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It’s official: Comic-Con 2010 is sold out

Comic-Con 2010 sells out

Comic-Con 2010 sells out

Comic-Con International has sold out, two months ahead of last year’s event, after the remaining Sunday memberships were purchased late this afternoon.

The early sellout comes as no surprise, as four-day passes disappeared in November, while Saturday memberships were gone by mid-December, almost four months earlier than those for the 2009 convention. The other two days weren’t far behind, with Friday selling out in January and Thursday going the way of the dodo just two weeks ago.

The news arrives as Anaheim and Los Angeles step up their efforts to lure Comic-Con from San Diego, where the event long ago outgrew the city’s convention center, resulting in a capping of attendance at about 125,000.

Comic-Con’s contract expires in 2012, but the San Diego Convention Center Corp. is seeking to extend the agreement an additional three years, in part, by securing commitments from three waterfront hotels to provide for free about 300,000 square feet of meeting space from 2013 to 2015. The San Diego Convention Center has 615,700 square feet of exhibit space, compared to the Los Angeles Convention Center’s 720,000 square feet and the Anaheim Convention Center’s 815,000.

There’s also an effort by San Diego to increase the number of dedicated convention hotel rooms from 7,000 to 14,000, which would give the city a great advantage over Anaheim and L.A. (The former has about 4,500 hotel rooms within walking distance of its convention center, the latter just 2,000.)

Comic-Con begins July 21 with Preview Night, and continues through July 25.



It’s a madhouse! A MADHOUSE, I SAY!!!
I’ve always felt like a geek for collecting comic-books my whole life. Then I went to Comic-Con 4 or 5 years ago and realized half the planet (well, it felt like it!) is far geekier than I am. Think I’ll just stay home and feel like a relatively normal person.

This is great. Lot’s of fun as long as those who run it don’t abuse their power again.
It needs to be a day or two longer. That would help ease the crowds, too. And give more people a chance to see it.
See ya there!

Thats why I like smaller cons like Emerald City

Still haven’t fixed the Hotel situtation. Good luck to those who are going.

Capping off attendance is a good thing sometimes.

The sad thing is 50% of them are Twilight fans….
Comic-con is getting to be less about the comics, and more about just media hype.

The only way to improve on the attendance limit is to place a limit on the number of multiple day memberships available. This allows more people to attend, which helps the exhibitors and retailers (more distinct customers).

As for the Twilight fans, I say “WELCOME!” They’re gonna read the manga, and then probably want more. Maybe they’ll read some of the other twenty manga vampire series out there, or paranormal manga, or even, GASP comics!

Complaining about CCI:SD becoming more about Hollywood is like complaining that Comiket is becoming more about cosplay. Comics have always been about media hype. Death of Superman. Life or death for Robin II. “Comics aren’t just for kids anymore!” Hologrammed, embosed foil, die cut, pop-out, origami fold-out, lenticular variant covers printed with the artist’s blood mixed into the ink, with a free plastic ring.

So what if CCI:SD became just a big mish-mash of media amalgamation? What if comics have just a small part of the con? There are so many other alternatives out there for the conventions comicbook fans yearn for. Where once there were only a few major cons (San Diego, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte), now there are major cons every month, sometimes on the same weekend! You know why? Because mother-freaking HOLLYWOOD discovered comics, seduced the innocent sitting there in the dark theaters watching movies based on COMIC BOOKS, and those viewers discovered that comics aren’t just about POW BASH BAM, Good vs. Evil, wear-your-clean-underwear-on-the-outside superheroes. It’s also Hellboy and Spawn and Blade and 300 and Persepolis (nominated for an Oscar, thankyewverymuch) and American Splendor and Crumb and Wanted and Wimpy Kid and Scott Pilgrim and Pokemon!

We’ve won the war, and now we’ve got comicbook McCarthyism appearing. “Are you now, or have you ever been, a fan of Twilight?”

Although it did sell out a lot earlier than last year, tickets also went on sale a lot earlier than normal (for whatever that’s worth).

Can’t wait for this year though, even though there’ll be just as many twitards this year, maybe even more than last.

It’s the end of March and they are already sold out for the end of July. Went last year and it was complete chaos. Way too many people, then you get the ones that sleep in the lines the night before. No bathing, leave garbage everywhere smelling to high hell. Every bad geek stereotype comes to life. Wall to wall people, can’t move. Like a glutton for punishment I’ll probably go again next year, lol. The key is to get into a really expensive hotel and price the masses out.

I think I officially don’t want to go to this anymore. It just seems so inaccessible, it sounds like it’s hard to enjoy because it’s just too bug. I truly regret not going when I was younger. Oh well.

I’ve been waiting a long time to go to this thing. It’s comic book’s meeca. I will be there as well.

I’ve never gone to a Con, I think I’d wanna go someday.

In reply to a_kongoman’s post: “…tickets also went on sale a lot earlier than normal…”
That is not true, online 2010 ticket sales started 9/16/09, 2009 tickets started 8/25/08, and 2008 tickets on 8/11/07. I watched the comic-con site closely those years so I could let friends know when they could buy their tickets.

I wonder where I can find a website for those who are volunteering that would like to get studio? I am volunteering and cant wait to see Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball from True Blood

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