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With Superman and Wonder Woman, is JMS set to join DC’s creative trinity?

Wonder Woman #600 by George Pèrez

Wonder Woman #600 by George Pèrez

Well, here’s who Gail Simone was talking about when the departing Wonder Woman writer promised us a successor that would knock our collective socks off: J. Michael Straczynski will be helming the adventures of two of DC Comics’ biggest characters as of July’s Superman #701 and Wonder Woman #601. Comic Book Resources and The Source have the scoop on the move.

Straczynski’s had a rough road in comics of late: He departed Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man and Thor amid disputes over the former’s controversial “One More Day” storyline and the latter’s incorporation into the main Marvel Universe storyline during “Dark Reign” and Siege, while his Marvel title The Twelve remains unfinished.

Since his move to DC, his relaunch of the Red Circle characters and his takeover of The Brave & the Bold haven’t exactly lit the world on fire sales-wise. But add today’s announcement to his planned launch of the new-continuity original graphic novel series Superman: Earth One, and it’s clear that DC has the confidence to enshrine JMS alongside Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison as part of the creative trinity responsible for the company’s core franchises. (Indeed, Morrison was long rumored to be the next Wonder Woman writer, rumors he helped fuel by mentioning plans for the character in multiple interviews.)

Generally speaking, “big name creator” plus “big name character” equals sales success, so it seems like a smart move to me. I wouldn’t mind Superman reuniting JMS with his longtime collaborator Gary Frank, either …



Meh. Brave and the Bold has been self-indulgent and dull. Hope he doesn’t cross Lois Lane!

Apparently there’s JMS hate boards on line. I came across at least one once. It baffles me because while he may not be Alan Moore, Shakespeare, or Warren Ellis, he’s a league above Matt Fraction, Andy Diggle and the rest of the new flock as far as solid craft. His dialogue is steady and so are his plots. It’s not something that jumps out at you, but it’s consistent and enjoyable.

He’s up there with Orson Scott Card’s run on Ultimate Iron Man.

JMS is generally good and occasionally great, but better than Fraction and Diggle? No way. Fraction’s probably the best writer of his generation, and Diggle is just as good as JMS but without the horrible attitude and the occasional crapitude (The Other, Goblin-Babies, etc.).

“he’s a league above Matt Fraction, Andy Diggle and the rest of the new flock as far as solid craft. His dialogue is steady and so are his plots.”

Um… Have you been reading Fraction’s Iron Man? One of the few titles by the Big Two that I actually look forward to each month any more. He’s consistently knocking it out of the park. I’ll take him over JMS’s self-indulgent (mostly) crap anyday.

That’s not to say JMS isn’t capable or writing good stories, or that he won’t do a good job with either Supes or Wondy, but I will take a wait and see approach. Given how he has a tendency to start with a good idea and either end it horribly or not end it at all, I think it wise to wait.

“He’s up there with Orson Scott Card’s run on Ultimate Iron Man.”

Ah… Now I see. You do enjoy overrated, self-indulgent authors. At least JMS isn’t the hateful bigot Card is.

Fraction’s Iron Man has been AMAZING, certainly. But then, so was JMS’ Thor and Spider-Man. I wouldn’t really say that one is necessarily better than the other overall, but Fraction really isn’t the best at writing females, I feel.

Fraction’s probably the best writer of his generation

I like Fraction, too, but…um…wtf?

David Scholes

March 8, 2010 at 6:11 pm

JMS is a good writer but a lot of people found him too slow moving on Thor and of course there were the many delays in getting the comic out.

Keiron Gillen has done well and I for one would like to have seen him have a little longer on Thor before Fraction comes in.

I’ve been a Thor fan since Marvel Thor was first created (and maybe even a little before that) and a long time Thor fan fic writer:

I’m also an Australian science fiction writer:


I stand by Fraction being the best writer of his generation (in comics). BKV would be close but he can’t really (or won’t really) write a character he didn’t create, whereas Fraction is capable of both creating new characters/stories and adding to the existing tapestries of Marvel/DC.

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