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Three Count | Your official Robot 6 Wrestlemania predictions

wwe_wmlogoFor the second fall in our best-of-three contest today, I reached out to several comics pros and bloggers to see what they thought about tomorrow’s big Wrestlemania card. Will the Deadman retire Mr. Wrestlemania? Will Jericho get speared? Will the Straight Edge Society get a new phone number in the 619 area code? And does anyone care about Sheamus? Our panel shared their thoughts, opinions, hopes and dreams for tomorrow’s big pay-per-view event.

Our panelists include:

Steven Grant: Comics writer and wrestling fan Steven Grant’s resume includes the Punisher, Avengers, Whisper, American Flagg!, Badlands and numerous other comics titles since the 1980s. Back around the turn of the century, he wrote comics featuring wrestling legends The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin for Chaos! Comics, and he recently wrapped up his long-running Permanent Damage column on Comic Book Resources.

Vito Delsante: In addition to being manager of Jim Hanley’s Universe in New York, Vito Delsante has also written comics featuring Batman, Wolverine and Scooby Doo, as well as the webcomic FCHS and the upcoming Stray.

Chad Nevett: Chad Nevett regularly writes reviews for Comic Book Resources and talks about comics on Comics Should Be Good, and on his own blog, GraphiContent. He’s also writes about wrestling for 411mania.

Carla and Lance Hoffman: Carla Hoffman shares her joy and frustrations with Marvel every week right here on Robot 6 in her Fifth Color column. Meanwhile Lance, her husband, is biggest Undertaker fan I know.

And of course, myself. Read on to see what we think about tomorrow’s card …


Big Show and R-Truth

Big Show and R-Truth

Unified Tag Team Championship Match: ShoMiz vs. R-Truth and John Morrison

Steven Grant: Morrison’s currently my favorite wrestler and the only one I go out of my way to watch, so regardless of booking logic I have to pull for Morrison & K-Krush. Plus I suspect they’d be able to get the best matches from the best range of opponents. The story of the match will likely be their frustrated attempts to neutralize Big Show, but I don’t expect a long match.

Chad Nevett: As much as I was a little mystified when ShoMiz first won the Unifited Tag Team titles since CM Punk and Luke Gallows seemed a more logical choice, it’s worked out pretty well so far and I see now reason to change things up now. The Miz has quickly become the midcard go-to guy on Raw — and with good reason. John Morrison, on the other hand, has just stagnated after a summer that suggested he was on his way to the main event. For some reason, I see this match being about which of those two the WWE is higher on right now and I think that’s the Miz. The only way I see Morrison and Truth walking away champs is if Daniel Bryan interferes to further his feud with the Miz. Still, this should be a decent match, one that I’m looking forward to. Winners and STILL WWE Unifited Tag Team Champions: ShoMiz

Vito Delsante: One of three “who cares?” matches. This match would mean so much more to me if the Hart Dynasty was in it because the WWE is wasting their talent. I give it to ShoMiz because I think I’m sensing a Truth heel turn.

Carla Hoffman: On the other hand, this is the bathroom break match.

JK Parkin: I’m not sure when or even why, but the Miz has become one of my favorites to watch every week, whether he’s strutting round with his three belts on Raw or screwing over Daniel Bryan on NXT. So I’m actually looking forward to this one, esp. if he gets to do a promo beforehand. As for the winner, I’ll go with ShowMiz, not only because I like the team, but also because I like John Morrison as a solo wrestler. I’ll agree with Vito that this could plant the seeds for a good Morrison/Truth feud at some point — esp. after their endless lovefests each week on Smackdown — and I’ll add that my one disappointment with this match is that Morrison isn’t in the Money in the Bank ladder match and thus won’t end up with the briefcase.

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Money in the bank

Money in the bank

The Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Steven Grant: Most likely “the Chosen One” Drew McIntyre, though, despite exactly the right introduction, Drew hasn’t set the world on fire. Possibly Christian. The player who could accomplish the most who needs the bump the most, though, is Jack Swagger. My money’s on McIntyre, my hopes are with Swagger.

