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Millar and McNiven’s Nemesis, and the Times Square billboard that wasn’t [Updated]

The Times Square billboard purportedly promoting "Nemesis"

The Times Square billboard purportedly promoting "Nemesis"

From Mark Millar, the man who brought you the story of Orson Welles’ efforts to produce the very first Batman movie, comes this photo of a billboard purportedly advertising Nemesis — in comic shops today! — in New York City’s Times Square.

“Times Square, New York City, 15 minutes ago,” Millar wrote this morning on his message board. “Is this what happens when you give a comic-book writer some movie royalties?”

Well, not necessarily. Eagle-eyed viewers, or Google Image searchers, may recognize the photo as originating from slightly more than “15 minutes ago” — like January, when much hay was being made over the Weatherproof billboard that featured President Obama.

So, no Nemesis billboard. Decent bit of Photoshop work, though; it certainly convinced some people.

You can see the original photo after the break.

Update: In the comments thread, reader MD shares a snapshot of what the billboard on that street corner actually looks like this morning. (If you’ll recall, Weatherproof Garment Company agreed to remove the Obama ads at the request of the White House.)

The original photo of the Weatherproof billboard

The original photo of the Weatherproof billboard



Matt Ampersand

March 24, 2010 at 8:07 am

Oh snap!

Oh well. I’m sure the photoshopped version will create some additional advertisement anyway on internet boards.

It might have been more believable if he had used a more recent picture. Here’s what that corner actually looks like today:

But there is an ad for Kick-Ass almost directly across the street. That’s something, right?

It is just me or is that ad copy (“Good Guys Don’t Always Wear White”) for Nemesis off? Showing a character in white does nothing to disprove the old “Good Guys Wear White” adage. Even if you know that Nemesis is a bad guy (which isn’t clear from the ad itself, since some heroes (Punisher, James Bond, etc.) have been known to use firearms) that doesn’t mean that all the good guys aren’t also wearing white. (The ad doesn’t claim “Only Good Guys Wear White.”)

I think a better tagline would have been something like, “He’s Wearing White. But He’s Not The Good Guy.” or “Not All Bad Guys Wear Black.”

So… Millar really likes Red Lobster?

Comics should actually be on billboards…novels and magazines are. Hell, they get tv spots too…

Would’ve been cool for Millar, if it were real. Yeah, I actually used the words “cool” and “Millar” in the same sentence.

So now Millar has become infected with the Marvel “untruths” virus. Nice.

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