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Brightest Day: ‘They’re back for a reason’

SPOILERS after the jump for Blackest Night #8 … don’t say I didn’t warn you …


So if you’ve read the last chapter in DC’s mega-popular Blackest Night crossover, you know that 12 once-dead characters are back again, thanks to the white light. And if you’ve been following the upcoming solicitations for titles like The Flash, Birds of Prey and Titans, you know that they’ve all been billed as “Brightest Day” titles without a lot of explanation as to what that means. I mean, sure, these titles all seem to have gotten makeovers or relaunches, but a more common thread connects all of them, which writer Geoff Johns revealed on DC’s the Source blog yesterday.

“Twelve heroes and villains were resurrected by the white light. Some will call it a miracle and others a sign of the apocalypse, and though the exact reasons for their rebirths is a mystery, it won’t be for long. They’re back ­ for a reason,” Johns said. “Although they all have their own journeys ahead, they are connected by something and their exact mission will unfold throughout BRIGHTEST DAY. But while the truth behind their return and their ultimate destination lies within the BRIGHTEST DAY series itself and GREEN LANTERN, there are other books where you can follow these recently returned heroes to find out what life has in store for them and what they have in store for life.”

Brightest Day

Brightest Day

The 12 characters are Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, Maxwell Lord, Captain Boomerang, Jade, the Reverse-Flash, Hawk, Osiris and Deadman. Click on over to the Source blog to see where else each of them can be found besides the Brightest Day series.



Matter-Pooper Lad

April 2, 2010 at 5:12 am

Whoever drew that poster needs to learn how to draw more than one facial expression.

Hawk and Deadman I can understand – one to maintain Dove, the other because of the hilarity.

The rest, not so much (though I guess since they were used as the central power battery for the Star Sapphires, Hawkman and Hawkgirl make some sort of sense).

I know the reason: “Dan DiDio doesn’t have a clue, so we convinced him bringing back characters he capriciously had killed off will increase sales!”

Or:”Geoff Johns said it would increase sales!”

Or: “Why not? We can always kill them off again!”

Or:”Because every universe needs b-listers.”

Or: “Because we’re convinced we’ll convince you to like these characters even though you’ve proven time and again you don’t.”

Seriously, of these characters only Deadman’s apparently return to the living seems interesting as a new idea. The rest are just fixes to recent flubs.

I would’ve been happier if they brought back the Dibnys. Just as a signal that they ‘got it’ and were really going for something lighter in tone.

This…isn’t helped by Finch’s “Okay, everybody scowl!” image.

Damn Mera, can’t get the scowl so she pouts.

I bet if we could see Atom’s face, he’d be scowling, too.

Another horrible David Finch cover. The guy so many rush jobs these days. If art still the reason people would look out and buy a comic like it was back in the 90’s, I guarantee you this book wouldn’t sell.

But you know he’s just an overglorified cover artist these past few years. He can’t be like Bagley and at least pretend to maintain an image of consistency.

Justice League: The Day the Smiles Died.


Why is there no Ted Kord Blue Beetle??!!!?!?

Okay, I’ll be the dissenter here and share my optimism for the project. Contrary to what a lot of people think, I felt that a lot of these characters were being killed off intentionally, especially since Ronnie Raymond died in Infinite Crisis. The deaths of so many of these characters (especially Aquaman, J’onn and the Hawks) just seemed so arbitrary that there had to be SOME reason for it.

Having said that, I am only cautiously optimistic about this series because Brightest Day sounds suspiciously like the Challengers storyline from Countdown, and we all know how well that was received.

But this lineup? With the exception of Deadman (simply because I had never figured him to be a consideration), I couldn’t choose a better JLA lineup if I tried.

Yeah, after I read Blackest Night #8, I was like, why the hell did they bring back Maxwell Lord, Jade, and Captain Boomerang, but left Ralph and Sue and Ted Kord dead…

Whatever, I’m done.

None of the characters seem very happy that they were resurrected.

Fellow dissenter here: I’ve read next to nothing of John’s work, but he’s becoming big enough that it’s approached the love it or hate it level in fans.
I also feel he’s prone to speaking in aggrandizing statements–although be it a far far cry from Mark Millar pomposity.
. . . My point is, the statement, “They’re back ­ for a reason” strikes me as a really sincere comic book loving geek declaration. It’s the first time I’ve felt that John’s ‘gets it’ and does feel some love for the ‘world’ we fans do. Sure I’m probably late in getting to this conclusion, but if there is a real pay off to all the hyperbole we’re getting from the racks these days, I’ll be a really happy and enthusiastic DC reader/comic book reader.

So the Atom and Firestorm are white again? WTF?

That is the original Atom, Ray Palmer, who played a major role in Blackest Night. Ronnie Raymond was among those resurrected, but Jason is also still alive. Ryan Choi is still alive as well.

Aquaman was resurrected with both hands. No hook or water glove.

Geoff Johns is really good at rewriting a reason into people’s deaths and resurrections. Let’s hope he can do the same here.

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