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Marvel DCU to offer faux 1940s Captain America strip

Faux 1940s Captain America strip

Faux 1940s Captain America strip

Remember the 1940s Captain America newspaper strip? No? That’s probably because there wasn’t one, until now. ComicsAlliance has the details on a faux long-lost Captain America comic strip that Karl Kesel will write and illustrate.

“Bringing together a blast from the past (newly discovered strips from the ’40s) and the cutting edge future (Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited) is a match made in company synergistic heaven,” said editor Bill Rosemann, who described the book as “shield-slinging star-spangled Captain America joining his loyal, wise-cracking sidekick Bucky for a daily jolt of awesome action, daring drama, femme fatales, rampaging robots and no-good Nazis!”

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited will post a new “Captain America” strip every day for three months, for a total of 85 comics including special Sunday-sized editions.

This sounds really awesome; hopefully they’ll be collected into print soon after. Head over to ComicsAlliance to see Laura Hudson’s interview with Kesel.



Raise your hand if you came here thinking that was some sort of “Marvel DC Universe” reference.

Joyous Kirby/Simon channeling by KK, right there. Bravo.

I’ll raise my hand. I don’t know that that I’ve ever heard to Marvel’s Digital Comics as “Unlimited.” I wonder if that was an accident?

But this strip… this strip is full of awesome. I may subscribe to Marvel Digital just to pick this up, even though I’m sure it’ll be collected by the end of the year.

Oh yeah, they need to change that soon. I thought it was some sort of Amalgam project.

DCU should only mean DC Universe when referring to comics.

Should be Marvel Digital Entertainment Unlimited or Marvel Digital Publishing Unlimited.

The link to the bigger strip isn’t working for me, but it still looks great and I can’t wait to see it in collected form (since I’m not going to be seeing it on the Marvel DCU… amalgam as that sounds).

Someday a majority of people will come to my way of thinking and realize that Karl Kesel is a damn good storyteller.

I thought it was going to be Marvel Dc Universe too. I hope these are reprinted into a hardcover. That would be excellent.

Marvel has been calling it Digital Comics Unlimited since day one. And I’ve seen the term ‘Marvel DCU’ on this and other sites. It’s strange that everyone is acting shocked that its called Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited after a couple of years of using that name.

As to the Cap strips it says on the Marvel site and also in the story on Comics Alliance that the 85 strips will be collected into a 3 issue series.

James Langdell

March 8, 2010 at 12:40 pm

Tim, Karl Kesel is a damn good storyteller even when he is only inking a project. That was clear back in the original run of ‘Mazing Man. I’m glad to see this Captain America thing will feature his writing and art together.

I really like the look of the project, and look forward to reading it. It looks great so far. I think the premise of it being “recovered” from the forties is a little strange, in that the drawing doesn’t look like it came from within three decades of the forties.

That said, I DO think the project looks like loads of fun.

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