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Marvel’s O.M.I.T. mystery deepens

O.M.I.T. house ad from the 03/24/10 Marvel comics

O.M.I.T. house ad from the 03/24/10 Marvel comics

What is O.M.I.T.? Marvel fans have been asking ever since guitar picks emblazoned with that cryptic acronym surfaced at Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada’s gig with nerd-rock outfit Kirby Krackle during Emerald City ComiCon two weekends back.

Now, as Robot 6 can exclusively reveal, the above O.M.I.T. house ad running in Wednesday’s Marvel comics provides a few answers. Whatever O.M.I.T. is, it’s debuting in July 2010, and features the talents of Quesada himself and, presumably, Amazing Spider-Man artist Paolo Rivera. Based on the billing, it looks like Quesada’s the writer and Rivera’s the artist, though we can’t say for certain.

But who or what does O.M.I.T. stand for? Your guess is still as good as ours…



I love Rivera’s work, so I’m definitely interested.

One Moment In Time? That was someone else’s guess at ECCC.

I kind of hope that Quesada isn’t coming in to rock the boat too much with the Spider-Man books. The 3x-Month era is really soaring in my mind. There’s no reason to make a course change at this point, creatively.

I agree with MattD 100%. We’ll find out next month with solicitations I’m sure.

Running off of what Mike says above with “One Moment In Time”, it could be Spider-Man related as we were told that we would get answers this year as to why Peter and MJ did not get married and kind of a tiw in with “One More Day”.

Did you notice that Quesada’s band name is Kirby Krackle, I am just saying that even the Marvel’s big man names his band after the King Jack Kirby but Marvel won’t pony up the money to the Kirby family. Thats sad what they have done to him if Stan Lee is so influential just think everything besides Spiderman and Nick Fury has Kirby’s name on it too. Marvel pony up the money for once heck just tell Pixar to make another movie that should be enough money.

“One Moment In Time”…I like that guess.

Matt: Quesada’s not in Kirby Krackle. He just did a guest appearance at this concert.

Whatever does it matter if he was a quest or not, joe q trying to be cool but he is actually a dill hole i can’t wait until Disney pays out to the Kirby family. But i am sure marvel shareholders were happy because once marvel was bought they were off the hook for the big check that will be written. It figures that a company fanboy would nitpick a detail to think he is smart.

One More (Blank) Thing is my guess. Couldn’t think of a good enough word that began with the letter I that would make sense.

Matt- Do you think JQ even has any say in the Kirby matter? Especially now that Disney owns them, that’s at a legal department and executive management level at this point.

Haha Matt, that’s funny, you get corrected about an error and you scream “fanboy” and in turn just lost all credibility.

Since music seems to be the general focus here how about : Original Marvel Internet Tunes? Just a thought…

I know it is a legal department issue i am just saying that it is evident from Marvel’s actions between fianlly reprinting the lost kirby issue of fantastic four or hanging out with kirby krackle or making tons of movies with kirby’s ideas it is just a continous line of people at marvel pissing on the grave of Jack Kirby. People cried foul with sigel and shuster which was right they should cry foul here too.

Our Marvelman Is Terrific!

One Mighty Internet Technician?

Matt Ampersand

March 23, 2010 at 8:12 am

Original Marvelman In Trades?

@Matt “..marvel pissing on the grave of Jack Kirby”
Wow – that’s a bit extreme.
I think Marvel acknowledges their debt to Kirby – just not in $’s!
Case in point:
1. The black covers to their comics when Kirby passed away.
2. The Kirby as Creative God story from the FF.

Matt Ampersand

March 23, 2010 at 8:13 am

Oh My, It’s Terrax!, a brand new ongoing series about everyone’s third favorite herald of Galactus.

@LordGanja Black covers when Jack Kirby died? Please tell me more, I don’t remember that!

One More Idiotatic Turd… the sequel to One More Day. YAY!

one more idiotic thing

Sean T. Collins

March 23, 2010 at 8:47 am

Okay, Matt, now that you’ve used the term “dill hole” I see the error of my ways.

Robot 6 commenters, I ask you, can we do better than this? I know that we can.

I don’t understand why anyone would care why the marriage didn’t take place. Isn’t the mephisto thing good enough or is marvel going to write that out of the official history.

So Dave, please tell me, how is JoeQ a huge asshole? I don’t agree with every decision he has made, but I reall don’t see the asshole part.

Am I the only one that thought it was a riff on DC’s OMAC?

One Man…???

As far as Matt’s comments are concerned, Quesada has made many moves to right Marvel’s past wrongs. He personally flew to England to apologize to Alan Moore for the Marvelman fiasco, and when Marvel published a reprint of Moore’s Captain Britain with a mistake in it, he took personal responsibility. He started up a TPB program to help former Marvel creators get some of the reprint money they deserved (one of the reasons Busiek gave for leaving Marvel for DC was DC’s trade program versus Marvel’s lack of a program… Under JQ, Marvel’s trade program now rivals the competition). He defended many creators when Jemas ran roughshod through Marvel’s bullpen.

