Facebook group going so far as to call for legal action against Simmons. However, when alerted to the accusations via Twitter, Bleach creator Tite Kubo seemed more amused than anything: “I’m more interested in the fact that Gene Simmons’ son is a mangaka than whether he’s plagiarizing me or not.”



Tito Kubo is a classy man.

Maybe the furor will now fade into obscurity and we can all hope this will be an experience Nick grows from.

Manga is sure to benefit from the publicity….

“Manga is sure to benefit from the publicity.”

Wait, what?

So… aside from Kubo, what about the other US based artists that were ripped off in Simmon’s book? I noticed he didn’t address that either…

I didn’t realize homage was a synonym for tracing.

Nick Simmons should just claim he’s an inker.


Sean P Belcher

March 1, 2010 at 1:24 pm

Oh Manga, you card.

And yet no one says a peep about Greg Land and I bet his dad can’t even play bass!

Nice of Nick to say he is sorry if him trying to honor those who inspire his art like bleach and vampire hunter d. may have gone too far and offended some one but in a way Nick is right for all art does copy something else. and now that Nick has told his side of the story and the creator of Bleach seems to not care if Nick might have without meaning too rip him off but is a fan. says that maybe all the uproar over Nicks work is being blown out of proportion.

I didn’t realise that plagiarism = ‘homage’ now. I think Nick Simmons needs to get himself a god-damn dictionary and realise that the two words have very different meanings.

I’ve seen some overlay comparisons of the artwork in question and in my opinion calling it an homage is a cop-out. Its lazy and its insulting to the majority of artists in the industry who are responsible for their own work. At least the creator of the work he blatantly plagiarized doesn’t seem to mind that much. I don’t think I’d be so kind about it if I had created work that was so flagrantly lifted. Simmons has a lot of nerve to try and play it off as a flattering homage to creators he respects. This shows a total lack of respect for artists, and for a medium he claims to love and by which he claims to be inspired.

That’s Plagiarism plain and simple. Try to spin it all you want Nick Simmons

@Ramon: Land may be a hack, but I don’t think tracing photos qualifies as plagiarism.

Bleach is awesome

Alan moore, now THAT GUY can PLAGIARIZE!!! He gets plagiarism right! Want to see that guy plagiarize EVERY Superman character there is? Read his “Supreme.” Marvelman, Classic superheroes, Marvel characters, fairy tales, literary characters, Ditko characters, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. It’s all there.

When do we get an article on Alan Moores plagiarisms?

While I feel that Nick Simmons is a talentless hack riding his father’s coat tails for an instant entrance into the world of comics, two things come to mind:

1. If it wasn’t obvious that Nick was using other people’s artwork for personal gain, and claiming it was his own, Radical wouldn’t have canceled his comic in such a rush. Everyone with half a brain can clearly see that this was NOT homage, it was out-and-out theft.

2. If David Mack can get away with it, so must Nick Simmons. The precedent has already been established.

Big deal. You nerds should be embarassed for even noticing it in the first place.

“When do we get an article on Alan Moores plagiarisms?”

When you learn the definition of the word *plagiarism*.

“I do not think it means what you think it means…” – Hector Indigo Montoya

I don’t think it’s appropriate to let blatant plagiarism run rampant and not have consequences. It diminishes the importance of integrity. I don’t think Nick Simmons is a terrible person, but he certainly needs to acknowledge that he used other people’s work to shortcut his own and learn from this experience.

At the same time, I don’t have all the information. But the evidence is supportable.

Nick Simmons, go away forever. You have disgraced the family name your Dad made up. Comics doesn’t want you.

Mark – I don’t think you understand the word “plagiarize.” Alan Moore didn’t plagiarize Superman (et al.) – he used Superman/Blue Beetle/Question analogues to tell original stories. Big difference.

@Mark- I don’t think it’s plagiarism if the company who owns the rights has him do the project. Also many of the characters you think of were either not created by him or have been in the public domain for well…a while. And even then like many people pointed out there is a difference between homage and plagiarism

Wow! Even his explanation of plagiarism as homage seems plagarized.

Isn’t he using the same lame, excuse Rob Liefeld used when explaining why he was ripping off other artists like John Byrne years ago?

Nick is cool in my book. he is a good artist i hope he can get past this mess and keep working in comics. good luck nick and good job being a man and taking responsibility.

