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C2E2 | Carla Speed McNeil signs with Dark Horse

Carla Speed McNeil and Jim Ottoviani trade quips

Carla Speed McNeil and Jim Ottoviani trade quips

Carla Speed McNeil was at the Haven Distributors booth for the opening of C2E2, and she had big news: She has just signed a multi-book contract with Dark Horse. McNeil, who won a Best Webcomic Eisner last year, has been self-publishing her Finder series for years, so Dark Horse will begin by republishing those earlier comics in two volumes, followed by Torch, which has appeared online, in February. “Also, they are reviving the venerable Dark Horse Presents, in which I will producing eight-page color stories,” McNeil added. “That will be the first time Finder is presented in color.”

The contract covers Torch, Voice, and McNeil’s next three books, as well as the Dark Horse presents material. McNeil says she is happy she self-published her earlier books, because she got to learn how the industry works, but now she wants to move on. “I have got a lot of interesting friends that I want to do projects with,” she said, “and if someone else handles the back end of things, I can do them.”



This news makes me so very very happy.

If you’re dissatisfied with the comics you’re reading and have the slightest interest in something new, try FINDER.

Wow. This is spectacular news on all fronts. Dark Horse has signed a great talent and I hope Speed McNeil will find herself more time with her family as well as increased creative time, not having to juggle the demands of self publishing. This may be the highlight in terms of news for the convention from my perspective.

This is tremendous news–I only hope it will net Finder the legions of new readers it deserves! I’m with Tim: it’s hard to imagine the news from this con getting any better than this!

This makes me very happy! Carla deserves all the extra exposure that being with Dark Horse will bring.

I think this is great news, it also looks like I will be picking up the new Dark Horse Presents then if it will include Finder in color!

Hopefully more people will discover what fans already know about just how good Carla is.

Great news! Finder is one of my favorite comics ever. I’ve been so disappointed that I couldn’t find a tpb after “Five Crazy Women”, webcomics are fine, but I still like to hold a book in my hands to really experience it. Are they really republishing all the old comics in only two volumes? That’s got to be pretty massive omnibus-sized books, right? Seems like volumes 1-8 amount to a lot of pages. I hope they keep all the explication that appeared in the back of the old books. Anywho, good on Speed-Mcneil, Dark Horse seems like a great home for Finder! Cheers!

Yes yes yes! Very good news!

I hope the collections will be at least normal pamphlet size – the hardcover Lightspeed did of the Sin Eater arc was pretty, but on the small side. McNeil’s art is way too good (also way too detailed) to be shrunk down that much, a la the Concrete digests DH did.
To round this up: Yes!

I only found out about Finder on the old ScansDaily site, when they showed the scene with Brigand, the Army General and the Finder who woke up in a rather compromising condition. To anyone who’s read that part, YOU know what I’m talking about. To anyone who has no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll leave that joy of discovery for yourself.

So when I finally was able to purchase the first big story, I leapt at the chance, with the hope that later omnibuses would soon follow. That excitement later turned to disappointment when none came up. I’d been hoping to catch up to the previous stories before latching on to the new online stuff, even if I didn’t necessarily need to know any backstory. It’s the principle of the thing.

That said, I hope not too much of Finder is spoiled by the addition of colour, since so much of it works in plain Black & white. Still, Bone managed to reach a wider audience with its addition of colour, even when Jeff Smith took some liberties with his earlier versions. (Check the first printings of his comics with his omnibus collection – some texts have been rewritten to further integrate the meaning of Dreams)

Like Ben said, publishing all of Carla’s previous works in only 2 volumes seems like overkill. Unless they mean the other books between Sin-Eater and Five Crazy Women, then that would work out just as well. Also, the smaller size might’ve not be adequate for the first story, but for the later stories where panel placement wasn’t a big issue, it might not be a big problem. It’s like how the first two volumes of Lone Wolf & Cub were excessively wordy compared to the later volumes which worked the smaller size just as well. Either way, I won’t mind seeing more of her work in print and for a good price.

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