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Straight for the art | J.R. Williams’ homages

Williams' 'Batman laughing'

Williams' 'Batman laughing'

Former cartoonist J.R. Williams (anyone remember Crap?) has a rather neat Flickr site where’s he’s posting all sorts of homages/swipes/tributes to classic comic book characters, some of which, it should be noted, might possibly be NSFW. (via)


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I remember “Crap” and “Bad Boys” and others.
Man, I miss that stuff.
Those really were the days.
Nowadays, I’ve been driven back to Big Two crap because “alternative” comics have fallen so far since back when I was cool.
Seriously, L&R once a year, Clowes & Bagge barely dribbling stuff out once in a blue moon, people like Williams totally abandoning the field, and people thinking that pirate ninja shit is a step up from mask & capes books?
It’s a sad, sad state of affairs.

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