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President Obama to fight sagging approval rating by joining the Guardians of the Globe



The latest member of Image’s big faux August team book, Guardians of the Globe, is none other than President Barack Obama. He joins Spawn, Invincible and Rick from Walking Dead on the roster.

He’ll be there to kick ass and push for health care reform, no doubt.



Heh. I admit, I’m loving these promos, they get keep weirder and weirder…

It’s high time there was a parody of all these mega-events DC and Marvel (and even Image) have been having and this feels like it. I just hope the implied book can live up to the promo goofiness.

Provided there IS a book that is, of course. I’m not really sure any more.

Wow. Todd and Robert really are scrapping from the bottom of the barrel. Image sales are hurting that much?

I hope the next reveal is Bret “The Hitman” Hart!

I love the playfulness of these.

Out of curiousity, anyone know who is doing the art for these?

Next one should be Lara Croft.

Or Jim Lee.

These appointments stink of Chicago-style politics.

Wow Kirkman is still stinging from his complete failure at Marvel. Get over it Rob.


That’s the impression I’ve been getting form him for the last few years or so. He really is bitter

Oh, come on. If Marvel can tweak DC’s nose, they’re certainly a fair target for some good-natured ribbing. I think some folks take these things far too seriously.

Yeah, I’m sure Kirkman is real dickhurt by Marvel when he’s cashing the checks from Invincible & Walking Dead sales.

Tomorrow they ar going to reveal Rob Liefeld! XD


March 18, 2010 at 12:27 pm

Lol, this is pretty good.

Why are some people hatin, you all didn’t crack a smile at all, your panties too tight? Oh ya I forgot, this is the internet.

Tito Jackson needs to be next.

Obama really wants to be popular he should be more like Marvel Obama

shooting down the Helicarrier B)

Marvel Zombies was a complete failure? Get out of here, he wasn’t a failure at Marvel, he had other opportunities. Image made him a partner.

I love these by the way, and the Obama one is now my favorite.

wow, some people really don’t have a sense of humor…

Anyone know if it’s real or not?

I believe the book is real but the teasers are to (1) make those of us with a sense of humor laugh, and (2) give bitter people without a sense of humor one more thing to complain about.

@Mecha Books

Dude Image sales are fine. Kirkman is just poking fun at Marvel it’s all in good taste and no harm done. If Marvel can get all up and arms at DC out selling them with Blackest Night, then surely Image can poke a little joke at the high and mighty Marvel comics.

I’m amazed how pissed of some of you are getting. This shit is Hilarious.

Why so many trying to make it into some bitterness thing. It’s just a joke. And it’s kind of funny. Marvel is making a big deal about the Avengers line-up changes. Yeah, because that doesn’t happen too often.

Robert Hicinbothem

March 18, 2010 at 2:00 pm

Of course it is a joke! Obama would never wear such an ill-fitting suit!

Obama to lead the Guardians of the Globe FTW!


I like how all the Marvel Zealots get all pissed off when another company makes fun of Marvel but its perfectly ok for Marvel to be total dicks to another company.

These are just getting better and better. I’m loving every moment of them, and look forward to each new day just for hopefully another promo to make me chuckle.

I’ve got a question that may be slightly off-topic (but is also connected, in that it’s about a Robert Kirkman series for Marvel):
I really kind of love Kirkman’s Destroyer mini-series, from last year- published under Marvel Max. But I only remember one interview/article about it, then nothing. Is there anyone else who read it and either enjoyed it or hated it? I don’t recall much talk about it as the issues were being released or when it ended. Looking back, Destroyer showed up in a few topics and comics about Marvel’s 70th anniversary last year, but that mini-series seemed to fly under the radar.


March 18, 2010 at 3:07 pm

This is fun and why Image comics is my favorite comic book publisher. They can do whatever they want with their books and not have to worry about messing up a certain character because they own the characters not the company like Marvel and DC. I started reading comics in the 90s and I have to say Image has made me very happy over the years, this spin off looks too be funny and cool I look forward to it. At least with their books they don’t try and be all serious and realistic Invincible, Savage Dragon, and even Spawn is a mixture of fun and a good read.

Also they don’t over charge their books like a certain other company so many love to praise.

Oh that gave me a good chuckle. I’m loving these Guardians of the Globe parodies. Bravo to the people at Image that thought them up.

Marvel Zombies was a complete failure? Get out of here, he wasn’t a failure at Marvel, he had other opportunities. Image made him a partner.”

Dude, you’re ADDRESSING “Marvel Zombies.” Heh. Unfortunately, some comic book fans really are endowed with little more than the smarts and brand loyalty of the average 12 year-old. If you ignore these trolls, they’ll disappear that much faster. Whenever I read about somebody refusing to buy a comic book because it mentions Obama’s name or because a certain publisher is putting it out, I just assume I’m looking at a high functioning autistic individual. It’s the only thing that makes sense to an adult mind.

He’s a ‘member’ alright.

Beyond that, I don’t get the hate for these promos, even if the books isn’t going to have all these characters in them I think it’s a great way to have fun and promote a new book. What’s the hate about?

seriously, I think this current group of comics fans just love to bitch about anything. ‘things are to dark and gritty, Marvel and DC suck!’
now it’s ‘things are to fun, Marvel and DC suck!’

Then: I can’t stand it anymore, everything is the same!
now: Things are to different! This sucks!

Make up your minds or go collect stamps.

I would read the hell out of a book about a superhero team consisting of these characters.

HA. Now THIS is funny. Hillarious on many levels. And it would kinda be badass if Obama would start sporting a American Flag belt buckle!

I’m not an Image or Obama fan, but I must say this is bringing on the funny!

I am sure Marvel is fine with getting made fun of. They have done it to themselves enough with their talk of Deadpool. But Kirkman only goes after Marvel when he “pokes fun” never DC, which shows that he is bitter and holds a grudge against Marvel.

Just saw the Harry Potter one… gads I’m loving these. :D

Im really starting to hate Image Comics…..

I’m starting to love Image Comics.

This shit is already more interesting than any New/Old Avengers books.

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