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Invincible says, ‘I’m a member of the Guardians of the Globe’

Guardians of the Globe teaser

Guardians of the Globe teaser

Image Comics sent over a familiar-looking teaser image today. Although they offered no explanation beyond what’s in the above image, it appears that this is the start of a teaser campaign for either Invincible or a brand-new team book spinning out of its pages featuring the Guardians of the Globe. I kinda hope it’s the latter. Hopefully tomorrow’s image will offer a few more clues.



That is one full-on RIPPED teenage dude.

Wow. Talk about hypocritical, Kirkman spent a lot of hot air bitching about the evils of Marvel and DC, and here he is using a Marvel ad design to sell his book.

And Guardians of the Globe? C’mon. Guardians of The Galaxy, DC’s got the New Guardians/Guardians…


This is meant as a joke come on get over your Kirkman-hate. Also Guardians of the Globe have been around sinve the start of Invincible 6 years ago.

Excited for the book and hope Brit is still the team leader.

Guardians of the Globe is play on DC’s Global Guardians. In fact, Kirkman makes an asinine joke about in the 11th(?) volume.

And this is about a month too old to be joke. Not to mention the fact that the internet already beat the joke into the ground anyway.

YAY, new number 1!!!

Two things I didn’t even think of when I received this yesterday:
1. The old uniform is back, but the gloves aren’t fingerless anymore. Good call.
2. Who drew that? Because it sure doesn’t look like Ryan Ottley. Which may imply that yeah, it might be a new book. Interesting!

If this really is a promo and not a joke, then it’s probably for a new series. If Ryan Ottley drew it, I’d say it’s a promo for Invincible. My guess is that this will be a gathering of the heavy-hitters of the “Kirkman-verse” after the Viltrumite War concludes.

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