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Marvel heroines to face cosmic threat in Heralds weekly miniseries



Marvel’s superheroines step into the spotlight in June with a five-issue weekly series called Heralds.

The miniseries, by writer Kathryn Immonen (Patsy Walker: Hellcat, Runaways) and artist Tonci Zonjic (Marvel Divas), was announced this afternoon on G4 TV’s Attack of the Show.

According to “Fresh Ink” host Blair Butler, years ago a herald of Galactus sacrificed her life for the universe, but a portion of her spirit lived on. And in Heralds that spirit returns to seek revenge “on those who left her behind.”

So it’s up to the heroines of the Marvel Universe — Emma Frost, Hellcat, Agent Brand, She-Hulk, Monica Rambeau and Valkyrie, among them — and “a mysterious new character named Francis” to stop the threat.

“Cities are destroyed, families are torn apart and a cosmic resurrection changes our heroes’ lives forever,” Butler said.

You can watch the entire “Fresh Ink” segment after the break.



I thought Nova was murdered by Morg? Since when is that a universal sacrifice?

Who says it’s Nova? Galactus has had heralds for a long time. But you should go ahead and make fun of it with little knowledge about it, because this is the internet.

Awesome. This seems decidedly cooler than the last title Tonci Zonjic worked on.

I was interested Until Immomen’s Name popped up.

I can’t tell if I want to commend Marvel for audience expansion (in theory, at least) or wonder if they’re just trying a little TOO hard at this point.

Speaking too much of a good(?) thing, I’m wondering if we’ll see a Lady Deadpool ongoing to go along with the rest of these ‘Girl Comics.’ Perfect for new fans along with the rest of the comics audience. ;)

This sounds awesome.

Go figure, I *became* interested when Immomen’s name popped up.

not difficult to assume it’s Frankie “nova” Raye when the hype talks of heralds, resurrections and mysterious “new” characters called francis. Doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s the vengeful spirit of a fallen herald mentioned, but theres not that many other female earth bound heralds to chose from. basically the big bad is the spirit of nova or the spirit of a retconned new/old character but either way frankie’s back.
Oh and so is wasp, don’t tell me you missed the “and other female characters we can’t yet reveal” bit!

“Who says it’s Nova? Galactus has had heralds for a long time. But you should go ahead and make fun of it with little knowledge about it, because this is the internet”

Actually, before the Surfer, he’s only ever had one Herald. And I’m not making fun of it. I’m asking a question of it

I’m just glad they’re not using some lame gender-specific name like “Her-Oes.”

Oh. Wait. Her-Oes… Her-Alds…


Valkyrie is getting lots of page-space lately. Is Marvel positioning her as the female Thor?

So far im excited about this book, glad to see marvel stepping up their game with the recent comics that center around female superheroes, im diggin everyone in the main line up except Agent Brand (not a fan), can’t wait to see who else joins the lineup

DC is still doing a better job with their female characters, as they’re not all simply female versions of the male characters, they don’t feel the need to call attention to it, and they don’t have condescending and pandering titles and formats.

The key to creating a female audience is to create strong, independent female characters, not with books called “Her-Oes”, which is borderline-offensive in how fucking lame it is.


No offense, but 90% of the heroines by BOTH Marvel and DC either are spawned directly from their male counterparts or take their names from male heroes. And out of the heroes on the cover of Heralds, the only one I know that is derivative is She-Hulk, and she’s arguably the most popular heroine they have.

However, I do agree that the name Her-Oes is one of the dumbest and borderline offensive titles ever conceived of by man.

Well, technically, Monica *did* start out as Captain Marvel herself.

Based on that cover, who are they fighting? It appears to be a dinosaur, a robot, some zombies, and either Colonel Saunders or Leon Trotsky.

“However, I do agree that the name Her-Oes is one of the dumbest and borderline offensive titles ever conceived of by man”

Accent on the “conceived by man”.

And while they both companies have derivative heroines, I always got the sense that that was far more of a Marvel issue than a DC one.

I agree with geoff davies. All clues point to her. Even a red head name Francis? Come on it’s almost obvious as Hope seems to be Jean Grey. By the way even though she-hulk derivative of the hulk it’s the work creators have done over years like John Bryne and Dan Slott have made such interesting and fun character. That is why she is liked. I just wish marvel would at times remember that is well liked and not Lyra and RShulk.

Can’t make out all the characters in that painting.

I love how the artist always “cheats” if they can’t draw the whole character.

Kind of like Toyota and the NHTSA.


There are a lot of Dave’s Here…….

I was the Second “Dave”…..

Nice cover.

Immomen’s Hellcata mini was quite witty, and in spite of the fact that the the characters in Marvel Divas had little resemblance on the interiors to how they were draw on the covers, the artist was pretty good. The story was kinda lame though.

I’m interested enough to give it a try, but I hope it’s closer to Hellcat than it is to Divas.

Sounds like fun, and done in 5 weeks too. Hope it’s 2.99 though.

It’s Tohn-chee Zoh-nyitch.

What the Heck? I guess I may try this out….. I still hate her “Runaways” but who knows?

Don’t know anything beyond the ridiculous titles “Her-Oes” and “Divas” for those other female-centric comics from Marvel, but here the storyline almost sounds interesting. And I loved the Frankie Raye character, even though I never liked them calling her Nova, so I wouldn’t mind seeing her return. Of course if you’re going to write a series starring some of Marvel’s most popular and powerful women… why aren’t you using Ms Marvel?

Comicfoil…because the term is “popular”…not “Bendis likes her”

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