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Straight for the art | Tim Bradstreet’s Red Sky Diary

Red Sky Diary

Red Sky Diary

Artist Tim Bradstreet shares some details and a look at an illustrated novel he’s working on called Red Sky Diary, “my long-awaited passion project.” He’s also set up a Facebook page where you can find additional updates and artwork.

As for what the book is about:

Red Sky Diary is a mythic, epic scale chronicle of a dynastic succession of clan leaders, warriors known as the “Ulaan Bataar”. The firstborn male of each generation in the succession is tasked with carrying on a desperate guerilla-style war against a clandestine society of murderous, nocturnal creatures (known as The Mudir), who’ve prowled the shadow realms between reason and superstition since the dawn of civilization. The main story features the greatest warrior of them all, Gallows. His fate is of unique significance in this epic war that is about to come full circle.


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Sounds interesting. I’d like to see more about it.

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