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Simmons, Bleach and plagiarism vs. homage: A story in words and pictures

From Topless Robot's post on Nick Simmons's response to plagiarism accusations

From Topless Robot's post on Nick Simmons's response to plagiarism accusations

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What about when those pictures are juxtaposed with words — specifically the words of Incarnate creator Nick Simmons? And what if those words are denying that the pictures, which pretty clearly show that he plagiarized Tite Kubo’s hit manga Bleach, do any such thing? That’s worth an awful lot, as far as I’m concerned. At Topless Robot, Rob Bricken mashes up Simmons’ non-apology apology with the pictorial evidence to absolutely brutal effect. In a controversy that’s generated more than its fair share of memorable online commentary, this McCloudian approach has generated my favorite yet.



Getting paid megabucks to trace… now can you imagine if some movie studio came along, bought the rights to this and made a blockbuster out of it? This douché would be lovin’ it!

Jokin’ aside, as an artist this guy makes me sick.

It’s not as if anime is difficult to draw. Mindless apes could produce it. If you actually have to trace anime, than maybe the art world just isn’t for you.

There is no excuse for plagiarism. I hope he gets sued. Of course daddy will come to his rescue.

Andrew Collins

March 2, 2010 at 12:45 pm

I’m sure the Japanese and Korean artists whp spend hours upon hours slouched over drawing tables producing anime would appreciate you referring to their craft as ‘So easy mindless apes could do it’ (to paraphrase the Geico ads)

@Mecha Books-
Simon Jones over at Icarus Comics had a good point regarding why Viz most likely WON’T sue, that being that they open a whole can of worms nobody wants opened. The line between homage, parody, and rip-off suddenly becomes too blurred and everybody opens themselves up to potential lawsuits. There’s no doubt in my mind that Simmons’ work falls under the rip-off category, but as Simon notes, unless “it sells millions and a movie deal is announced,” I would expect Viz’s lawyers to stay mum. For now.

@Joseph: not that difficult to do? Manga isn’t just about doodling. The stories matter as well, and it’s a craft indeed that perhaps you can try working yourself and see if it sells.

if you look CAREFULLY there still a little bit different, which means he wasn’t tracing line by line. This still doesn’t make it ok. Actually i find the entire ‘tracing’ thing entirely pathetic. If you have a storyline but no manga talent of your own hire an artist or WRITE A BOOK. don’t trace. Its not cool and gets you to be hated by pretty much everyone in the manga world.

I take serious offence to this being an manga style artist myself. Thanks dude, you screwed it up for all of us. Not amerimanga’s rep. is RUINED.

So mindless apes can do it? but people are apes!

I hope he gets sued HARD. The bleach artists and storyline creators and all work very hard on their manga, and no American is just going to copy and make a quick buck. I do love his fathers music, but this, just no.

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