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The clock ticks down to the race for Comic-Con hotel rooms

San Diego Convention Center

San Diego Convention Center

In a little more than an hour the mad scramble for discounted hotel rooms begins again as Travel Planners opens reservations for Comic-Con International.

That’s at 9 a.m. Pacific/noon Eastern. But if you’re going to the convention, you’re already well aware of that.

This year’s process is being handled differently, with reservation hopefuls entering 12 hotel choices, in order of preference (you probably should be using this hour to work out your picks). You’ll be required to give additional information, such as occupant names and arrival and departure dates. Once that’s completed, your submission will be time stamped and logged in the Travel Planners database.

If all goes well, within three to five hours you’ll receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to provide your credit card deposit to secure the reservation. You have to submit a deposit equal to one night’s room charge (plus tax) within five business days of receiving the confirmation. Those who don’t do so will have their reservations canceled.

You can learn more details here. A PDF file of the hotel list can be found here.



I have picked out my 12, and I’m ready for 9 a.m. Let’s see how this goes …

Well, that was easy! Provided, of course, I get any of my choices …

I have an uneasy feeling on this. Basically, we are letting the reservation system to be used on the whims of someone who we don’t know. Don’t like the choice you are given, SOL…submit again. Think you got screwed? SOL. No phone calls, no ‘can you check something again’. Even the phone system people can’t do anything for you.

And … they give me a hotel that I didn’t even put on my list that’s like in Mexico or Nevada or something. FUCK.

I submitted my 12 picks starting right at 9am, and had completed all forms and clicked submit by 9:03. True to their word, I got my email about 5 hours later. Unfortunately I didn’t get any of my top 12 choices, and instead I’m stuck by the airport, far off the trolley and shuttle routes and way outside of walking distance. In reality I am probably lucky I even got a room at all.

I can appreciate that this was the best method CCI could use to cope with the chaos caused every year by hotel booking, but clearly this is one of the reasons they are thinking about moving from San Diego to another city such as Anahiem or Vegas. I will miss the hip downtown locale of San Diego, but if attendees can’t find a place to sleep, what is the point? A move is sounding better all the time.

I also finished my reservations by about 9:08 am… and about 3 hours later i received a confirmation for the last hotel on my list. I guess i should feel lucky that I was able to get a hotel, but the one i got is $300 a night! I’m starting to believe that this system was either buggy or not time-stamped at all, because i know of a friend who wasn’t able to complete their application until after 9:30 and they got the first choice on their list.

I guess well have to wait out the 5 days and see if any hotels open up.

Well, we did ours at 9:04 am, and NEVER heard anything back. I have no clue what that means… Guess I’ll be calling back in tomorrow to see why we never heard anything. Has anyone else had this problem???

Yeah, I submitted by 9:06 am and got a hotel not on my 12 picks. So in 6 minutes every hotel within 2 miles of the Convention Center was booked

I called in yesterday and spoke with a representative at 9:08 am and did not receive an email at all. Now I am trying to contact someone… of course all representatives are busy.

By 7:30 AM Pacific time, I had my 12 hotels all picked out and organized according to order of preference. At exactly 9:00 AM, I start clickng away like crazy and.,. lo and behold logging onto the reservations page wasn’t so hard.
I fill out the form and hit “Submit”. I usually double check all the information I’m entering before I hit “Submit”, but I knew time was of the essence, so I just gave it a lookover and clicked the button.
Once I’ve clicked “Submit”, I go to my email expecting some sort of email confirming my submission. Not the reservation, but a confirmation that they got my info correctly.
Okay, no problem, they’re probably really busy. Lets give ‘em a call to confirm and correct any info.
Busy signal.
Crap, gotta go to work. I spend the rest of the day SWEATING wondering… “Oh man, I screwed up the email address. HOWWW??? You IDIOT!! You screwed up the trip”
Ultimately, by 10 PM Pacific time last night I had not received any confirmation of any kind. I sent an email to the Travel Planner CS explaining the situation.
A little while later, either because of my email or because of a delay, I get my reservation confirmation. I didn’t get any of my twelve picks and was accomodated elsewhere according to my price range. Obviously, this is not what I would have preferred. But really, I also think that I’m lucky just to get a room at all. I’m from San José, Costa Rica and this will be my first time attending Comic-Con. So anyplace that’ll give me a roof over my head is okay by me. Besides I’ve never been to San Diego and I’m sure I can enjoy the commute time taking in the sights as I go.

Is Mission Valley/Hotel Circle Area really that terrible? I understand it’s pretty far away from the convention center, but not much more so than my commute to work. How friendly is San Diego for pedestrians? Is the public transit system any good? How much are taxis over there?

Also, does anyone know if the hotel shuttle service to the convention is reserved exclusively for people with reservations at the hotels on the route? Can I show up at another of the hotels and use the shuttle from there?

Anyways, See you guys for drinks by the pool. Looking forward to attending the convention with you all.


I got my first hotel pick, one of the Headquarters Hotels, then I logged into the reservation system yesterday (Friday) afternoon to pay for the first night with my credit card, to secure my room. After entering my information I was taken to a screen that informed me: “RESERVATION HAS ALREADY BEEN CANCELED”. and there was no way to proceed. So I am screwed, with NO hotel for ComicCon. What were they thinking giving us 5 days to pay with a credit card when 2 of those days are a weekend, and “customer service”, both email and phone are closed on weekends? They were pretty confident that there would be NO problems that needed to be addressed on the first weekend after hotel registration opened. The “new” system stinks, last year was much smoother for me.

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