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Bendis and Maleev tease their creator-owned title O-X

Teaser for the creator-owned comic by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev

Teaser for the creator-owned comic by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev

As the industry gears up for next weekend’s C2E2, the websites of frequent collaborators Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev have been rebranded to promote their long-promised creator-owned project.

The mysteriously titled O-X, set to debut in July from Marvel’s Icon imprint, will be officially announced on Thursday — the day before the Chicago convention — during Blair Butler’s “Fresh Ink” segment on G4 TV’s Attack of the Show!

O-X will mark Bendis’ first creator-owned title since Powers, his long-running superhero-police procedural with Michael Avon Oeming.

Bendis and Maleev first worked together in 2000 on the Spawn spin-off Sam and Twitch, and have since collaborated on such Marvel titles as Daredevil, Halo: Uprising and Spider-Woman. A creator-owned collaboration has been teased since at least July 2007.



As long as this doesn’t mean a series with a guy who’s like Ox of the Enforcers, I’m intrigued.

I’m hoping it’s a series about farms and farmers. Agriculture is an oft-overlooked genre in comics.

And I would consider this teaser to be an official announcement. They put it out and the press release giving all these details.

And where did you get the O-X from? The image just says Ox.

Bendis vs Maleev in a tic-tac-toe match to the death?

Bendis and Maleev kissing and hugging each other. Marvels first comic with a bear and a twink. (Eeeeew! I’ll never erase that image now!)

O-X, War O’ Man!


So this explains why they stopped working on Spider-Woman. I’m not bitter. Good for them, if they can make a bit more money with Icon.

Lets see the concept and how well it sells.

There’s a press release?

Check out the manga Moyasimon. It’s about an agriculture student who can see little cute versions of bacteria. Strange, but oddly informative in it’s on bizarre way.

It’s the O in Ohio (as in Cleveland) and the X in Jinx

I wonder if Maleev is gonna actually draw this, or just trace over photos as usual. At least we assured of Bendis over-writing the crap out of it.

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