Chad Nevett: With ten guys instead of the usual eight, this match could be a little too busy for its own good, but it’s also MitB, so its function is a chaotic spotfest. Also, the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV has people wondering if that may impact who wins this and how they cash in their shot, so that creates an interesting dynamic. Looking at the ten guys, there are some standouts that won’t win like Evan Bourne and Shelton Benjamin. I like both guys, but Bourne is at the bottom of the midcard on Raw, while Benjamin is the MitB MVP but not someone that’s going to get a title shot anytime soon. I’m not sure what to make of Kofi Kingston’s late inclusion. He seemed like he was moving up, but his push got stalled after his feud with Randy Orton and he was thrown in at the last minute. MVP and Matt Hardy are both similar, except they’ve both had three or four start-stop pushes and looks stuck in the midcard. Dolph Ziggler doesn’t seem to have that ‘It’ factor yet, but I think he has a shot. Kane winning would be kind of useless since he doesn’t need it and can be slotted into a main event feud at any time. Drew McIntyre is a favourite of many, but I don’t see him getting it yet. He’s been made to look weak lately and I think they’ll continue to push that story more with him not winning here and going on the warpath — maybe that’s how the MitB PPV is created, as an effort to give him another shot (a stretch, but who knows). That leaves Christian and Jack Swagger. Christian seems the obvious pick, but McMahon has never seen him as a main eventer and, almost like Kane, I don’t think he needs the briefcase, especially if he were moved to Smackdown where him challenging Edge or Chris Jericho wouldn’t seem out of place. So, yeah, I think it will be Jack Swagger. He’s delivered solid matches against John Cena and Triple H, has the right look, and could be big with the right push and I think this is it. Winner: Jack Swagger

Carla Hoffman: This will be the MVP fight of the night (and I’m not talking Montel Vontavious Porter) and probably set the stage for the rest of the show as it has in years past. Despite the headliners, I’m looking forward to this.

Vito Delsante: The second best match of the night, on paper. I’m pulling for Christian so we can see him and Edge square off.

JK Parkin: I love this match, because of the wild ride it will be tomorrow and for the chaos/fun it will bring to the WWE once we see who ends up with the briefcase. Since obviously I can’t choose Morrison, I’ll go with Christian for this one.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio

Vito Delsante: This could be the showstealer that ‘Taker/Michaels was last year. This feud has had just a little bit more time than Triple H/Sheamus, but the two guys in it are far far superior in selling a feud. This one doesn’t end Sunday, and I predict a CM Punk victory, and Rey “joins” the SES. For the record, I will be wearing my CM Punk t-shirt while my wife wears her Mysterio mask…this one is the house favorite!

Chad Nevett: Man, this feud has been great. CM Punk is, easily, the best heel in the company (in all of North American wrestling even) and the Straight Edge Society story has been great for him. The stipulation on this match, that if Mysterio loses, he joins the SES, makes me think that the WWE will have him win so as to not freak the kids out. But, Mysterio joining the SES is such a good idea and a great way to extend this feud that I have to pick Punk for the win. Beyond that, this should be a great match. Give these guys fifteen minutes and everyone will be happy. Winner: Your Straight Edge Saviour and mine… CM Punk

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Steven Grant: The program that threatens to make the most money out of this is Mysterio as rebellious flunky of domineering “savior” Punk, leading to a freedom v. mask match, so I go with Punk to win.

Lance Hoffman: I don’t care. I don’t even actively dislike CM Punk, there’s just nothing.

JK Parkin: I’m just interested in seeing what superhero Rey comes out dressed as.

Triple H and Orton vs. Legacy and Sheamus

Triple H and Orton vs. Legacy and Sheamus

Triple Threat Match: Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes

Vito Delsante: Another “who cares?” match. If it was Teddy getting a face rub, this might have some impact, but it’s a Triple Threat match…with no stakes. Since the winner gets nothing, I can only guess that Randy wins.

Chad Nevett: Wow, has this match’s build has been bungled. Actually, the entire Legacy faction was such a failed experiment since none of the members are in better places than they were when the group was formed. Obviously, Orton being cheered as a face has thrown people for a loop a little and plans change, but this match needed another week or two to really make sense. Everyone saw the triple threat coming, but they delayed too long on making it happen. This is a match that I’m not looking forward to that much since I haven’t liked the in-ring work done by these three together recently on Raw. They can all deliver against other people, but they all wrestle in such a similar style that it grinds to a halt when they’re in the ring together. I think one of the Priceless guys need the win here, so I’m going with… Winner: Cody Rhodes

Steven Grant: Does anyone care? I predict Orton, reeling from a handicap match, pinning Rhodes after Ted Jr. turns on Cody.

