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Straight for the art | Jon McNally’s Martian Manhunter


I mentioned last week that I really dug the idea behind Project:Rooftop’s All-Ages All-Stars feature, and the latest entry just hammers that home. Artist Jon McNally shares an all-ages version of Martian Manhunter, complete with his own dog.

“Wonder Woman has her sisterhood on Themiscyra. The Flash has his fellow speedsters. Superman and Batman have their respective families. By contrast, poor J’onn J’onzz hasn’t much in the way of connections, aside from bands of bloodthirsty White Martians that appear every now and then. By gum, if Superman and Batman can have pets, then Martian Manhunter can have a dog!” McNally said.

Martian’s Best Friend? I like it.



That’s very cool.

If I was DC, I’d buy this.

And the dog’s a b’ludh’ound, right?


This is fantastic, now I wish DC would do an all ages Martian Manhunter .

Wrong wrong wrong! Everybody who’s read the Showcase Presents: Martian Manhunter reprint collections knows that a Martian’s best friend is Zook. Bring back Zook, and Diane Meade. And please don’t make his secret identity Chuck Norris with a beard.

Isn’t Chuck Norris already Chuck Norris with a beard?

Yeah, I guess so. Anyway, he’s not the Martian Manhunter. He doesn’t have to be. A super-hero doesn’t need his secret identity to be another super-hero.

Now I’m thinking that maybe the guy with the beard isn’t supposed to be Chuck. Maybe he’s Straight Dave from the Bruno movie (with a beard).

keep it to yourself, bets. This martian manhunter is awesome.

Back on your meds, Bets.

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