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Read the third chapter of Mark Crilley’s ‘Brody’s Ghost’ right here, right now

Brody's Ghost

Brody's Ghost

The next edition of MySpace Dark Horse Presents comes out on Wednesday, but courtesy of Dark Horse we’re happy to bring you the entire third chapter of Mark Crilley’s “Brody’s Ghost” before this week’s issue goes live.

Mark spoke to CBR about the story in January, and I asked him if he wanted to set up this third chapter. So, let’s hear from Mark:

This story centers on Brody’s training with his samurai mentor ghost, Kagemura. We’ve leaped ahead to a point in the saga where Brody is in the thick of his training. I wanted to show how demanding it was and the toll it was taking on him. In the series I’ll be challenging myself to make the acquisition of supernatural powers as believable as possible; not a miraculous ‘bit by a radioactive spider’ type deal, but something more gradual: a process the reader can almost imagine going through him or herself. This eight-pager conveys some of the training process and also some of the mental tug of war that goes on between Brody and Kagemura. In the series we’ll get to see more of this, following Brody’s transformation from a deadbeat loser to a young man of truly superhuman abilities.

You can check out the first two chapters on the MySpace Dark Horse Presents page. And all of chapter three can be found right after the jump …


Brody's Ghost 3, Pg. 1

Brody's Ghost 3, Pg. 1

Brody's Ghost 3, Pg. 2

Brody's Ghost 3, Pg. 2

Brody's Ghost 3, Pg. 3

Brody's Ghost 3, Pg. 3

Brody's Ghost 3, Pg. 4

Brody's Ghost 3, Pg. 4

Brody's Ghost 3, Pg. 5

Brody's Ghost 3, Pg. 5

Brody's Ghost 3, Pg. 6

Brody's Ghost 3, Pg. 6

Brody's Ghost 3, Pg. 7

Brody's Ghost 3, Pg. 7

Brody's Ghost 3, Pg. 8

Brody's Ghost 3, Pg. 8



LOOKS AWESOME!!! Thanks for posting the previews on Twitter.

amazing preview!!
I read the original DHP series for awhile back in the day but haven’t been following this MySpace iteration at all; i guess it’s been fairly successful sofar?

Thanks so much for all the support you’ve given “Brody’s Ghost.” It’s great being able to give readers a taste of the series this far in advance.


Wow Mark this is totally awesome! I’m really loving the characters that you came up with and especially Brody! And man your inking is crazy good. You should make a video about getting line variation and smoothness of lines when inking that would be really helpful! This is all matched with a terific color artist as well! Well I definetly can’t wait to see more and i will be one of the first buyers of brody’s ghost, you can count on that.

Blake Hammond

March 7, 2010 at 5:06 pm

oh my goddess, I can’t wait to read brody’s ghost.
Very very VERY wonderful piece Mark *A* Is all of the pages of the manga going to be in color? D: that would be a first.

Haha! sucks for you brody! I think I might really enjoy this story. I can see it becoming an nime one day.

Damn, can’t really wait for it!

Now this is good I like it beacause it is almost like bleach but bether so hope I will get it soon and tnx for making all this manga.

This reminds me of Avatar (the show, not the movie) in a way. It seems like it could appeal to a teenage audience and a younger audience at the same time. Seems pretty good. Also I really love the art work. Good work Mr. Crilley.

dude i am totally going to go look for your manga at the book store and purchase one.

WHOA . Years ago . :D

Looks awesome. never see your books anywhere and i would really like to but one

Hi I’ve been subscribed to your youtube for a while now and have been wanting to get a hold of Miki Falls, but alas have not been able to. But I have recently found a comic store that carries Dark Horse publications, and am going to suggest for them to offer Brody’s ghost! Thank you for all your tutorial videos, and good luck and great job on all your work!

it’s awesome :o beginning looks like from Bleach xD thx for showing this preview i love it =)

Wonderful! Not only the drawing part is great but also the storyline! I see that you use an intersting style; a fusion of Manga and Comic book. Although I usually prefer pure Manga style (Shaman King, for exemple) to any other type of drawing, I think you did a terrific job. Moreover, I love the eye of Broody in the fourth page, first picture, and also the chibi emotions you used on his face.
The only thing I disliked is the repetiton of a picture. For instance, when he is touching the windowsills in the 3 pictures it seems like you copy-pasted him =P
Mr. Crilley, you’ve done a great job and I thank you for the youtube videos; they’ve helped me a lot.
I will surely buy your books if they come to Lebanon but I guess they won’t because nobody reads Manga here anyway. My only choice will be ;)
Good luck for you’re future projects.
Chafic Najjar
PS: Great job on the light effect Mr. Jackson.

i find this to be quite a funny gag

Hey Mark~!
I’ve looking for your books since I’ve first watched you on youtube~!
cuz I think they’re all nice and stuff
but sad to say..
I cant find any!
Now THis Time! REAllY this time.. I wont let this brody’s ghost book escape My clutChes!! =)) HAha!

