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Some cartoonists need to look in the mirror a bit more often

the real James Kochalka and the alter ego

the real James Kochalka and the alter ego

You ever notice how cartoonists, even the most photorealistic ones, never draw themselves how they actually look? Either their self-portraits are utterly unflattering, or they go too far in the other direction and make themselves unrealistically attractive. That’s why this (admittedly Webcomics-heavy) rundown of various cartoonists and how they portray themselves in their work is such a boon. Now you know who to pester the next time you’re strolling down the Artists’ Alley of your favorite convention. (FYI: First Second has some artist self-portraits up as well, though only one photo. Bummer.)



John Cassaday looks a lot like The Drummer, at least (or did ten years ago; I haven’t seen Cassaday lately).

Steve Dillon looks like everybody he’s ever drawn, ditto Glenn Fabry.

I’m surprised by how accurate most of those caricatures are once you account for the artist’s individual style.

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