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Archie Comics to introduce gay character, cartoonist says [Updated]

Veronica #202

Veronica #202

Archie’s relationship with Valerie was only the beginning of the changes coming to Riverdale, apparently.

In an interview at C2E2 with gay podcast Feast of Fun, longtime Archie Comics cartoonist Dan Parent casually revealed that September’s Veronica #202 will feature the introduction of a gay character named Kevin Keller.

“The plotline is that Veronica’s got the hots for this guy and can’t understand why he’s not interested in her,” Parent said, “and … he’s gay.”

The cartoonist said that while readers shouldn’t expect any of the regular characters to come out of the closet, we shouldn’t look for residents of Riverdale to make a big deal about Kevin’s sexuality, either. “The reaction is going to be, there isn’t going to be a reaction — it’s just going to be acceptance,” he said.

In the interview, Parent also discussed Archie’s new relationship with Valerie, which he said will continue.

“They’re a great couple, which is why we’re going to be continuing the stories with them because, y’know, they just make a great couple,” he said. “I mean, the interracial aspect is there, of course, but the main thing is to do a good story with good characters.”

Update (Thursday, April 22): This morning Archie Comics officially announced the introduction of Kevin Keller and provided details of the story, titled “Isn’t it Bromantic?”

Watch the full interview after the break.

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You mean Jughead wasn’t gay? :-) Only for hamburgers, I guess.

Great Googamooga

April 21, 2010 at 7:14 pm

I’m waiting for Betty and Veronica to fall in love with each other. Who needs Archie?

I’m with ya on that one!

Meh, why not. Time’s are-a changing.

“The reaction is going to be, there isn’t going to be a reaction — it’s just going to be acceptance,”

What a great choice.

I’ve always wondered if they would ever do something like this.

I think it’ll be interesting.

FORMER Archie Reader

April 22, 2010 at 2:51 am

This is just sad. Yet another appalling “new direction” for Archie comics. Jon Goldwater is destroying this company.

So what’s your problem, Former? Blacks and whites snogging. Gay existing? Tut.

Nice one, Archie Comics.

They can’t have GAY Archies. That is appalling. APPALLING. Seriously, what’s next? Gay X-Men? Gay congressmen? Gay church leaders? Gay members of the Village People? OH. WAIT.


This will probably get me into trouble… again… but I can sorta see where FORMER is coming from. Not in the new gay character or interracial relationship themselves, but in the fact that between those two and the wedding storylines from last year, Archie seems to have fallen into the same event- or gimmick-driven sales model that DC and Marvel have been stuck in for years.

In era where super-hero comics have been getting darker and the storylines have been getting more complex and convoluted, Archie comics may have been marshmallow fluff, but at least they were a known quantity. You could be confident that whenever you picked up an Archie comic you knew what you were getting.

It’ll be interesting to see where they go with this, and if they’ve got anything else up their sleeves.

There are already Gay X-Men have been for years, so that’s not anything new at all.

I haven’t read Archie in years. I always thought Archie and Reggie would make a nice couple. They argue and hate and compete with each other on the outside which usually means only one thing on the inside. Veronica is/was just a beard for them!

I just stumbled upon this forum after hearing about this on Google. Former , chances are you are gay. Archie comics are kinda gay, so i would wonder about the fans.Look at the content in those things. They are as gay as the volleyball scene in Top Gun. The only thing gayer would be to write in and complain about a gay character being added, knowing the name of the guy who is running the company and whining about him ruining it. FOR SHAME. Just come out of the closet already.

Speaking of coming out of the closet, i heard the Green Latern is gay, and changing his name to the PInk Scented Candle. HA.


People Chill out! It’s just a gay character, it’s not exactly a novel concept.
All the other comics have been getting gay characters for DECADES now.

One of the first being Northstar .

The fact that people panic because of a gay character in a 2010 comic makes me wonder if they’ve slept under a rock all that time!

Matthew Grayson

April 24, 2010 at 10:32 pm

Although I’d have preferred a main character as gay, I’m happy that Archie Comics have shown they aren’t afraid to put a character who isn’t straight in their titles.

However, as with most “diverse” characters in Archie, they will be used sparingly, so I doubt there will be any “Love Showdowns” with Kevin … But that should appease the hatred and ignorant out there. Seriously, for those who are afraid to give these comics to children is ridiculous. Sheltering children from the reality is harmful, and it’s even more harmful to believe a child will “become” gay from a comic book.

If parents want an issue, they should look at the fact that the comic features two girls who are best friends but throw that away every day by fighting over a boy. Veronica has stated she doesn’t love Archie but “doesn’t want the blond to have him” and the blonde, Betty does Archie’s homework to try and gain his favor … To keep it short, there are lots of other things to dig at than this.

In any event, concerned conservative backwards homophobic parent or homophobic reader, the fact that Chuck and Nancy still don’t have their own titles and rarely get cover space, so it is doubtful Kevin will either, so chill.

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