Nick’s official statement is a cop out. I can’t comment on what he lifted from other comics for the story, but the art comparisons are big neon blinking signs shouting, “Hey I traced this from Bleach but changed the hair and clothes.” Some of the deviantart/fanart pieces are direct traces of artist’s work, while in other places entire panel compositions are lifted. I don’t know if anyone is going to make millions with legal actions here, but the artists that had their work copied need some kind of reparation, and the comic needs to cease.
I hope I’m allowed to link to one of the art comparisons so that you can see what everyone is talking about:

@Drexell I agree with everything you said. Except its Inigo Montoya. I’m all over the Princess Bride quote though, good movie, great book.

Nick Simmons has most likely been instructed to throw this explanation out there as a form of damage control. His side of the story will probably change here and there over the next couple months until everyone just kind of gets tired of it and ignores it. Unless someone actually sues him for the money he made, this is all going to blow over and in doing so cheapen the medium.

On an unrelated note, his sister is kind of really cute. Just saying.

Yeah Fred, “Being a Man” would mean he would’ve owned up to actually TRACING and not use cop out defenses in an attempt to excuse his crimes.

“My inspirations reflect the fact that certain fundamental imagery is common to all Manga. This is the nature of the medium. ”


So… there are men and women in all Manga, so this inspires him to trace men and women form other Manga? And their dialogue?

They should put “creator” in quotes.

So…. Nick’s response to criticism i.e. “owning up to it” is “I didn’t steal anything. You’re all wrong.”

Wow. Good luck trying that defense in a court of law.

Spoiled 21 year old brat.

So… I guess the photographers in the article below should claim that they were “inspired” and that the book is an “homage” and it’s all hunky dorey, right Simmon’s family?

DETROIT, Jan. 26, 2010

You gotta file a lawsuit in Detroit Rock City.

A company that controls photos and posters of the rock group Kiss is suing to stop the online sale of a book with pictures of the performers.

Kiss Catalog Ltd. says trademarks are being violated by a book titled “Vintage Kiss Photos: 1974-1981.” The lawsuit names Marc Scallatino of Blackwood, N.J., and photographer Janet Macoska of Cleveland.

Rock Hall Rocks Out

Kiss Catalog, based in New York, is asking a judge to shut down and order the pair to surrender any books with photos of Kiss members.

E-mail and phone messages seeking comment were left Tuesday with Scallatino and Macoska.

The lawsuit was filed last week in federal court in Detroit, where part of the 1975 Kiss album “Alive!” was recorded at Cobo Arena.

Wait? Someone is actually being accused of plagiarism in the comics business?

Oh. I see. It’s an indy artist without the benefit of a great big company whose previous work he can plagiarize at will because of work-for-hire agreements that allow writers and artists to go one plagiarizing each other’s work on ongoing series for years. He’s also a dilettante son of a celebrity rather than a hot artist with a share of a big publishing company and the popularity to shrug off the fact that people noticed his swipes.

The page sample shown is an obvious swipe. Yes. It’s no more or less plagiarism than all the other swipes that have been going on for decades in the comics industry. Some very popular and well-regard artists have been guilty of many, many swipes through those decades. None of them are accused of ‘tracing.’

The swipe is an integral part of comics. People make money by being ‘like’ something else and most long-time properties survive by recycling themselves. Whether or not it’s plagiarism is open to debate. In my view, it is… but most publishers and creators disagree in most cases. Most people’s favorite comics contain at least one blatant swipe. Some artists and writers have built their career on swipes.

I’m not defending Simmons, but perhaps people should be dealing with the real problem: lack of originality in American comic creators. Nick Simmons is a symptom. Targeting him does nothing about the disease.

“If you steal my artwork, you will pay. In cash.”

“If I steal your work, I will make excuses. In an email.”

– Nick Simmons

nick (oxford definition)

1. A shallow notch, cut, or indentation on an edge or a surface.
2. (Slang) To cheat, especially by overcharging.
3. Chiefly British Slang: To steal.

Isn’t it ironic?

Issue #1 of this tripe sold 4,000 copies. Issue #2 came out two months later and didn’t even crack the top 300 in sales. That means it sold less than 2,500 copies. If you can’t clear 2,000 copies, Diamond won’t even distribute your book. Somewhere between 2,000 and 2,500 copies you wind up paying so much to the publisher and your creative team that you lose money.