Lance Hoffman: I know they’re going to give Rhodes and DiBiase their own independent push, but I really liked them as a group. Legacy ruled and I think all of them will be less for not having that.

JK Parkin: I say either Ted pins Cody or Cody pins Ted … then Orton moves on to something else so the two of them can feud.

Triple H vs. Sheamus

Chad Nevett: I’m still surprised that they didn’t decide to include the WWE Championship in this match. Triple H not being in the main event but still on the card seems a little surprising, but not since Sheamus is one of the guys he’s high on, so putting him over at ‘Mania makes sense. I think this will be a case of Sheamus looking good even in defeat as Trips dropping out of the main event AND taking a loss doesn’t seem possible let alone likely. The match itself should be decent. I hope this is finally that match where Sheamus delivers an in-ring performance that proves he deserved his push to the main event, because, so far, he hasn’t been impressive. I can see Triple H working hard to make sure he looks good… and then eats the pin. Winner: Triple H

JK Parkin: I agree with Chad about the belt on this one; it would have give it a bit more heat, something the Batista/Cena match already had. I’ll go with Sheamus in the match that I care the least about.

Carla Hoffman: Oh, I don’t want him to do it, but Triple H is going to let Sheamus have this one. Though he should take that ‘h’ out of his name for good measure.

Steven Grant: Can’t say I care one way or the other, but Sheamus needs to be kept stronger than HHH does if they want him to still work as a major heel. HHH hasn’t had a vacation in awhile either, so I’ll say Sheamus wins, or loses by DQ, though the latter would be stupid under the circumstances.

Vito Delsante: The last “who cares?” match. This was literally added on at the last minute with no build up, no heat. I’m predicting an upset, with Sheamus winning, and maybe they build to a big SummerSlam match with the two, but I’ll be sure to take my bathroom break during this one.

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Bret Hart

Bret Hart

No Holds Barred Match: Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon

Chad Nevett: A match nearly 15 years in the making and the easiest to predict on the card. I’m a little worried about the quality, but the emotional payoff of Bret locking in the sharpshooter on Vince will carry this no doubt. Winner: Bret Hart

Steven Grant: This is the feelgood match of the show. Bret, by sharpshooter.

Carla Hoffman: Bret Hart wouldn’t have even agreed to this if he didn’t walk away the victor. Canada will put this on the front page of the Sports section.

Vito Delsante: C’mon…can this end in anything but Bret getting the win? If so, I riot.

JK Parkin: I have to agree with everyone else … Bret Hart for the win.

Lance Hoffman: Remember how I said I just didn’t care about CM Punk? That’s because all of my hate has been drawn into this match. Death by Marilyn Manson cutting down the lighting fixtures and killing them both.

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge vs. Chris Jericho

Chad Nevett: My advance pick for ‘Match of the Night.’ I’ve wanted to see these two feud ever since Jericho was drafted to Smackdown last year. His first night on the show, he delivered a promo about being the new face of Smackdown and Edge came out to confront him and, immediately, you could tell that these two would face off with Edge as a face, because people hate Jericho that much. The build hasn’t been as great as I’d want, but the SPEAR SPEAR SPEAR thing is working. As much as WrestleMania is where the faces win, I think Jericho will take this one after hitting the SPEAR! on Edge. It’s the logical endpoint of the match and can build the feud further. Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Jericho

Vito Delsante: The two championship matches are going to be awesome, so I really don’t care which way they go, but for the sake of predictions, I give this one to Edge. Jericho is the best heel in the company right now, and he’ll remain in this title hunt.

Steven Grant: Will likely be the best match on the card. This could go either way. There’s something to be said for playing out the storyline, with Edge attempting to spear Jericho into submission to a series of near falls, and finally achieving it. Mostly likely Edge wins. If Edge wins, they should turn him heel ASAP, because he’s a great heel.

Carla Hoffman: I win this one. This is my match, and I’m going to watch it slowly.

Lance Hoffman: This is going to be the match of the night, and Jericho will be the only one to retain the championship this Wrestlemania.

JK Parkin: This is probably the hardest match to predict in terms of a winner, as I can see it going either way, but what isn’t hard to predict is how awesome it will be. They’ve done a great job of building this one up, despite Jericho’s short championship run, and I think that’s how this will end — with Edge taking the belt.

