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Wrestler Jerry Lawler to provide cover for upcoming issue of Green Hornet

Green Hornet by Jerry Lawler

Green Hornet by Jerry Lawler reports that Dynamite Entertainment has enlisted wrestler and Monday Night Raw commentator Jerry “The King” Lawler to provide the cover to an upcoming issue of the Kevin Smith-written Green Hornet comic. Which issue he’d provide the cover for wasn’t specified.

“Not only is The Green Hornet one of the most important characters in American pop culture history… not only is this going to be one of the biggest launched comics of the year,” Lawler told, “but I am also going to have cover art featured in an upcoming issue of The Green Hornet!”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard word of Lawler’s involvement with comics. Back in 2006, we learned he was a huge Superman buff on, and in 2007, the site had a brief item on a Superman project that Lawler was going to draw that I don’t think we’ve ever heard about since.

He also provided artwork for a WWE-themed children’s book, Mick Foley’s Christmas Chaos, written by fellow wrestler Mick Foley. You can also see some of his artwork from 1970s Memphis Wrestling programs here.

The first issue of Smith’s Green Hornet comic arrives in shops today.



Ahem – Let’s not forget Lawler provided a fully painted cover to the world’s first REAL wrestling comic: Headlocked! He painted the cover to issue 1 of the three issue Tryout series from Visionary Comics and Markosia.

Kinda cool that the article on WWE’s website has a link to the Comic Shop Locator website.

Let’s here it for the King.

That’s pretty awesome. Being from Memphis, I’m a pretty big Lawler fan. Actually, I saw him at my LCS about a year ago. Apparently, he’s a regular there but he comes in at odd times.

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