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Quote of the day | Dwayne McDuffie on race and writing

Dwayne McDuffie

Dwayne McDuffie

“I’m conscious of race whenever I’m writing, just as I’m conscious of class, religion, human psychology, politics — everything that makes up the human experience. I don’t think I can do a good job if I’m not paying attention to what’s meaningful to people, and in American culture, there isn’t anything that informs human interaction more than the idea of race.”

Dwayne McDuffie, addressing how conscious of race he was while working as a writer, story editor and producer on the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited television series



Dwayne McDuffie strikes me as one of the radder people writing comics today.

too true for as much as one would think the world has stopped finaly learned race should not matter. it still does. dwayne is just showing that with his writting.

Hell of an interview, would love to see someone give him some more comics work…

Well, sex. But yeah: word.

Man, McDuffie’s a good writer and an interesting guy. I wish the climate at DC was different so he could be kicking ass over there.

McDuffie is a class act writer and that was a good read i loved his ff run and all his animated work.

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