In conclusion, the fans had spoken with their wallets before they spoke on the internet. Radical probably had no intention of ever seeing this thing make it six issues. Sales of only 4,000 copies when you’ve got a rock band AND a reality show AND a major website hyping the book? The handwriting was all over the wall. Given all the promotional fees, Nick probably already lost money on the project, unless daddy bankrolled the whole thing, and all that means it was a kick to someone else’s family jewels.

Viz has no reason to sue. You can’t get blood from a turnip.

Re: Stealing others’ ideas. If you read McKee, he knocks the number of basic plots you can have in a story down to about 32. Did ‘Apocalypse Now’ rip off from ‘Heart of Darkness’? No more than ‘The Godfather’ ripped off from ‘MacBeth’ or ‘Oedipus Rex’. Star Wars? Try ‘King Arthur’. ‘Karate Kid’? Try ‘Star Wars’. ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou’ is admittedly based on Ulysses, but no one faults the Coens for it. Nor should they. If you’re going to tell a coming of age story or a vengeance story, it’s necessarily going to have multiple story elements that are similar to other stories of its genre. If it doesn’t, it’s going to be a pretty horrible attempt at what it’s trying to be. Audiences look at ducks from Adam’s standpoint– “if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.” Creators have to look at ducks from God’s standpoint– “if you’re going to create a duck, it has to walk like a duck and quack like a duck.”

That said, God managed to make lots of different kinds of ducks. He didn’t make a photocopy of Daffy and try to sell him to us as Donald. Alan Moore and Mark Waid didn’t put Dr. Manhattan or The Plutonian in blue tights with red capes, but it was obvious what they were going for. And still, it’s okay because of the direction they took their stories.

But a page-for-page, word-for-word copy is nothing more than giving me Daffy for Donald, and in the final analysis that’s some pretty Mickey Mouse junk. But again, it’s not like Nick made millions from this. Viz is going to let it go, and we should just make sure his name isn’t on the inside cover of anything before we buy it again. Problem solved.

As a note on Alan Moore’s ‘plagiarism…’

Some of it is plagiarism and some of it isn’t. ‘Watchmen’ isn’t. DC owned the characters being riffed and obviously approved the way in which they were presented or the book would not have been published. It was DC, in fact, who mandated the riffs. Moore’s original story featured the actual Charlton characters rather than analogues.

On the other hand, Miracleman/Marvelman (for all the originality of /story/ that Moore brought to it) was blatantly plagiarized from Fawcett Comics’ Captain Marvel series. The blame is not Moore’s, who was working for hire, but the British publisher who ripped Fawcett off… Moore injected originality into what had been a pastiche.

It should be noted that loopholes in British copyright law at the time made it technically legal for the publisher in question to rip off an American property.

Likewise, while Supreme could be most definitely called plagiarism, the plagiarism in question was committed by Rob Liefeld when he created the character. Alan Moore was working for Liefeld when he took over writing chores on the book. That said, he was guilty of taking the character in the ultimate direction that made him popular: the in-depth, introspective character study of Superman.

Of course, Kurt Busiek can be accused of plagiarism on many of the same counts with his Astro City. In fact, some reviewers have done this.

Most people simply acknowledge that swipes are part of the industry and have been since it began. The ‘homage’ is so widely practiced that targeting one indy artist is laughable. Many popular creators engage in weekly or monthly swipes, on tv and in comics. Listen to the commentary on the DVD set of ‘Buffy’ to hear Joss Whedon shamelessly confess his own swipes scene by scene.

If you take a peek at Nick’s deviantart page, you can see some of his actual, original “artwork.” It would probably stand up to a mildly talented third grader’s, but it’s nowhere near the caliber of his tracework featured in “Incarnate.”

You pay homage to revered artists by dropping subtle mentions of their work, not by repeating entire panels and character design. The best thing he could have done was admit he made some poor decisions, apologize to the artists he stole from, and abandon his pursuit of becoming a mangaka (which is hilarious for entirely different reasons…)

Check it out for yourselves:

I guess dad can buy your way into the industry but cant buy you talent huh?

@ Ramon:

Nick Simmons’ dad can’t play bass either.

