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Red Hood: The Lost Days will arrive just in time for Under the Red Hood DVD push

Red Hood: The Lost Days #1

Red Hood: The Lost Days #1

Judd Winick and artist Pablo Raimondi are teaming up for a new miniseries called Red Hood: The Lost Days — “a six-issue mini-series revealing the untold story of the man behind the Red Hood. It’s the tale of an angry young man’s transformation into a deadly villain,” according to DC’s The Source blog.

“I’m thrilled to return to this character, and it’s both a joy and challenge to tackle this new story,” Winick said. “LOST DAYS tracks the time from the Red Hood’s rebirth to his return to Gotham. In it, we get to understand this anti-hero in a new way. I think it explains both how he’s sympathetic, and an unrepentant monster. He’s a wonderfully complex character, and I hope this adds some even greater depth to his mythology.”

And here’s today’s “Why didn’t they start doing this sooner?” moment — the release of the comic will coincide with the release of the Under the Red Hood DVD, DC’s next entry in their animated movie series. Typically when a big blockbuster film hits theaters, comic companies release a barrage of comic tie-ins to maybe pull in new readers. I can’t remember DC doing anything like that, at least this overtly, with any of their previous animated DVD releases, but maybe I’m forgetting something. Many of the DVDs, of course, have been based on existing stories, like New Frontiers and the Death of Superman, so there’s always the opportunity to sell from the backlist, but actually creating a tie-in comic seems like something worth trying as well.

Update: Someone in our comments section points out that there was, indeed, a New Frontiers special that came out back in 2008 when the animated DVD hit that I, obviously, didn’t remember.



Way to flood the market with more useless Bat-titles DC. Why not try to make the other ones sell better first? DC continues to sink…..


But JK, I think DC did something like this for New Frontier. Darwyn Cooke had those one-shots. The others, I don’t know.

Ah, you’re right, Jake … I totally forgot about that. Thanks.

Utterly psyched about this. Well overdue. Very nice art too.

The new frontier tie-in was great. Not expecting anything much with this mini though.

From that cover alone, Jason Todd’s new superhero name is Glowpenis.


1.) Settle down. The internet tough guy routine is getting old.

2.) There are waaaayyyy to many Batman titles and most of them are suffering. They need to focus on the core books.

3.) Jason Todd’s return was the biggest let down in comic history

this should’ve come out YEARS ago, shortly after the original Under the Hood storyline in the comics ended.

Now, who’s going to care?!?

I can’t wait for this. Winnick’s run on Batman with this whole storyline was what brought me back to that title. I recommended it to others, as well. Can’t wait!

I dont know what im looking forward to more, the new DVD of the lost days tpb, I think DC could have pushed the red hood story a bit more as it seems to kick off the most popular Joker Origin at the moment

Winnicks’s run on Batman was fantastic. I’m sure this mini series will be great too. Dvd? Bonus!

First of all, Jason Todd sucks.. yes it’s true.

Second of all, Idk about too many Bat-titles because Batman has had a crapload of bat-related titles for YEARS. Detective Comics and Batman have both been long-running Batman comics, but Detective is focusing on Batwoman, so that’s not the same. Batgirl replaced well.. Batgirl. Red Robin replaced Robin. Nightwing was outright canceled. Birds of Prey is being relaunched, hopefully under it’s own umbrella and not as a “Bat-book” since it hasn’t been in forever really. Streets of Gotham is new and I’ve heard good things about it, but I have not read it. Paul Dini does rock though. Gotham City Sirens replaced Catwoman and is freaking AWESOME. Batman Confidential has been around for a while (isn’t this the 2nd incarnation?). The problem though is that DC has mad the new Batman and Robin the “flag ship” title and Morrison can’t write.