Cena, Batista and Batista's bodyguards

Cena, Batista and Batista's bodyguards

WWE Championship: Batista vs. John Cena

Steven Grant: Batista. Despite his shortcomings in the ring, which they’ve now mostly covered by making him a power marauder instead of a wrestler, Batista abruptly turned into an incredible interview, making him note perfect for a heel champ who can draw real money just because people want to see him get his. The more frustrated fans get watching wrestlers try to knock him off the thrown and fail, the more money WWE will make, so it’d be really stupid to waste that on an early Cena victory.

Vito Delsante: I really don’t mark out for either of these wrestlers. Never have, never will. That said, they really built this feud up well…to the point that I’m actually enjoying the effort these guys are putting forward. I’m predicting the predictable (Cena) but I’m pulling for a Batista upset. I’d love it if they really furthered the idea that Cena can’t beat him, but it’s Wrestlemania, where dreams come true and all that blah blah.

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Chad Nevett: This looks like it could be good. It’s got that big WrestleMania feel to it. Two of the biggest stars of the last five years going head-to-head over the WWE Championship to prove who is truly the face of the company. Batista has done his best promo work ever and Cena has done his standard ‘I’m an underdog despite being more dominant than anyone in recent history’ schtick that works surprisingly well. While this doesn’t look like a four-star match, I think both men are capable of delivering a very good match nonetheless. This is more spectacle than skill, which is fine, because that’s part of what makes WrestleMania WrestleMania — plus, there are plenty of other matches for great in-ring work. They need a battle of two big stars and this is it. It’s also a match that Cena needs to win, because, well, Batista isn’t the face of the WWE. Winner and NEW WWE Champion: John Cena

Lance Hoffman: Cena, by virtue of the ability to string together a coherent sentence.

JK Parkin: Although I like the new money-loving Batista we saw the other night on Raw, I don’t see him keeping the belt tomorrow.

Undertaker and Shawn Michaels

Undertaker and Shawn Michaels

Streak vs Career: Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, Part II

Steven Grant: Either Undertaker or mutually assured destruction. I wouldn’t be surprised by the latter – and a draw finish during which neither contestant can continue – as a way for both Shawn and Undertaker to take much needed time off but prevent Shawn from needing to retire and allowing Undertaker to still never have lost at Wrestlemania. Plus they get the blowoff match next Wrestlemania.

Chad Nevett: Streak versus career… man, talk about a tough to call match. Last year’s match was an instant classic and while I’m doubtful about how great the in-ring action will be here given the Undertaker’s injury problems since last year, if there’s one day of the year that Shawn Michaels gives 110%, it’s WrestleMania. HBK always brings his absolute best to ‘Mania and his absolute best is enough to carry this match alone. Throw in the huge stipulation of the Undertaker’s undefeated streak going up against Michaels’s career and this is the biggest match on the card. Choosing the winner basically comes down to: is Michaels ready to retire? And I think he may be. And I think this is how he would want to go out. He retired Ric Flair two years ago at WrestleMania and I can definitely see him wanting to go out on a similar note. Plus, why kill the streak when you can still use it next year (and for however long the Undertaker continues to wrestle)? Winner: The Undertaker

Lance Hoffman: Deadman Winning.

Carla Hoffman: Gotta go with the Undertaker. I want my marriage to work!!!

JK Parkin: Shawn Michaels has “done it all” in the wrestling business, and I think it’s time to add one more notch to his belt — ending the Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania. After the epic battle they had last year and the shadow that’s been over his head since that loss, I think this is Mr. Wrestlemania’s time to shine, at least one more time. Plus I don’t see him retiring without at least one more feud with his buddy Triple H.

Vito Delsante: If these guys can catch lightning in a bottle a second year in a row, this will be the match of the year. I don’t know if anyone expected them to set the bar so high last year, but they did and this match can go south in a hurry. Add to the fact that neither is at the peak of their abilities anymore (either one of them could retire this year and I wouldn’t be surprised). Regardless, I have high hopes for this one. The prediction comes down to this: Will Vince let Shawn retire on top (and not do the “time honored tradition” of putting someone over on the way out)? There’s no championship involved here, and if there was, I’d say, “Not a chance.” But I think we’re about to see Shawn’s last match and as such, Shawn goes out with the “w” and ‘Taker “takes” one for the team.


All photos are from the WWE Supershow I attended in San Jose, Calif. last Monday



Gee, what’s next? Ultimate Fighting coverage?

