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Woods, Finch join Guggenheim on Action Comics

Lex Luthor by David Finch

Lex Luthor by David Finch

DC Comics announced that Last Stand on New Krypton artist Pete Woods will join writer Marc Guggenheim on Action Comics in June, providing interior art for DC’s longest-running title. And they’ll be joined by cover artist David Finch, who began working at DC exclusively earlier this year (he drew the Lex Luthor you see to the right).

“I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Marc on Action Comics,” Woods told DC’s The Source blog. “I also feel incredibly blessed to have David Finch doing covers — I have been a fan for years. Marc and I have some fun plans for this book and intend for it to live up to it’s name!”

Guggenheim spoke about his upcoming work on the book with Comic Book Resources back in December, where he discussed the challenge of writing a character who theoretically could get out of any situation.

“It’s funny. I’ve actually given a lot of thought precisely to that problem,” Guggenheim said. “In part, one of the things I want to do is introduce some villains that Superman could be defeated by. The truth is, his powers are not infinite — he has weaknesses and he has limitations to his powers. Truth be told, I could come up with a cosmic character that could just squash him like a bug. But the bigger challenge is, if I were to tell that kind of story, convincing the reader that there is some legitimate danger. Just because it’s Superman, it means I’m not going to squash him like a bug. Even if I did a whole arc where Superman lost his powers, I think people would be kind of hip to the idea that Superman is probably going to come out of this OK. They’re not going to let me destroy a multi-million dollar property.”



Loving Guggenheim’s work on Resurrection, and coupled with JMS’s impending run on Superman, this’ll mark the first time since All-Star Superman ended that a Superman book has come anywhere near my pull list. Thanks, DC, for getting it together. :)

that’s nice, but is Finch going to draw interiors? If he’s gonna pull a Kubert, fuck it, ship him back to Marvel.

I could be wrong, but isn’t Detective Comics DC’s longest-running title?

So far it seems Finch is doing lots of covers. I remember when his signing was announced he talked about lining up an interiors project too. Possibly he is already on that and it just hasn’t been announced yet- maybe waiting for con season.

Stealth –

I think Action Comics is on issue #887, and Detective is on #863. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Still, publishing runs of that length is amazing. We’re into Life Magazine territory.

Though Action did go weekly for a while surpassing the numbering on Detective. I also think Action was originally published by the company called Detective Comics which after a couple of other name changes became DC.

Detective Comics, now that you mention it, probably did start first.

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