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The Venture Bros. season resumes in August, ends with one-hour special

From "The Venture Bros.," Season 4

From "The Venture Bros.," Season 4

The Venture Bros. creator Jackson Publick has ended his long silence to reveal that he thinks the second half of Season 4 will finally debut on Adult Swim in August — “August sounds about right” — and to break the news that the finale probably won’t air until December.

So why the delay?

“Because we suck,” Publick writes on his blog. But there’s more to it than that, naturally, most of which sounds like a good thing for fans.

“In the end, it’ll all be worth it,” he continues. “We think you’re going to really dig these next eight episodes. We seem to have re-embraced the show’s sci-fi/comic book/adventure roots, and as much as it was a struggle to write them, they’re a whole lot of fun. Lots more development of Hank and Dean, lots of new characters, and lots of old faces returning both triumphantly and trivially.”

Here’s the other big reason for the delay: When the season finally does end, it’ll be with a Very Special Venture Bros. Season Finale Hour-Long Extravaganza. Not just a very special season finale, but an hour-long one!

“That’s an extra half an hour of Venture-y goodness for your patience, right?” Publick writes. “What we take away with one hand, we give back with the other.”

Visit the blog for more stills from the second half of the season, and details on The Venture Bros. action figures.



It is nice to know when this is coming back but that is a long time to wait.

Very cool, and it’s about time. Until then I’m watching re-runs, and I really hope Brock stays, he is the best part!

A new full-color, book-format comic is also coming out. Disney Fairies, published by Papercutz. This is the first time Disney Fairies have appeared in graphic novels.

It is a long wait, true … but nothing like that long wait between Seasons 1 and 2. Wasn’t that a year and a half?

Worth the wait. So howsabout Metalocalypse?

Worth the wait.

2 episodes a month. Why bother to have ‘seasons’?

Seconding Eric’s post. My life is lacking Murderface!

Man I hope they give enough commercial announcements as to when season 4.5 (this is the last one right?) starts. I remember when the final Justice League Unlimited season was on Cartoon Network and CN would not put out ONE commercial as to when the episodes were on.

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