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Dark Horse Presents: The original

Dark Horse Presents: The original

I swung by the Dark Horse booth, which was doing a booming business, to chat with Jeremy Atkins about a couple of things. Something that got buried in my Carla Speed McNeil story is the return of the print version of Dark Horse Presents. The relaunch will coincide with Dark Horse’s 25th anniversary next year, Atkins said, and the publisher will also relocate the online version of Dark Horse Presents from MySpace to their own site. “We will have new content especially for print,” he said, and he expects the print comics will appeal to a different audience than the web version. Dark Horse will continue to collect the webcomics into print volumes, and the print comics will also be collected into trades with a different format.

Manga fans have been wondering about the CLAMP “mangettes” (essentially, mini-manga) that were announced several years ago but have never materialized. Atkins pointed out that Dark Horse has been publishing omnibus editions of earlier CLAMP titles, including Clover and Chobits, with a Cardcaptor Sakura omnibus on the way. “We decided it made more sense to focus on getting collections of all these materials, and create an association between CLAMP and Dark Horse,” he said. “We will do new CLAMP material in the future. We have a relationship with CLAMP to develp new material, we just have to do it.”


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Crystalyn Hodgkins

April 19, 2010 at 4:33 pm

That’s interesting. At Dark Horse’s Sakura-Con panel, Carl Horn said that the project is taking longer than expected because xxxHolic is taking longer than CLAMP originally anticipated. I guess it was a combination of both factors, really.

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