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Marvel characters coming to TV … but not like you’d expect

Marvel TV

Marvel TV

Marvel has teamed up with a company called Roundtable Concepts to create branded television sets, featuring characters like the Fantastic Four, Captain America, Iron Man, Ghost Rider and more. Yes, you too can own an LED television set that not only features Marvel characters around the edges, “but when powered on the individual Marvel character will appear on the screen for approximately 8 seconds!” according to the site.

Check out their store to see all your possible Marvel TV options.




So when turned on, it adds an 8 second advertisement for Marvel before anything can be seen. Like there aren’t enough commercials on tv already. Even worse, the commercial doesn’t change, doesn’t have sound, and is just a motionless frame.

Marvel was already getting far too commercialized, acting like a licensing company that dabbles in publishing. But now that Disney has purchased it, it appears they are pushing licensing even further.

It’s hard to take the comics seriously, when presented with marketing gimmicks such as these.


March 2, 2010 at 1:31 pm

Anything for a buck.

Licensing is not a new thing for Marvel. It was because of licensing that Marvel survived bankruptcy and became the corporate darling that Disney wanted to buy and exploit further. TV’s with Marvel characters (or any character) isn’t for me, but this sort of thing isn’t new for Marvel. Or for DC, for that matter. Marvel is just better at it, methinks.

Sounds pretty lame.

I want one. But there is no Spider-Man. :(
Maybe Silver Surfer would be cool.

Oh, admit that you’d buy a Galactus-branded TV in a heartbeat.


Or Howard the Duck.

Matt, if the TV itself were shaped like MODOK’s head, I’d be all over that.

Yeah… I’m pretty sure that this will get you beaten up by the guys with the cool TVs.

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