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And your Secret Avengers line-up is …

The roster of the Secret Avengers has been clouded in mystery ever since Marvel started their marketing campaign around the Heroic Age Avengers titles, and it wasn’t until the last week or so that they started to reveal who some of those blacked-out images really were. Well, now the cat is fully out of the bag …

Secret Avengers

Secret Avengers

We already knew that Moon Knight, Valkyrie, War Machine and Beast had been tapped for the team, and now we know that Nova and Steve Rogers (in a Captain America-fied SHIELD outfit) are also on board.

The new series by Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato is due in May. Should be fun. I have to wonder what this means for Nova’s solo title, though …

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Jeremy Horsley

April 14, 2010 at 2:40 pm

Somebody on Bleeding Cool pointed it out, but Steve’s uniform looks A LOT like the Fighting American costume.

How fucking cool is that?

Who are they keeping the secret of the Secret Avengers from?

This has everything to be a killer series. I’m especially excited about Moon Knight and War Machine being on the team, since they’re characters that I think deserve a bigger profile.

I also wonder about Nova. I hope his ongoing doesn’t end.

Brubaker has claimed on his Twitter feed that three cast members aren’t in that teaser, still, keeping with the theme that the covers don’t reveal the final rosters for the Avengers books.

I don’t give a hoot about any of those characters except Beast.

(I do care for Steve Rogers as Captain America, but not as Nomad or Substitute-Nick Fury as depicted here)

I don’t expect this series to last.

I’m not all that excited about this series either. There is a whole slew of second tier characters there. I’d like to see what Steve Rogers is up to but, I hope they change the team quickly.

Steve Rogers takes Nick Fury’s role? Duh..didn’t see that one coming.

I’m not thrilled about Thing being on the new Avengers either.

Why does Marvel have to screw everything good?

Tom Brevoort has said on his formspring blog that it’s too early to tell whether Nova or GotG will be resumed after Thanos Initiative. Considering the (relatively) poor sales on those two titles relative to other titles that have been recently cancelled, I am not optimistic.

From a character standpoint, it certainly is strange to see Nova abandoning his role as the top cop in Kree, Skrull, and Shi’ar space for a spot on a black ops team on Earth. It would seem necessary to divest him of as role as Nova Prime.

Think I read on maybe that monthly sales roundup that Heidi always links at The Beat that Nova and Guardians were both getting canceled. Maybe that’s more recent than the word from Brevoort?

Mysterious Stranger

April 14, 2010 at 5:47 pm

Who wants to be Deadpool ends up on this team as one of the mysterious 3 not shown? He’s not on a team yet and is definitely entering “featuring Wolverine” territory so I can see it happening.

The Defenders
The Champions
The Secret Avengers

All lame concepts to keep trademarks active.

O Captain, my captain… :(

An odd team.

Matter-Pooper Lad

April 14, 2010 at 7:48 pm

And besides keeping trademarks active, Alan Coil, another way to milk the Avengers brand for more money. Like Pet Avengers.

But this ain’t no Avengers title to me.

Well, I dig the line-up. Not too keen on Deodato, though.

This is my most anticipated book for the year! Brubaker and Deodato make for a dynamic duo! I was impressed by how Brubaker handled the Avengers in Captain America Reborn. He kept the story embedded in Marvel continuity and was able to make a dense, fast-paced and character-driven adventure out of it, the way Kurt Busiek used to in his Avengers run. Reborn was basically Brubaker’s audition to the Avengers and I’m glad he got the gig! As long as he writes Secret Avengers the same way this is gonna be a title I’m gonna be buying!

Deodato’s art has improved a great deal since the 90’s as can currently seen in Dark Avengers and aside from a couple of hiccups here and there, he’s one of the few professionals that can maintain a monthly deadline. His gritty and kinetic style seems to be a great fit with Brubaker’s rough and gruff, action oriented stories.

