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Scott Pilgrim defeats Justin Bieber (on Twitter, at least)

Twitter worldwide trending topics

Twitter worldwide trending topics

In what can only be a good sign for the movie, and perhaps the universe, “Scott Pilgrim” leaped ahead of “Justin Bieber” this morning on Twitter’s list of worldwide trending topics within minutes of the release of the trailer for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

Yes, that’s worldwide.

For those readers who don’t use Twitter, it’s important to know that on any given day, no matter what manner of war, policy debate or natural disaster is occurring, the teen pop sensation will appear as a trending topic. That’s because his fans apparently enjoy few things more than tweeting messages like “Yeahh Justin Bieber is a little cutie!” and “RT IF YOU WANNA KISS JUSTIN BIEBER!” (Note: Those are actual comments from this morning.)

Now add to that daily low-grade Bieber Fever the release earlier this week of his second album My World 2.0 and — brace yourselves — a video clip showing him blow-drying his trademark hair. It’s a wonder that Twitter, if not the Internet itself, didn’t explode.

Yet here we are this morning, with “Scott Pilgrim” climbing above “Justin Bieber,” above “#ItsReallyAnnoying” and, hell, even above “#omgfacts.”

Curiously, though, our evil ex-boyfriend-fighting protagonist has yet to crack the U.S. trending topics list, where South Park, with “Scrotie McBoogerballs,” reigns supreme.

Some day, Scott Pilgrim. Some day.



Well, it’s no wonder that Scott Pilgrim couldn’t beat “The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs.” After all, Butters is the voice of a generation.

ppl are all over justin(: and say there in love idk why you never even meet him

In an effort to take advantage of the still-enduring popularity of Justin Bieber, Oni is releasing a special edition of the final volume of the Scott Pilgrim series:

i love the song of justin bieber and his face too
yeh men……………….

im a JBnatics

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