Simmons’ work is no worse than most any other comic artists’ was at 21, and much better than some. It’s not to my taste – the comics he uses as influence and reference isn’t, either – but he’s definitely got potential. I’ve seen loads of comic students rely way too heavily on the work of other artists when starting out. It’s to be expected – the same way that chord progressions are often cribbed by fledgling songwriters. The problem is that Simmons wasn’t given the opportunity to grow out of this stage and into his own before being thrust/thrusting himself into the public arena. I think that’s a shame, as Simmons obviously has a passion for the medium, and now likely will have difficulty being taken seriously in any future comic endeavors, and I hate to see people who have the follow-through to produce the amount of pages – even cribbed ones – that Simmons did this young gleefully banished from the game.
Sure, there’s a chance he may have never worked entirely originally – there are, woefully, plenty of working artists who don’t – but as someone who learned a lot of my drawing by copying other artists, I’m incredibly glad that my pre-publication youthful dalliances weren’t held up to public scrutiny, and I like to give youngsters the benefit of the doubt.

Miko Bustamante

March 1, 2010 at 6:26 pm

What’s laughable is the fact that many people seem to have little idea of the difference between plagiarism and inspiration. Indeed artists have “ripped off” other artists for centuries, but these artists have enough incumbent talent to assimilate such influences, and utilize such influences to present old things in new and clever ways. That is what Josh Whedon has done, what Alan Moore has done, what Kurt Busiek has done, and so forth.

This Nick Simmons kid, based on his DeviantArt Gallery, barely has any talent to begin with. He does not have the artistic ability to assimilate influences and present old things in new and clever ways. He just copies. That’s all. And that is plagiarism.

It is exactly by exposing the Nick Simmons and the Fabio Lagunas and the Josh Hoopes to the world, in the most embarrassing way possible, that this problem can be most effectively addressed. By shaming these artists, and embarrassing them publicly, it will discourage them and other artists from doing it, knowing that more and more eyes are being directed towards exposing things like this.

I have no doubt that the numerous exposes by Rich Johnston, the Comics Journal, the old Swipe File online, has been effective in preventing many artists from blatantly copying. The fact that many are still doing it now only goes to show that it is an ongoing challenge for editors, fans and artists to be more vigilant.

He also plagiarized deadmans wonderland. = /

Am I the only one who thinks that the publicist wrote this statement? And Anyway, it’s not like i care about the comics or things that traced off of. But then stealing peoples art work and saying it’s his own imagery seems WAY out of the line.

@Miko Bustamante it’s pronounced JOSS Whedon not JOSH Whedon.

he copied off of people on his deviantart favourites. this is one of mine on top, and a panel out of Incarnate #1 check it!

The kid has guts to think he could get away with this. I don’t even read Manga and I have heard of Bleach. If you are going to steal that blatantly then at least steal from something obscure.

he could have at least not made it so obvious.

kudos to tite kubo for being a kind heated man………..

cause i would have person rip his sh*t up

@Dirkstar: “Manga is sure to benefit from the publicity….”
Uh.. what planet are you living on? Manga is outselling even the best selling US and certainly doesn’t need any publicity. Meanwhile, a rinky dink comic by some reality show celeb is nothing compared to what something like Bleach makes.

Lete’s see.. So if I pay homage to Kiss by doing a recording of some of their songs and give no credit to them at all and say that I created “God Gave Rock & Roll to Me” myself, Nick’s dad won’t mind? I mean it’s just a homage. Oh and I never bought the Kiss album, just downloaded it on a torrent and then sampled it into my own version of the song.

Also if you download my stuff and steal my songs I expect you to pay. In cash. Spank you very much.

You learned nothing from your life drawing classes; it comes as no surprise that you’ve learned nothing from the backlash you’re getting for art theft.

What you’ve done is not an homage, and only other thieves are going to agree that it is. Your apology is as much an insult to actual artists as the theft itself. Apologize for what you’ve actually done instead of trying to excuse it, take the penalties that you deserve, and accept that your reputation is going to be permanently scarred by your own actions.

I thought this would be a disaster from the moment I saw the title of the article, but Nick pulled it off fairly well. He apologized throughout and sounded sincere about it.

BUT nothing more should be said if he wishes to talk about the subject!! NO defense for his ‘reasons’ for the homage, etc, b/c the more he tries to rationalize it with others, the more douchebaggery he will sound. And I saw nothing about him saying that he will change his ways, so I’m not sure how this will play out.

I wonder, if I put three or more heroes I created in one team, would it look like a rip-off of Avengers or Justice League?

