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Rick from Walking Dead is … wait, what?

Wha ...?

Wha ...?

So after seeing Image’s teasers over the last few days featuring Spawn and Invincible, I thought maybe Image really was putting together a team book of their top players. And I expected today to receive an image of Witchblade, Savage Dragon or some other superhero who, y’know, made sense given the line-up we’ve seen so far.

But today’s image features Rick, the one-handed cop from Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead. So all I can say is … well played, Image, well played. You had me going there.



How freaking funny – like Image or hate Image they know how to have fun even if they are poking at themselves

I always knew Rick was the Kirkman Wolverine…

This might have been funny a month ago but now it just comes off as a bad grab for attention.

I’d pick it up.

You know, in a Rick vs. Spawn fight, I’d honestly have to put my money on Rick.

This is an outrage, and everybody involved should be ashamed of themselves.

Oh, wait. Wrong thread. Oops.

Sucks, I was getting excited there for a genuine Guardians book. Yeah, this wasn’t really funny.

I’m so glad this was a spoof. Image must be dying for attention. “Oh please, please look at me!” If they had done this to Rick I might have had to walk away from the Walking Dead.

Um, so – for the lulz – they’re creating hype for a book they’re not gonna make? I dunno…SOMETHING has to go down August 2010. Whatever it is, it’s less predictable than Avengers!

Seriously guys?

March 18, 2010 at 9:44 am

Are all the posters up to this point missing the concept? They are making fun of the obvious commercial handjob that is Marvel’s “New Avengers”. Check it out at


March 18, 2010 at 12:17 pm

Funny stuff.

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