But everyone knows wrestling is fake?

Comics are fake, too!

Yeah, but they arent suppose to be real?

The way the guys at my comic shop talk, you’d think they were talking about real people.

But no, neither is supposed to be “real.” Unless you think guys like Triple H and the Undertaker walk around the mall giving people piledrivers for getting in their way.

What I mean is its not a real fight, yet they try and pass it of as a real fight.

Why is it the only people who think anyone thinks wrestling is real are people who don’t watch wrestling?

Really, do you sit around theaters showing Bond movies and tell everyone the fight scenes are staged?

No, because they arent meant to be real-just look realistic.

So long as Edge wins the title, I shall be happy.

Want to see some good alternative booking for Wrestlemania? Check out my fan scripts (including one co-written with former Diva Lauren Jones). I have Shawn Michaels going on an epic quest the learn the Undertaker’s secrets. The Hart Dynasty and Steve Austin getting involved with the Bret/Vince feud. And finally, a Triple Threat Unification Match between Cena, CM Punk, and the man called Sting!

Check them out here by copying this link:

Hope you enjoy them.


I believe ‘Taker should go over Shawn Michaels because career ending matches are like death in comics, they’re never permanent. A streak, however, cannot be taken back.

I have to say I’m conflicted here.

CM Punk is the best heel in forever, and has carried the entire feud with Mysterio. (Anyone who’s been watching Smackdown since August knows he’s a promo god.) But I don’t want Mysterio and his hobbled knees sullying the SES with his “rebel tude”.

So I kinda want Mysterio to win only so our Straightedge Savior can move onto bigger and better things like a title shot against Edge. (Cutting promos on the fact that Edge is a man-whore and friends with Crack Harvey would be amazing.)

Cena will overcome the odds as always.
ShowMiz to retain.
Taker retires Michaels.
Brett over Vince via sharpshooter. (it’s the only way it can end)
Shaemus to get put over by Triple Hate.
McIntyre to win MiTB (although it should be either Kofi/Christian/Thwagga)
Don’t care enough to even call the left field triple threat.

jolewist i dont imagine you go to the theater much.. :P

Really looking forward to Mania

jolewist –

WWE, and Pro Wrestling in general, hasn’t attempted or even tried to cover-up the fact that they’re “fake” since the Steroid Trial of 1983/4 (can’t remember exactly which), where the Rock N’ Wrestling revolution began, and the curtain was finally pulled-down completely.

Seriously, if you’ve been following any of these columnists on this website for any amount of time, I think it’s plainly obvious these are educated people who have a good idea what they’re talking about. I believe the LAST thing they would take too seriously is Pro Wrestling, when in fact they show it due respect as a TELEVISON SHOW that mixes sports with entertainment, coincidentally what Vince McMahon himself renamed, and wants everyone else to call, Pro Wrestling. We all know they’re actors who also have immense athletic ability; we know what it is and enjoy it for that aspect. It’s everyone else who seems stuck in the past, unable to see that yes, indeed, it’s all on the table and we’ve known about it for years.

See, if Vince had his way, nobody would be calling WWE Raw/Smackdown!/etc. “Pro Wrestling” at all. He doesn’t want it to be assoiciated with the NBA, MLB, NFL, or even his own “competition” – Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. McMahon wants Sports Entertainment to be its own category, one that he owns and markets, plain and simple. So I hope that helps convince you that no, Pro Wrestling is NOT “meant to be real”, it means to be exactly what it’s advertised to be, and can obviously hold a fanbase of people outside of the stereotypical “Mentally inept hick lost in fantasy land”.

Thank you, and thanks to you columnists for the article! Happy WrestleMania, folks!

There was a time when wrestling was real, and thats the only time the thought of it has ever excited me. I tried W.W.E out years ago but it just didnt work for me. Kaine running of stage because his mask was removed and he said something like ”Couldnt let them see me without my face”, it was just pathetic. I gave up after that. Dont get me wrong, I think the idea is great-in fact I would LOVE to be able to enjoy watching wrestling but its always poorly executed and it just doesnt work for me. Thats another thing that annoys me with it w.w.e is how everyone says the comics are a stupid idea, but why are they a stupid idea? Surely its just as stupid as the real thing? It would be like saying any licensed comic series was stupid.

I see this being a good night for Kofi, Taker, Jericho, Punk, Sheamus, Hart, Orton, ShoMiz and, sadly, Cena.