Annoyed By Art Thieves

March 2, 2010 at 12:38 am

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned about these guys yet on any articles:

Here’s a blog about their participation in the Incarnate project as well:

They’re the stupid studio team that helped this art thief plagiarized the work, and they’re apparently familiar with manga as well. So why haven’t they even once raised any flags about art theft when there were so many signs?

>So if I pay homage to Kiss by doing a recording of some of their songs and give no credit to them at all and say that I created “God Gave Rock & Roll to Me” myself, Nick’s dad won’t mind? I mean it’s just a homage.

I really hope that choice of song title was ironic, but considering you didn’t even know the correct title, I’m guessing it wasn’t.

(FYI, Kiss’ version of God Gave Rock and Roll To You was a cover/reworking of a much older song)

Besides which, although I’m not in any way defending Simmons’ actions, that’s a completely invalid comparison to make, anyway.

As to Plagiarism and Alan Moore we have to look at the definition, the “use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work.”

In Both Marvelman and Supreme those characters were clearly based on other peoples creations, however what Moore did with them was put them in situations and dealt with subjects that could not have been done with the originals.

At no point, IIRC, did Moore claim that they were his own original creations. Nor do I think the stories he told with the characters mirror what other authors have done.

In the same way with the LOEG he took established characters, clearly created by other authors, as well as story ideas (e.g. War of the Worlds, John Carter) and took them in a new direction.

Comparing Moore to Simmons is a bit of a stretch IMO

@Chris Schweizer – Hmm. Yes. Um… I’m sure in NO WAY are you connected to Nick or Gene Simmons or Radical Comics, and your comment is in no way apologist or laughable in its rationalization. Oh, please.

As for comparing Alan Moore to Nick Simmons, get the fudge out. Utilizing a comics archetype, or creating an avatar for several characters when asked to by the original characters’ owner entity is a far, FAR cry from lifting panels AND dialogue directly from a wholly separate source. The kid basically PHOTOCOPIED Bleach and claimed he had drawn it. That’s roughly equivalent to what Milli Vanilli did years ago (if any of you are too young to know what that debacle was about, feel free to wiki it… ). Nick Simmons is fucking clown shoes, and will never get a chance to *ahem* homage any manga again. End of story.

@KGB – The kid just gets more pathetic with every day, doesn’t he?

…But he claimed a few days before that they he’d never heard of Bleach.

Netbug, that wasn’t Nick Simmons posting to the Facebook group, it was just a troll using his name.

“Yes. Um… I’m sure in NO WAY are you connected to Nick or Gene Simmons or Radical Comics, and your comment is in no way apologist or laughable in its rationalization. Oh, please.”

Drexell, if you click Chris Schweizer’s name, you’ll see that he’s the creator of the critically acclaimed Crogan Adventure series. You may not agree with his opinion, but that certainly doesn’t make him a shill for Radical Publishing or the Simmons family.

well… “homage to artist” certainly is not unheard of, but that still doesn’t explain stealing the actual words right from the balloons…

nobody is saying nothing about radical’s failure here. they have no editor to see this kinda shit before it happens? nick is a stupid ass fucking tracer thief, but radical failed here on a epic level.

“nobody is saying nothing about radical’s failure here. they have no editor to see this kinda shit before it happens?”

The allegations arose from fans of Bleach, Vampire Hunter D and other works. I’m not sure it’s fair to expect the average comic-book editor to spot what only came to light because of pretty devoted followers of those manga. A sense that the plot or characters in Incarnate are derivative? Sure. But the knowledge required to raise the “plagiarism” flag with any confidence (or evidence)? I don’t know.

“You may not agree with his opinion, but that certainly doesn’t make him a shill for Radical Publishing or the Simmons family.”

– I stand by my previous sentiments. The comments remain apologist and laughable in their rationalization… to the point of indication of questionable motivation. If sincere, his naivete is gargantuan.

Rob Liefeld did this things since 20 years ago!!!…

didn’t he say previously that he didn’t read manga at all? O Nick, you liar.

No, jessie. That was someone posing as Nick Simmons on that Facebook page.


Now I can grab my favorite comics out of my basement, trace them and make my own comic!


Annoyed By Art Thieves

March 2, 2010 at 2:57 pm

Nick Simmons has started removing all the deviantart artworks he has traced in his favourites gallery now, that way he can pretend as if he has never seen any of those stolen images ever in his life. Seems more like a guilty conscience rather than a “homage” if you ask me.

But he didn’t JUST rip off only Bleach. He traced and copied art from artists who post their work online at deviantART, and from other manga like Hellsing and Full Metal Alchemist.