Can Quesada magically fix the issues with the Kirby estate? No. He’s a cog in the corporate machine. He can do as much to fix the Kirby problem for Marvel that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar can do to win the war in Afghanistan.

Does it suck that Kirby got screwed? Yes. As a fan of his work, I wish Kirby had as much acclaim, as much fame, and as much public notoriety as Stan Lee, for example. But there’s really no one working for Marvel Comics that can do anything to fix that. Marvel had a board and stockholders to report to, and now they’re part of a much larger corporate machine. If Kirby is going to get any scraps from the table, it won’t be because of anything Joe Quesada, Tom Brevoort, Mark Millar, or Brian Bendis (or any other Marvel creator) do about it.

Matt JoeQ has nothing to do with the Kirby legal situation. He doesn’t decide what kind of loyalties are paid to whoever. If you want to assign blame to him then do it to every creators that still works or associates themself with Marvel

On Paolo Rivera’s blog, he has listed under ‘Current Projects’…

Amazing Spider-Man #638-641

Plus, he posted a Spider-Man character study sketch yesterday.

ASM #637 (July) will probably wrap up ‘Grim Hunt’, then begins ‘One Moment In Time’ which will be the story of the wedding debacle (since it’s hinted in Pasqual Ferry’s Spider-Man 2010 teaser).

Wow. This O.M.I.T. thing’s really got everyone spinning. I wonder…”K’? “A”? Hmmm…

Whatever it is can’t live up to the hype. Everyone will be guessing, and when the project is revealed, they’ll be so much guessing about it that it won’t live up to people’s hopes…or will it?

Matt, grow up. You (and other bombastic posters) bring down the entire community by acting a child.

given now how marvel has figured out when mircle man will see print again it could stand for one mircle in time .

I thought Kirby Krackle was named after the video game character? The majority of the songs on their 2009 self-titled album (the only one I can find on Spotify) are about video games, so I would have thought that was a a more logical assumption…

Our Man In Toledo… Ouch, My Itchy Tush…..Only Midgets In This…..Octo Mom Illustrates Thor…. One Man Improv Theater…. Oliver Maxwell: Incoherent Tuna….

Surely one of those is close….

Yeah, no.

Our Mom: Islamic Terrorist?

Obnoxio Meets the Infant Terrible?

Oh Mephisto, Its Time?
Our Marriage Is True?
Only Mephisto I Trust?

I dunno. But I’m guessing maybe it has to do with whatever Mary Jane said to Mephisto during the deal? and those Spider-Man center spreads that have been running through the books.
Guess We’ll see.


Old Men in Tights?

@ Ducky No Kirby Crackle is the term sometimes given to the Kirby Dots. It’s a really cool effect that Jack Kirby used in his work.

Just thought I should let everybody know that Kirby Krackle is not Quesada’s band and that he had nothing to do with naming the band. Kirby Krackle is a Seattle based band that has been around for years that was scheduled to perform at the show and asked Quesada to perform with them…that’s all.

So go ahead and eliminate all those Kirby inspired theories for what this may stand for and the ones of why Quesada would name ‘his” band this. (The two founding members of the band actually named the band after the visual effect Kirby drew in his energy blasts)

Does O.M. I.T. have anything to do with Spider-Man and One More Day? I’m sure it does but I have no guess other than I’m betting the O.M. part is One More something…

Reading thru the comments, I’d say “One Moment In Time” Spider-Man rings most true to me.

Good eye to the poster who noticed it’s just a “K” & an “A” away from “Kimota”, but unless the Rivera blog entries noted above are red herrings, I don’t think this refers to Marvelman’s return.

The key is the missing “V.”

It’s Bizarro-Galactus! He throws up on planets!

Operation: Make It Terrible

One More Innocent Death?

A return to form of the true Venom following the end of Siege?

Anyone can tell this is the story that kills off Mary Jane

Mary Jane is the last of the silver age “golden gals” that Marvel havent killed off yet. Quesada has masterminded EVERY major A-list female’s demise along with Bendis to feed the mysonginistic collective of the male intellect.

If I were a hippie zionist, five years maximum is what I give to the marraige being restored in the mainstream timeline. Most of the more ill-advised decisions from Marvel have stemmed from psychological issues and baggage that shouldnt be piled into comics, but unfortunatly with the way society is now, has to be to stay relevant. Money is the root of every evil, and unfortunatly, decisions like this stem from it

Marvel hates Redheads and strong intellectual women and can’t stand to see them with a lead character they want to be obnoxiously bull-headed and limitlessly stupid. I find it insulting as a guy, Peter used to be about power and responsibility, now it’s just about the power and to hell with the rest of it. OMIT won’t change that, it’ll worsen the situation.

D.C on the other hand respects women and marraige.

Quesada’s a very sad guy. I feel sorry for him more than sheer hate. He needs a therapist.


Look @ DoomWar #3.

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