I mean you take a guy who has a history of completely re-writting all the characters as if he was the first writer and you give him a main title with a main character and base the others around it? Of course it’s gonna be weak. The man can’t write. That and Damian Wayne is a horrible Robin, Stephanie Brown is a horrible Batgirl, and Idk about the new Azreal, but he doesn’t seem impressive either. So basically, you have Dick trying to fill Bruce’s shoes and surrounded by crappy sub-par characters that shouldn’t have ever gotten where they are. No wonder all the titles suck.

And seriously, DC is doing a bunch of Batman books so it’s tanking, unlike Marvel doing a crapload of Hulk, Wolverine, and Spider-man books? Or their “OMG! I dreamt this up last night, let’s make it into a major cross-over event” Siege. I mean are you serious? DC is FINALLY about to re-launch the original Legion in it’s own series, they’re finally giving Zatanna her own comic, Flash will be re-launched, Birds of Prey is re-launching, and they’ve been selling Green Lantern like hot-cakes with Blackest Night (Brightest Day will be the same). Their long running Superman: New Krypton arc has been absolutely AMAZING. And DC is heading down hill when Marvel can’t even get a decent X-Men story ONCE A YEAR between the what? 10 X-Titles.

And Didio continues to try shoving “Glowpenis” Jason Todd down our throats… Sorry, Dan.

Irony: Right below this comment box is an ad for Axe that reads “How To Clean Your Balls,” but I digress.

@LorZod: I agree with you about the current state of the Bat-titles. I hated Morrison’s run on Batman (proper) and bailed before all that RIP/Final Crisis crap started. I’m not going back until Bruce is back, but I hope Morrison leaves too. Morrison’s done plenty of great work, historically, but not lately.

I admittedly liked Under the Hood, especially for a Winick story. I feel like Jason has been written very erratically since he came back, and I actually look forward to reading this. Hope it’s good Winick and not unbelievably terrible Winick. That’s all there is with him.

Wow! Did Bill Tucci pull a “Nick Simmons” on a Liefeld sketch or was Bills’ digital camera broken last month?
That cover is horrible! Red Hood… technically Red Helmet it seems.
Lavender Pillowcase here we come!!!

even though i never liked Jason todd will have to check out the mini mostly to figure out how he got back to gotham and got a hold of the hood. without seeking out batman right away as for the dvd. i plan to get it moslty because it animated the scene from death in the family where Jason todd croaks. the only time batman fans will ever proably see an animated version of death in the family given its content. that plus Jason works better as the red hood

as much I dislike Winick’s superhero work, I thoroughly enjoyed Under The Hood in every way.

Winick really sold me on the idea of Jason returning in a way I never anticipated, sure the handwave was a bit annoying but I just loved his run. also he is essentially the only person to write Jason well, not even Morrison did. So I’m definitely looking forward to this.

“Way to flood the market with more useless Bat-titles DC. Why not try to make the other ones sell better first? DC continues to sink…..”

This doesn’t make sense. It’s a story some people have wanted to read for a while now and it doesn’t fit at all with any of the other batbooks.

Batman is almost as bad in DC as Wolverine is in Marvel HE. IS. EVERYWHERE. To many bat-titles? umm did u live through the 90s? this is a down turn for the bat books @Johnnyfive its not an internet tough guy routine if i don’t like waht you’re saying in real life or the net i’m calling you on it. second biggest let down on in comic history? being a bit over dramatic aren’t we? i can name a bunch of bigger let downs in comic history than the return of a character that fans killed in 89

I’m a huge Batman fan but even I must say that there’s no need for all these Bat titles. No need @ all! DC currently has:

Ongoing series starring Batman from New Earth

* Detective Comics (From issue #27, 1939 – ongoing) + 10 annuals

* Batman (1940 – ongoing) + 26 annuals

* Batman and Robin (June 2009 – ongoing) Morrison’s characterization of Grayson has been annoying as hell. The means don’t justify the end when it comes to his Grayson. See issues 7-9 for details.