There’s still so much shit he’s done that’s gone unaddressed.

Homage=/=tracing and claiming it as your own and only admitting that it was “inspired” by someone else’s art when you get called out :/ Also, LOL “If you steal my artwork, you will pay. In cash.” Hello irony, I see you there.

wow!!! oh oh bleach= incarnate hmmmm wait NARUTO= Havahashu lol
basically a “girl” who have this strange aura that can heal or kill anything that threatens her life or hmmm cant use important person ah yes “special friends” she is from the cityof bird which is in the nation of zord she learns kaishen (physically) hillushen (illusions) and Zenshen(Power) she possesses water chakra? no no she possess Humulous (moon sage) lol TELL ME TELL ME IS THIS GOOD ENOUGH TO MAKE AM SERIOUS BEARING THE ONLY MANGAI HAVE EVER READ LIKE MORE THAN TWO HRS A DAY IS BLEACH NARUTO AND I NEED A GIRL…..

“On the comics side of things we’ve been working feverishly on a book entitled ’Incarnate’ by Nick Simmons which is being published through Radical Comics. You can check out a preview of it here. Nick is taking care of most of the character art this time around with us doing inks, backgrounds and color work. So far it’s been a blast working with Nick. At just 20 yrs old his art and story telling abilities are way ahead of his time. We look forward to working with him and Radical publishing in the future.”

It’s funny because the melvins covered a KISS song on their record “gluey porch treatments” in the 80’s and KISS took action against them immediately. And they were an obscure band on an independant label. They later “allowed” the melvins to cover a song in the 90’s, but that was not until melvins were signed to a major label of course.


March 3, 2010 at 9:45 am

This is a response to CHRIS’ comment from of couple days ago of “he should just call himself an inker” in regards to tracing allegations. We’ve all seen Chasing Amy you jackass, but have you ever ACTUALLY inked a page? Anyone who thinks inking is just tracing is either A) a moron or B) a terrible inker. I know Chris won’t see this but dammit I’m making my stand regardless! Oh and KISS sucks and Nick Simmons is a tool regardless of plagiarism.

Nick, Nick.. Learn how to draw, not scribble manga crap. We have enough Wanna be’s out there. Leave the Manga to Antarctic Press. Also anything Simmons is gross and full of ego. Makes me ill.

“As for comparing Alan Moore to Nick Simmons, get the fudge out. Utilizing a comics archetype, or creating an avatar for several characters when asked to by the original characters’ owner entity is a far, FAR cry from lifting panels AND dialogue directly from a wholly separate source. ”

Holy fucking shit, thank you. Preach the good word.


I’m breakimg my back at art school, and I’ve dedicated my whole life to formal art study so that I can draw comics (and draw them WELL) one day and THIS piece of shit gets a book because his daddy’s famous? And he COPIES. Way to give cred to the medium!

I certainly have no sympathy for him, but some of this is out of hand. Yes, he clearly did some swiping, and the evidence is pretty damning, but there’s also no shortage of people looking for something that’s not there.

I’d say that out of all the examples I’ve seen, 8 were blatant swipes. The rest were so generic that they were clearly people stretching for similarities. Others were just plain stupid. There was one that was a clear homage to the Sistine Chapel (Adam and God) and it was being compared to a random Bleach panel with two hands in it. He can’t very well be swiping from Bleach when he’s already swiping from Michelangelo, can he?

Honestly, what I think it comes down to is, he’s young. Most young creators, however talented they are, tend to regurgitate their influences in one way or another until they find their own style and their own voice. If he’d put out his first book at 25 or 26 instead of while he’s in college, things would likely be very different. He probably did think of it as an homage, but instead those 8 panels pretty much ended his comic career. I don’t think for a second he thought no one would notice the similarities in those panels. It’s Bleach, for God’s sake. He probably thought he was honoring it, and he was too immature to realize differently. The real fault lies with all the people who saw this before it hit print and didn’t say, “Hey, Nick… we’ve got a problem here…”

The funny thing is, because of his father, he got an opportunity most young artists would kill for. But because he was young, he screwed it up six ways from Sunday. His father’s fame worked against him. Moral of the story… be careful what you wish for.