Pro wrestling hasn’t been real for well over 100 years, at least. How old are you, exactly?

@Jolewist: Wrestling was never real unless you’re talking about the “amateur” variety, which is the real deal and far different from the televised, marketed variety. WWE, WCW, TNA, NWA, etc. were always fake; it’s just that they never acknowledged that fact in the outside world until a point around the eighties when they slowly stopped bothering to pretend it was “real”. I’m not sure what time you’re thinking of, but there’s little chance a lick of it was “real”.

In the U.K(where i am) there used to be genuine wrestling, but then there was some sort of accident of some sort(this is from when my dad watched it, im actually in my teens but i’ve seen the ones he watched as he would record them on tape) and then it started getting rehearsed and such like. I know W.W.E was never real, but it use to be more convincing-now its pretty poor.

I much prefer stuff like the boxing matches,martial arts tournaments and sometimes u.f.c. as its all genuine fights, and all the more exciting.

No, even in England it hasn’t been “real” for a long, long, long time, but the English style is generally more realistic, with much more emphasis on brawling and meat’n’potatoes power and submission moves than on acrobatics and fancy submissions. But that emphasis, which also spilled into MMA, where it took a lot of time for a British fighter to make inroads at any level because the cultural emphasis over there is on that meat’n’potatoes approach – basically boxing – and unfortunately in MMA if that’s all you’ve trained for you’ll end up easy pickin’s for the vast array of techniques out there. It’s only very recently that English MMA fighters have begun cross-disciplinary training, but that’s been the biggest necessity in MMA virtually everywhere else for a good 15 years now.

But I like MMA too, though, frankly, two guys standing in the middle of the ring/Octagon trading punches bores me senseless. Interesting combinations, takedowns and submissions, that’s what keeps it unpredictable and fresh.

Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix vs. Michelle McCool, Layla, Maryse, Alicia Fox and Vickie Guerrero – Mickie James/Kelly Kelly/ Eve Torres/Gail Kim/Beth Phoenix for the win. This will be a quick match just as we seen on Smackdown. One of the Diva champions (McCool or Maryse) will be pinned by either Eve Torres, Beth Phoniex, or Mickie James. I wouldn’t mind seeing something a bit funny where the entire team pins the other team all at the sametime for the win.

Unified Tag Team Championship Match: ShoMiz vs. R-Truth and John Morrison – I love Morrison in singles more than tag matches and felt that putting him back in a tag-team was a step backwards. Morrison and Miz each have 1 win on the other, but I don’t see WWE taking the titles off ShowMiz.

The Money in the Bank Ladder Match – I have to go with Christain on this one. It would allow him to go against Edge later, which is something the two wrestlers/friends have wanted to do and the fans want to see.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk – Mysterio via disqualification due to outside interfearance, which would give Mysterio time away for the surgury he needs. However, I would much rather see CM Punk win and Mystero as part of the Right to Censor… er I mean Straight Edge Society. On a side note, I would really love to see someone point out that CM Punk’s so called “straight edge” way of life isn’t so pure. Sure, he isn’t addicted to pain pills, drugs, and other things… but he is to tattoos and the pain that comes with it.

Triple Threat Match: Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes – Randy Orton for the win with Cody Rhodes turning on Ted Dibiase

Triple H vs. Sheamus – Sheamus for the win with Triple H giving him a beatdown afterwards.

No Holds Barred Match: Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon – Bret Hart for the win via Sharpshooter. I can even see a controversy angle coming out of it with Vince claiming he never tapped. One thing I’ve noticed out of watching WWE for years and reading comments online from the fans. You never see them giving Vince credit for getting into the ring. Here is a billionare that does this for the fans, willing to go out and get busted open for the enjoyment of the fans. You’d never see Ted Turner, Donald Trump or any other billionare do anything close to that.

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge vs. Chris Jericho – Edge has had all the momentum going into the match. Generally when they do this, it is the other wrestler that wins. So I am going to have to go with Chris Jericho on this so they can set up another PPV match next month where Edge will get the win.

WWE Championship: Batista vs. John Cena – this is the Stone Cold vS Rock match of this era. Both Batista and Cena have traits that Austin and Rock have as far as ability and charisma. I’d like to see Batista win, but he has dominated Cena the entire build-up to this match, plus already has a major win with the SummerSlam match. So chances are Cena wil get the win. However, giving Batista the win would continue the “don’t stop attitude” that Cena has had lately and it could continue into Extreme Rules next month, which Cena tends to dominate. So, I am going with Batista on this one.

