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C2E2 | Could New Comics Day move to Tuesday? [Updated]

Diamond Retailer Summit

Diamond Retailer Summit

At the Diamond Retailer Summit on Thursday at C2E2, the direct-market distributor floated the possibility of shifting comics-release day from Wednesday to Tuesday — a proposition frequently discussed among store owners and publishers.

According to a brief report at, Diamond offered the idea contingent on retailer agreement to pay an additional $5 a week. In a show of hands, a Tuesday release narrowly won.

A Tuesday New Comics Day would put the direct market in line with DVD and book releases.

Developing, presumably …

Update: Heidi MacDonald has more details of the proposal, which would see all stores receiving shipments on Monday — rather than some on Tuesday and others on Wednesday — for a Tuesday street date. I was initially stumped by the reason for the $5 surcharge, but MacDonald reports it would be to fund a “Street Date Team” to help ensure that retailers don’t violate the Tuesday release.



This would be a stores-get-Tuesday-deliveries-for-Wednesday-sale initiative. A number of stores do get Tuesday delivery, but not all. There’s a move so that everyone gets their comics on the same day – and doesn’t break street date.

A Dream come true. I get my books by mail and I always get them the Monday the week after. A day earlier means Friday comics for me! 3 cheers!

Rich Johnston is wrong, according to what Heidi posted about “Tuesday street dates”:

“This would also entail all stores getting their books on Monday instead of some Tuesday and some Wednesday.”

The only reason I can see Diamond wanting to do this is if it saved money for Diamond. Diamond would appear to be on the brink of collapse, and appear to be trying to pinch pennies wherever they can.

Video shops across the country get their videos several days early so that they can prep them for rental. These stores don’t break street date under contractual penalties (hefty fines). It can work.

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