And what about the image he completely copied from the DeviantArt user?

i’m a manga /comic nerd and im proud of it. I’m also an aspiring artist who also works my butt off trying to make it in life and i’d be pissed is someone copied my stuff and called it their own!, but my point here is I’ve literally read hundreds of manga/comic books and I’ve come across a few Plagiarising artists (who got their caught!) and I can say from experience REAL MANGAKAS DO NOT HAVE HAVE SUCH SIMILARITIES SUCH AS Nicks pathetic excuse of an apoplogy “My inspirations reflect the fact that certain fundamental imagery is common to all Manga. This is the nature of the medium.” ??! WHAT?!

NONE, there are NONE this similar that it’s obvious it’s copied….Try making a new apology letter Nick with more concrete excuses.

Big whoop so he rips of bleach if people never riped of other people there would be so many super heros gone never created like batman/niteowl batman/spirt. so what dos it matter as long as bleach gets credetid it’s fine

Woody T:

I don’t think you understand how things are created and what that really means.

Awesome now everyone can do it. I’m going to call my homage inkarnate with a k on book shelfs as soon as I can find some tracing paper and a pencil sharper. weee I’ll never have to worry about stupid shit like perspective, proportions and all that other boring art crap again. I need my character to have a zombie dog can you ask bleach to work that into there story somehow, and tell them to hurry, I want to start making money on Monday.

What’s the big deal? All Manga pretty much looks the same anyway

If the person he “plagerized” doesnt care then why should everyone else. i could understand if the person was upset by the issue then everyone else could make a big deal out of it but since he isnt making a big deal out of it then we shouldnt either.

>(FYI, Kiss’ version of God Gave Rock and Roll To You was a cover/reworking of a much older song)
>Besides which, although I’m not in any way defending Simmons’ actions, that’s a completely invalid comparison to make, anyway

Actually it’s a valid comparison-
God Gave. . .was created by Argent in early 1970’s.
Petra asked Argent for the rights to the song in 1977 and Argent agreed to the deal.
KISS did a ‘remake’ in 1991 without asking Petra(who still held the rights at the time) or Argent.

All the people getting butt hurt over this need to put down the manga and go get a damn life. Jeez the artists that Nick “paid homage to” are big boys and can take care of themselves.

What’s most important here is that Nick’s denial of wrongdoing (‘homage,’ lol) was worded in a such a way as to avoid admission of liability. I think a lot of butthurt Bleach fans fail to realize this very simple fact. He knows what he did, I’m sure.

This shows Nick’s lack of originality and imagination. Maybe when he created his comic, he could have said in the first place that it was inspired by other artists. Looks like a straight copy from original work.

i think that plagerism is a word that could be used but many artists use other artists works to influense or give them ideas for their own. it is called reaserch. he may have used his influences to far to the point where he used them in his work but it is not like it is the same anime with a different name slapped on the cover. that is my outlook on the situation, agree or disagree it is your choice!!!

Nick simmons is an amazing artist and individual,he dint plagarize he used a similar idea no one owns an idea the fact is all manga is similar in one way or another now adays, its all drawn and portrayed in a particular fashion. besides the creator of Bleach doesnt care so why should anyone else. jus because Nick is a celebrity everyone wants to bash him and try and get under his skin, grow up kids. he was man enough to apologize, which he shouldnt have had to first of all, but he did.. let it go

Nicolas Schroeder

July 28, 2011 at 3:33 am

PLEASE READ what Nick Simmons said. He was paying HOMAGE!! He respects the work of another and in turn wanted to create something similar. Moreover, did Elvis give cred to all his African American friends he payed homage to? No, but if they asked him, he probably would have, not to mention he made it just a bit better. Nick Simmons has an insane amount of talent. It’s just a shame people like to nit pick to gain some form of control. Nick if you are reading this, you didn’t do anything wrong. More importantly, you don’t have to explain yourself to people that don’t have a life. It’s a FREE freaking country people!

Side Note: I just realised I am a year and 3 months late on this blog so my bad lol. Hey Sophie :)

Nicolas Schroeder

July 28, 2011 at 3:39 am

oh, my email address is

look i think he should finish it enyway manga everything has been done by now enyway bleach practically was already made geezzz look at dbz goku died a million times and so did whats his face second just saying bleach sucked balls it was good at first then just got worse if it boiled down to it i think simmons should be allowed to continued and bleach should have been stoped i mean crap bleach was terrible after the first season …second his frames are half asssed and simmons atleast gave those frames the attention they deserved…art is art he probably saw them and though he could do better and he did.

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