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Morse’s Strange Science Fantasy coming from IDW

Strange Science Fantasy

Strange Science Fantasy

Last year Scott Morse shared a series of fun stories called “Strange Science Fantasy” on his blog. They were only up for a short time, and he went on to print them up to sell in San Diego. And now he reports on his blog that IDW Publishing will publish a six-issue Strange Science Fantasy series beginning in July.

“You heard it right, folks: STRANGE SCIENCE FANTASY will hit the stands properly with the help of the amazing IDW, this July through December! Six issues of retro-crazy pure comics storytelling, featuring the stories you’ve come to love here on the blog, CONTINUED! I promise, this will be unlike ANYTHING on the stands this year, and you have IDW to thank!” he wrote. “Oh, and PAUL POPE will be delivering one-page back-up features. PAUL POPE, people!”

The first issue will have an incentive alternate cover, pictured to the right.


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