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C2E2 | Marvel’s Red Hulk guitar picks (or, What does Banner know?) [Updated]

Marvel's Red Hulk/ guitar pick (via Kirby Krackle)

Marvel's Red Hulk/ guitar pick (via Kirby Krackle)

Last month at Emerald City ComiCon, Marvel teased its next Spider-Man event by handing out guitar picks at the Kirby Krackle/Joe Quesada show bearing the then-mysterious acronym “O.M.I.T.” Saturday at C2E2 saw another performance by Quesada and the Seattle-based “nerd rock band,” and the return of the guitar picks.

But this time — as seen on the Kirby Krackle Twitter feed — the picks depict Red Hulk on one side and on the other. There’s nothing at the website address at the moment, but I’ll go out on a limb and guess it has something to do with the revelation of Rulk’s identity.

Update: Although isn’t working yet, a reader points out in the comments there’s now a “BANNERKNOWS” video at featuring Senior Editor Mark Paniccia and writer Jeph Loeb.



Does anyone at this point care who Red Hulk is?

There have been so many points over the past few years where they promised to reveal his identity only to do no such thing. At this point, no one cares or trusts Marvel to actually reveal it.

Turns out, its a video with Loeb. Nice.

I hate kirby kracle.
Bands like those are guilty for people bullying geeks reading comics!

Curious though! I met the band this weekend in Chicago and they’re big comic fans who just happen to be able to rock. They look like they got bullied as well actually!

one of the better picks i’ve ever seen. i’d love to play my guitar with one of those bad boys!!!!

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