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Marvel to release Iron Man Extreme motion comic

Iron Man: Extremis

Iron Man: Extremis

Marvel’s next motion comic will be Iron Man Extreme, presumably an adaptation of the “Extremis” story arc by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov that influenced the 2008 film.

The news leaked out this morning in a Chicago Sun-Times interview with Marvel executives Ira Rubenstein and Tom Brevoort about the publisher’s digital-publishing initiatives.

During an exchange about motion comics, Rubenstein (executive vice president of the company’s Global Digital Media Group) notes, “The new one for Iron Man Extreme is coming out.” Brevoort, vice president-executive editor, adds: “I worked on the original comic that’s based on, so I’m really interested in seeing that.” No release date was mentioned.

A Marvel spokesman had no comment.

Beginning in January 2005’s Invincible Iron Man #1, “Extremis” was a six-issue arc that updated Tony Stark’s origin, casting him as a weapons designer whose creations were being used against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan before the first Gulf War. The origin and armor designs in the Iron Man movie closely resembled those in “Extremis.”

Iron Man Extreme will be Marvel’s third motion comic, following Astonishing X-Men and Spider-Woman.



Iron Man Extreme – this time the demon in a bottle is Mountain Dew.

I think Fraction’s first arc on Invincible Iron Man would adapt better to a motion comic. And it’s easier to reconcile that storyline with the movie continuity for those who are new/casual readers.

Great so after removing every element of this story from current Iron Man cannon by giving tony amnesia(slice it however you want its fucking AMNESIA) they are making the story that started the whole “Iron Man is above costumed silliness” in the first place into a motion comic.

This is why DC is beating them in sales, Marvel can’t stick to any type of narrative for five minutes.

DC is beating Marvel in sales? What alternate universe are you inhabiting?
For better or worse, Marvel consistently beats DC on sales and market share.
(Not that I disagree with you about the narrative, however.)

Blackest Night and Green Lantern are beating Siege and Avengers at the moment. I bet going into Brightest day they gain more market share because Brightest day sounds like some form of story line while heroic age is just more Obama worship (example siege issue 3) and every comic announced as part of the banner sounds like junk

I’ve enjoyed both Blackest Night & Siege. Not sure why everyone has to turn it into a DC vs Marvel thing. Liking Siege a bit more….mostly because its less drawn out.

Looking forward to the Iron Man motion comic!

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