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Marvel’s character library: 7,000 strong … and growing?

Marvel Universe

Marvel Universe

When newly appointed DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson first made the interview rounds in September, she said she believed her company’s character library was “even bigger” than its competitor’s.

At the time, Marvel boasted “a proven library of over 5,000 characters,” a figure long touted at the bottom of press releases and repeated in news coverage of the company’s acquisition by Disney. That’s a slight increase from the previous tally of 4,000 or so (“nearly,” “over” or “more than,” depending on the source).

But this week that number seems to have risen again.

At an upfront presentation on Tuesday for media buyers and clients, Disney Channels Worldwide’s new president of entertainment confirmed that The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes animated series will air this fall on Disney XD.

In doing so, Gary Marsh teased the likelihood of more Marvel cartoons while ratcheting up the size of the character catalog: “We’ve been pouring through the library of 7,000 Marvel characters looking for the next Spider-Man.”

Seven thousand, huh? I  wouldn’t know; I stopped counting at Phineas T. Coroner.



There are 7200 Green Lanterns alone :P

I’d think the question is, does that count alternate versions of the same character? Is AoA Sabertooth in there as well as average Sabertooth, or are they sufficiently different to be considered seperate characters? If that is the case, I suspect Exiles might have made a sizeable contribution to that number.

I’d suspect that DC probably has a little less than Marvel – it seems to have comparativly less core franchises, and particularly, I reckon the X-men would make the difference – DC doesnt have a team franchise which sustains 6+ books at any one time using characters specifically created for that franchise.

Although the Legion of Super-Heroes hasn’t supported as many titles — at one time, in any case — I imagine the number of Legionnaires and related characters would at least come close to those of the X-Men. Maybe?

Judging by the picture, they appear to have high hopes for Braggadoom.

they proably threw in characters who have not been around real long time like the Sentry, Daken Wolverine’s kid. the Red Hulk, and She, Hulk. the female black panther, the female Kraven. that and Disney is trying to up Dc . over characters same old riverly

If there are over 7000 Charakters,why do we get so many Deadpoolseries instead of something new ?

I can’t wait until Marvel has OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAND!

The All-Smelling Nose of Agamotto

March 4, 2010 at 7:10 am

Take away the first 15 or 20 (created by Lee/Kirby/Ditko) and they ain’t got nothin’.

A more useful count would be, how many characters have they created in the last 30 years that are capable of sustaining a monthly series. One? (Wolverine)

If Kirby and Ditko had taken their characters with them, there would be no Marvel Universe now.

But how many characters from Marvel or DC are derivative of other characters in their respective catalogues. Or analogs for characters at the other company? Jeez, 5,000, 7,000, 9,000. Give me 200 quality characters over 7,000 with some being strong (Spidey, Wolverine) and others not so (Sentry, Daken) And Thor doesn’t count, he’s based on a God and can be in many different comics, (Bill Willingham’s Elementals version being my personal fave), and ditto Ares (Marvel and DC each have one.)

Hypno-Hustler = the next Spider-Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

seriously though, i hope someone at Disney picks up on The Craptacular B-Sides — those were some really fun characters that could translate well in other media.

To be entirely fair – you could utterly cripple either company by removing about six characters or team concepts – and DC is arguably more vulnerable – so much of its line rests on just two characters – and tho that number would cripple them too – Marvel arguably has more ‘tentpoles’.

Hate to break it to you, but Wolverine’s more than thirty years old. Granted, he was only made bankable after about 1984 or so.

@Jake Saint

Looks more like the original Abomination to me.

@The All-Smelling Nose of Agamotto

Two (Deadpool).

I think they’re counting Madrox 700 times.

I noticed there’s a double Spider-Man just to the right of rhinos left arm which is up in the air.
Also I noticed no Carnage on the poster. Maybe I’m just blind. Can anyone tell me if they can see and tell me where Carnage is.

carnage is behind rogue

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