Streak vs Career: Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, Part II – No contest. Undertaker will keep the streak alive via interferance by either Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, or Triple H (who has a heel turn planned soon from what I understand). Whomever it is that interfers will give the reason that if anyone is going to end the streak, it should be them. This would give HBK time off (due to a beatdown and the match itself) and Undertaker to keep the streak going.

To those that claim wrestling is fake… it is not. It is scripted. You can’t fake getting hit in the head with a chair, jumping out of the ring into a group of guys or on one guy and landing on your neck, the pain on your legs from a figure-four leg-lock, bleeding from the head, broken legs/arms, torn muscles, jumping off the top of a steel cage 20 feet in the air and landing on a table, and MANY other things. That is real, BUT it is scripted. The wrestlers go out there knowing they will do this stuff. Knowing that they are going to get hurt, but hope that it won’t be bad enough that they have to take time off.

They are trained to learn how to hit each other and take a hit without it hurting more than it actually would. They also use razors to open themselves up so it appears they were beaten so bad they were cut open. They are basically stuntmen and stuntwomen that act on a daily basis for the entertainment of others and they do it 4-6 times a week and year round unlike UFC, NFL, MLB, or any other sport. So, please, don’t say it is fake, because it is not. The PRODUCT might be fake, just as any TV show or reality show, but what the wrestlers put themselves through is not.

Arthur Fussyboots

March 27, 2010 at 5:29 pm

This article is embarrassing. God chaps, I’m mortified right now!

Stow it Internet Wrestling Haters….sheesh you guys whine like wanting to watch wrestling will corrupt the world or something?!?!?!

Nice article guys and gal….I know I’ll be watching and enjoying… the one angle I didn’t see that you touched upon was Truth turning on Morrison AT WM..intriguing…. but this is really the one WM in a long time where I can see each match going either way and it make sense….

The Legacy storyline did take too long to gestate for me to care….and although I’ll be rooting for Benjamin, I have no doubt Christian, Drew or Swagger will take MITB

And I have to say I am hoping to god for a Hart Dynasty appearance in the Hart-McMahon match…..because you know Vince will pull out the evil stops….

Batista will drop the strap most likely and I hope Jericho retains….making this the first WM where the heels come on with the gold…(I know a pipe dream but this will give us a great spring/summer of the good guys chasing the straps making for intriguing viewing).

Punk goes over Mysterio to build his SES’ momentum and finally to shock everyone the Streak ends when Triple H, after his loss to Sheamus, interferes in the Michaels – Taker match….robbing Michaels of the clean win, earning the enmity of Taker and setting up 2 potential feuds when both return….

If Triple Hate interferes it will be to disqualify Michaels when he’s about to “put away” Taker so that the streak is in tact and Michaels has to retire. Then he can finally go heel and team up with his weight lifting buddy and be The Power Trip 2.0

The fact that the Hart Dynasty doesn’t have a title shot over two random singles wrestlers AND haven’t been at all involved with the McMahon/Hart feud is almost criminal.

Its whatever the script says will win.


Wrestling is supposed to be fake, and if it isn’t the wrestlers are doing something wrong, the punishment they put their bodies through notwithstanding. Most moves have cheats so the other wrestler isn’t getting hurt, and most wrestlers control their own bumps, which minimizes the impacts they take, though of course accidents and missteps happen. Lance Storm famously tells the story of being in the locker room with Dr. Death Steve Williams setting up a match. Williams tells Storm that he may punch him once in awhile, and out of nowhere hauls off with the most damaging looking realistic punch you ever saw – except Williams was so good at his punches that the “impact” was no more that Storm’s then-infant daughter’s tapping his cheek. Properly done, the “impact” is in selling moves, not in the moves themselves. Sure, someone falls off a 15 foot ladder, that’s really someone falling off a 15 foot ladder, but that doesn’t mean wrestling’s not fake – or, rather, faked. It just means the performers can’t fake everything.

I don’t get the hate here from the non-wrestling fans. Wrestlemania is a huge event each year and I don’t see why a site that often covers multiple aspects of geek fandom wouldn’t also cover it. If you aren’t interested skip the article in the blog and go about your day.

