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Who is that artist?

We’ve gotten a few emails and seen several blog posts on this advertisement for T-Mobile’s Android-powered Samsung Behold II, which features an unidentified comic artist using his phone to take pictures for reference:

Heidi thinks the artist might look like Lee Bermejo, while CBR’s Jonah Weiland pointed out that some folks wondered if it was CP Smith. Anyone know for sure?



Looks a lot like the real Lee Bermejo

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that is Lee Bermejo. That’s great.

sorry guys, that’s not Lee.

Why would anyone assume it’s not an actor?

maybe Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman??? they’ve done other motion comics stuff, like the MTV LIGHTS Audio Quest thing.

who did the comic art, that is. i have no idea who the actor is.

Dennis Calero?

My first thought was Alex Maleev, but I don’t think its him.

It ain’t Lee. Unless he’s had plastic surgery…but he’s a handsome bugger already…

& It’s not Alex either, unless I completely forgot what he looks like after spending hours in a car with him.

I kinda hope they actually got someone and not just some anonymous actor. I know they were going to actually have a real artist for the role though. :P Since it’s live I assume I can now say I had to turn the role down, which I did, and they were going to label me as myself in it too…chance of a lifetime and I couldn’t travel for filming!

Such is life.

Trish Mulvihill

March 3, 2010 at 1:51 am

Yep, the man is definitely *not* Lee Bermejo. I doubt there’s many comic artists who are also members of SAG but I suppose one would join in order to do this :)

Ben, would’ve been great to see you on the screen instead!

The art IS very Jae Lee, but that sure as buggery isn’t him. Perhaps after failing to get the artist they wanted, they just went for an actor who wouldn’t be so FUSSY with EXCUSES of not being able to travel ;)

First, we can’t assume the art and the actor are the same person.

As for the art, it looks way more like CP Smith than Lee Bermejo. I’m about 99% sure it’s Smith’s work.

Not me. Art’s not mine either.

I think it’s definitely Jae Lee.

Jae Lee’s art that is.

Looks like either Jae Lee or Alex Maleev to me, and not necessarily their best stuff. Definitely not Lee, either actor or art-wise!

The person, at least, is very much not CP Smith. I don’t know about the art though.

Yeah… Lee Bermejo is WAY hotter looking than that dude!

They SHOULD have got him to do it!

Mick Gray

whoever said Tomm Coker was close, its CP Smith’s art, but the guy on the commercial is just an actor.

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