I’m also looking forward to this line-up filled with characters that I like, especially War Machine, Nova and Moon Knight. I can’t wait to see how they interact with each other. As much as l like the big league version of the Avengers, I also want to see an Avengers team filled with a variety of characters who represent the different aspects of the Marvel Universe. Plus, this looks like a powerhouse team who can hold their own against any of the other Avenger teams and I look forward to the black ops aspect of this group and what their direction will be. I can’t wait! =)

This is actually the first new Marvel title I’ve been excited about since New Avengers started. Love the line-up, even if the inclusion of War Machine is so obviously related to his appearance in Iron Man 2.

This is flat-out depressing for Cosmic MU fans. I’ve been keeping up with Nova from the beginning of Annihilation and to see him demoted to a bit player on a third tier Avengers team…UGH.

hey that’s a kinda fun lineup! i’m glad to see such strong contrast between personalities.

but it also feels VERY Marvel movie contrived, like most other large projects Marvel has going on nowadays

– Steve being in his own movie soon (and the SHIELD connection to boot)
– War Machine on the cusp of a pop culture breakthru in a couple weeks thx to IM2
– Beast being the most visually striking character from the last X-Men movie
– Moon Knight having that on-again off-again TV series in the works
– Valkyrie being tangential to the whole Thor thing and possibly even being in the upcoming Thor film
– Nova, well he’s the odd man out… maybe Bru just added him as a joke cause of his alter ego’s innuendo-esque name

but seriously, @night goat, this might not be so bad for cosmic fans. Nova’s obviously got the connection, and War Machine has spent a lot of time in space (Eidolon Warwear, anyone?). Valkyrie could probably hang in space, right? and Moon Knight is magic so there’s no limits on that, i assume. Beast was recently in that cosmic SWORD book, and lord knows Steve has fought just about everywhere a fight can happen (the Avengers did a lot of galactic stuff in the late 80s through the 90s, not to mention all that 70s stuff too)

I have faith in Brubaker! He did an awesome job writing Avengers in Captain America: Reborn. I know the full line up hasn’t been revealed, but where are the women? I guess since Brian Michael Bendis screwed up the Scarlet Witch, killed off the Wasp and made it pretty impossible for She-Hulk to rejoin…that all the good women are taken?
My favorite Avengers stories have a mix of women and men on the team. The regular title just has Spider-Woman, and I guess Ms. Marvel, Jewel, and Mockingbird are going to be in New Avengers.

I hate that the Guardians of the Galaxy is getting canceled. It’s my favorite title. Someone should mention to Burbaker that if he can have Nova…he could probably have Moondragon, Mantis or Crystal! :)

Also, I’d love to see Bru tacklle Hank Pym. He did an excellent job with him on CA:Reborn.

Please tell me that one of the un-named Secret Avengers is Wonder Man. Imagine the Bob Hope/Bing Crosby dynamics of Beast/Wonder Man written by Brubaker. Yeah, I’m stuck in the 1970s. I blame Bully’s 365 Days with Hank McCoy for this wish. :)

This is The Defenders with a different name!

Moon Knight was a Defender.
Valkyrie was a Defender.
Nova was a Defender.
Beast was a Defender.
War Machine was a Secret Defender.
Steve Rogers was a Secret Defender.

This is The Defenders.

I hope Brubaker touches on the Charlie Huston-written Captain America/Moon Knight confrontation during Civil War. It definitely did not seem like Cap would want anything to do with Moonie. Not that I’m trying to use continuity as a noose, in fact I think this roster is the coolest I’ve seen in ages, and I just hope Brubaker plays with the Steve/MK animosity. For those who didn’t read it, Cap basically told Moon Knight that even if MK wanted to join the rebels Cap wouldn’t allow it because he’s a lunatic – worse, he’s a Marine that turned mercenary. He essentially said just stay out of the fight, or else.

u people all judge before things come out, u all dam know you will buy this book and keep reading it for so many issues to come all u haters do is bitch bitch bitch..grow up and grow a pair.

I am dying to see moon Knight in this

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