* Batman: Streets of Gotham (August 2009 – ongoing) As good as Dini is he’s been inconsistent and there really is no need to have a book w/ the POV of Gotham’s Finest if the writers just going to have a bunch of fill in creative teams.

* Superman/Batman (2003 – ongoing) + 3 annuals Has sucked for years now.

* Batman Confidential (February 2007 – ongoing) Should have been canceled.

Current comics in which Batman does not star but appears regularly or a member of his cast stars:

* Red Robin (June 2009 – ongoing) Tim has zer0 amount of evidence backing up this “gut feeling” he has that Bruce is still alive (until about we’re well passed the half way point of the first arc), so for this entire run so far the reader is put through this bad characterization and weak plot only to find out that Bruce is still alive (of course we already knew that) in a completely different book?! Cancel! Waste of $$$!!!

* Gotham City Sirens (June 2009 – ongoing) See: Streets of Gotham notes above for more details.

* Justice League of America (third volume, July 2006 – ongoing) Even though this ain’t really a Bat book, I must say Robinson is terrible (but they fire McDuffie?). End of story. Waste of $$$!!!

* Brave and the Bold (second volume, February 2007 – ongoing)

* The Outsiders (October 2007 – ongoing) Dan Didio is writing this. Need I say more? Waste of $$$!!!

* Batgirl (August 2009 – ongoing) What’s the point? $$$. Oh OK. Waste of $$$!!!

* Azrael (October 2009 – ongoing) Batwoman gets J.H. Williams III? OK. If you’re not going to give us an artist that can properly deliver this refreshing and interesting take on this character then just cancel it. It’s hurting my eyes.

I’ve honestly enjoyed Morrison on Batman. A lot! I just can’t stand his Grayson or all these unnecessary titles. This Red Hood title doesn’t seem to bother me though. It’s a mini. No big deal.

everyone complaining about all the bat titles, the hell are you even talking about? the nature of what theyre saying up there is batman wont even appear in the story? theyre trying to add depth to a cool character? good for them.

This is almost as bad as the new Batgirl books. And that’s REALLY bad. It’s a waste of money to buy a comic book only to read about the worst DC character ever, Stephanie Brown. This is BAD.

My take is that I hope Judd Winnick returns Jason back to the anti-Batman badass he was when he resurrected him because I have honestly been underwhelmed with the direction he has been heading for the most part when the other writers handled him. For example, Tony Daniel turning Jason into Azbats Junior in Battle For The Cowl, Grant Morrisson making him resemble an evil Jimmy Olsen with that crappy hair dye origin or especially in Countdown when they made some attempts to make him interesting with his interaction with Donna and Kyle but then made him more of a dickhead by the time the book ended.
On a separate note, how many people want to bet that the new Azrael and Batgirl series will be cancelled very soon as I find Stephanie and Lane two very forced and uninteresting characters that should not have been given their own ongoing series so soon?

Azrael was a popular character in his day, so I’m guessing most of the people who read Azrael back then will do so today. I don’t really know how the Stephanie Brown Batgirl will sell, judging my most of the comments on the internet and feedback from my comic shop she’s a pretty unpopular character. I say cancel Batgirl, Red Robin, and The Outsiders, but leave the other series alone. I’m actually interested in the Red Hood comic, think it will be interesting to read.

Agreed for the most part, my friend, but I should point out that the fans of Azrael liked the original one much better than the new guy they forced on them. Although Jean Paul Valley wasn’t the most liked bat character by the fans, he was way more interesting and developed than Michael Lane is-who is basically a Moon Knight ripoff with an ugly-ass costume and a one-dimensional personality.
As for the new Batgirl, I so agree with you. Given the fact that the last time they had Stephanie unsuccessfully replace someone else, namely Robin, why would they think of going that route again by replacing Cassandra as Batgirl and giving her her own series so soon? Did they think this through properly? I doubt it.
In regards to Red Hood, I will only be interested in the character as long as Winnick writes him-nuff said.

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