I have to say it was fun to see all these predictions. This has the potential to be a great show, probably the best Wrestlemania since my personal favorite 17 in 2001.

And I am of the opinion that everyone that calls wrestling fake should have to do a 450 off the top rope on to the bare mat. Doesn’t even have to be a person there. If they don’t break their neck, they can continue to say it’s fake if they want. Pre-determined and fake are too different things, folks. These people hurt themselves three to four days a week to entertain their fans.

Steven Grant,

It is not fake. It is scripted. They are stuntmen and stuntwomen that act out roles. I’ve not stated that the punches are real. They are not, on occation they do land a real blow by accident, like what HBK did with Kane this weeks on Raw when Kane had a welt under his eye. But it is not fake. There is a difference between fake and being scripted. Everything they do is the same as you see on action TV shows and movies except they don’t have stuntmen/women take their place to do dangerous parts, they do it themselves. As with any stuntman/woman, they act like they are fighting and take some hits in the process, but in a way that it does not hurt.

Saying it is fake, is saying that it is all fake, including the examples I mentioned, which are not. Scripted, means that it is not all real, but they take real bumps (chair shots, falls off ladders, etc.) to act out the role they are playing within and out of the ring. If you look at the famous Mick Foley vS Undertaker Hell in a Cell match when Undertaker choke slammed Foley through the top of the cage, you can see that it was zip tided all around that area so that when Undertaker choke slammed Foley on it, he would “break” through it. This is commonly refered to as a “spot” in wrestling. It is where they set up a major event in the match. With them setting it up, it is scripted to happen, BUT Foley KNOWS he is going to fall through the cage onto his back (hopefully at least, but that didn’t happen the way it was planned as a chair also fell through and landed on him) into the ring.

Anyone who doesn’t understand the appeal that “fake wrestling” can still have should watch the Andy Kaufman documentary I’m From Hollywood. There’s a man who really, truly loved it for the showmanship aspects, and it’s hard to not to feel that joy while viewing it.

That said, there’s just something about wrestling these days I can’t get into. I find the ’80s stuff a lot more compelling.

i hope bourne does a shooting star press off a ladder

Thanks for a fun column…I think wrestling is on the verge of one of its cyclical upticks in popularity, and I enjoyed reading some different viewpoints.

The fake v scripted debate is semantics, although I tend to side with DragynWulf if for no other reason than to not perpetuate the “can you imagine the level of a mind that watches wrestling?” scorn. (Which is different from the “why you talk about thing that’s not-comix!?!?” comments wrestling topics seem to generate on CBR – bless you entitled internet fandom!)

There’s a great interview with Jericho over on espn, where he compares pro rasslin/sports entertainment to figure skating and gymnastics – as a judged sport, where instead of receiving numeric scores from a panel of judges, the participants are judged by the entire audience voting with pop (cheers) or heat (boos).

Folks who find mainstream promotions like WWE and TNA “pathetic” should check out smaller ones like Ring of Honor, Dragons Gate USA or personal favorite Chikara. Youtube is your friend.

I’m pulling for HBK to end the streak and anything that gets us a five minute Punk promo.

Jericho deserves to retain. Edge wouldn’t lose much in terms of credibility if he lost tonight.

Stretch it out, and have Chris drop the title at Backlash (or whatever the hell it’s called these days). But just give the man his due, first.

The only time Pro-wrestling was real ‘cool’ was when Hulk Hogan turned bad. It was so live it made people call the police. That is what made Pro-wrestling big. Before that if you mentioned pro-wrestling at school they looked at you funny. It hasn’t been like that since about 98. I’m amazed when I scan channels to see the whole place filled up at their shows.

Well, I never voiced my opinion before hand but I just want to say to

JK Parkin & Vito Delsante

You should really never bet against the Streak!

18-0 I think hell make 20 before he calls it quits or loses.

Hahaha!!! Well, my batting average overall was pretty poor … the only ones I got right were ShowMiz, Cena and Bret Hart, and none of those were really that surprising. At least Rey Mysterio came out dressed like the Blue Beetle …

Jack Swagger! I told you!

Three things that are total shit–because beneath the trappings they’re all basically the same: professional wrestling, soap operas and modern superhero comics.

When people get into their “but it’s fake” mode ….. I just ask them 2 simple quesions:

1) What is your favorite TV show?
2) Is it “real” or are they just acting?

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