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Spider-Man is a New Avenger

New Avengers teaser by Stuart Immonen

New Avengers teaser by Stuart Immonen

Everything old is New again: Spider-Man will still be a member of the New Avengers when that team’s book relaunches with a new #1 from Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen this June. The proof: the above teaser from, the second in what I imagine will be a week-long series akin to those for Avengers (in which Spidey is also a member) and Secret Avengers. Stay tuned!




Agreed. Who does he think he is — Wolverine?!

Hey, it’s fine if he wants to be on both teams. He could use the extra paycheck.

“I take responsibility for my actions”

“Except for marriage. I had the Devil clean that one up for me.”

Steven R. Stahl

March 2, 2010 at 11:15 am

He could use the extra paycheck.

Getting paid would ruin his ASM storylines. But if the heroes don’t get paid, why will they form groups? Just for the hell of it? That was one of the nice things about the old Big Three/little four system in AVENGERS. The Three were leaders, due to a sense of responsibility and pride; the four were heroes, but being an Avenger paid well too. There was a commitment to the group which has never existed in Bendis’s ____ AVENGERS. His heroes belonged to a group only because a situation required it.


I thought New Avengers was getting canned in lew of the upcoming Avengers and Secret Avengers. What did I miss?

I didn’t read OMD, didn’t MJ make the deal, not Peter? Therefore it’s not Peter’s responsibility.

Steven R. Stahl

March 2, 2010 at 1:54 pm

What did I miss?

Putting Cage in an AVENGERS title and having Spider-Man in one or two strongly suggests that Bendis is more concerned with writing dialogue for his favorite characters than he is with telling stories in the traditional storytelling sense. Spider-Man was nothing more than a quip machine in NEW AVENGERS. Cage wasn’t as dull as a block of concrete, but in the (pseudo)fight sequences, that’s what he was written as.


Once again a superhero spans multiple teams to sell comics. It makes me mad, but what makes me more mad is the fact I’m gonna buy it.

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