Joel Broström

March 13, 2010 at 7:55 am

Looks really nice!
Is the story a straight forward or a more of a “Twisted” storyline?
Are there going to be like lots of suprices and unexpected turns or is it more of a action comic with less storytelling and more, well, action?

I cant wait for Brodys Ghost! I asked my local comic store if theyre gonna get it in stock and they said they are! i am sooo excited. Mark, you truely are an amazing artist


Amazing! i cant wait to get Brody’s Ghost, its coming out the month of my Birhday =3

I really want to read the entire thing now!! I’m definitely going to buy this. :D

Man. This really has me interested. At first, I wasn’t sure. The main character looked like an overly-expressive manga cliche, but the story really brought me back. I will definitely pick this up.

I very much like Brody’s Ghost!!! I will make sure to purchase as soon as it comes out! But, in the meantime, please keep up the good work!

Nice :D. I never got Miki Falls but I’ve already decided I’d be ordering this one ^_^! I’ve read a few of the previews and I’m loving what I see :).

I just wanted to say that you are really good at what you do and I wish that I can become half the artist that you are. from one of your many fans

Lol great story, will definetly be getting this! :D

wow this is amazing i would like to buy this manga but i am italian and i don’t know if this manga will never published in Italy T_T

Wow, Mark this looks great. even as a girl I think that it will appeal to some og us and that you have done a absolutely fantastic job. I follow you on youtube and watch all of your manga videos. i must say i do have a request seeing i am not old enough to get my own youtube account and dont plan on it any time soon could you please do another how to draw video on hands. I love the art of manga but cannot master the hands. it would be great if you could do that for me. I am looking forward to highschool next year so that i can get into a specialist arts school. keep up all the fabulous work thnx for all of your great advice im so gonna buy this book! ^.^

This looks so amazing, i cant wait to get my hands on it! Sadly i cant preorder it online, but i will be ordering a copy from a bookstore! also: I LOVE YOUR WORK both in manga books and your amazing tutorials! thanks!

looks fantastic, im gonna get it ordered as soon as it comes out

Hey mark, i hope i can get a answer with this mail. I tried with twitter and youtube (mr666rock) but i haven’t got any answers yet :( i have some questions , do you have MSN or so , so ik can talk with you? i want to know something more about how to draw manga bodies :0 Thanks for al of your videos!

looks great congrats!

Whoa man, I would read that. Haven’t read your earlier works, but from what I’ve seen here, expectations are high man.

okay this is AWESOME and belive me i see something good when i see one i’m nearly as good as you and im only 12 so watch out.jut kidden its really good story line is very nice colour and detail but it could do with better inking… jokin i hope i could be as good as you one day and u can see my drawings on the internet… kidden well the prevew is nice so im getting it for christmas and could u write a list of the pens and pencils you use? thanks

wow i finished my first comic but im a kid
it looks awsome but i can’t obviously get a sponser and well tell me, is it true are you more likely to be a comic artist in America cuz i’m in Britain and its all about classical music.

This is pretty cool. I don’t know exactly what this is about, or what any of Mark crilleys comics are about. Though, Mark crilley rocks and this is a great accomplishment! –thank you.

Now. I have to say, I was not going to buy this book, I was thinking “I’ll read it online”. But now that I have seen it I’m pretty sure that I will buy it and the rest comming out. Cheers for The First Book I Buy

um i love this story you wrote and im just wondering how many volume did you write and p.s i love it so much ill buy all of them

i need you to help me draw manga and anime please and im thankful for this

I’m definitely going to buy Brody’s Ghost now that I was wanting to read more. I laughed at the end haha the master is hilarious!


*shouts* i want to read more….. i am so getting this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is this cuming out in the uk because i have read 1 and 2 and carnt what for number 3 to come out

Wow!!!! Looking good!!!!!! i wanna read the whole book though!

wow I just love your series they get better and better I have read the 4th book IT IS EPIC

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I need to read!!! Not allowed to buy online :( Is this book soold in NZ?

I have you’re app and I love this book already were can I get it

Started reading the second one a few days ago and it is AWESOME! Should have stared from the beginning though….Anyway, LOVED the book! Hope to read it again soon:p LOL


this comic was excellency the only think i can say you marck it is of cotinuous

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