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Straight for the art | Lady Gaga & Beyoncé ‘Telephone’ tributes

"Telephone" by Yamino

"Telephone" by Yamino

Chances are you’ve carved nine minutes out of your schedule over the past few days to watch director Jonas Åkerlund’s mind-melting video for Lady Gaga & Beyoncé’s “Telephone.” Naturally, the combination of Tarantino-esque exploitation-cinema homages, hilariously overt product placement, lesbian chic, outright silliness (“Let’s Make a Sandwich”!), and utterly fabulous outfits has fired the imaginations of artists around the Internet.

Above is an adorable, lusciously colored tribute to “Telephone”‘s dynamic duo by deviantART member Yamino. The piece got the attention of Lady GaGa herself, who called it “completely brilliant”, and blasted Yamino’s homepage to her three-million-plus Twitter followers.

I’m also rather fond of deviantARTist HamletMachine’s comics-inspired take on the video …

"Telephone" by HamletMachine

"Telephone" by HamletMachine

Even Gaga’s record label Interscope got in on the act, releasing the “Official ‘Telephone’ Movie Poster” (whatever that means), a grindhouse-style piece by Joey James Productions.

"Telephone" movie poster by Joey James Productions

"Telephone" movie poster by Joey James Productions

This video is clearly a gift that can keep on giving. Keep ‘em coming!



O that Joey James Productions piece is awesome! I think I can make a wall free to hang that up….

If you’re a fan of that first piece by Yamino you should check out her webcomic Sister Clair. It’s good stuff.


March 16, 2010 at 11:35 pm

I have taken screen shots of all the product placement in GaGa’s Telephone video. It is an orgy of product placement

nice drawing and illustration, thanks for sharing!

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