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C2E2 | Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier mini by Brubaker, Eaglesham kicks off in July

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier

In addition to starring in Marvel’s upcoming Secret Avengers title, the former Captain America is also getting a miniseries of his own. Announced yesterday at the Diamond retailer’s summit in Chicago, the four-issue series, titled Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier, will be written by Ed Brubaker, naturally, with art by Dale Eaglesham (Fantastic Four). The first issue (above) features a cover by Carlos Pacheco.

“It felt like Bucky was doing a great job as Cap, fans dig him in the role [and] I enjoy writing him as Cap,” Brubaker told “And it occurred to me that Steve was going to get put through the wringer on his way back to the present, and may have reasons for not wanting to put the Cap uniform back on and go all public for a while, if not forever.”

He added that Rogers would be operating in secret, “more like a James Bond for the Marvel Universe, operating covertly to save the world.”



“Rogers would be operating in secret, ‘more like a James Bond for the Marvel Universe.'”

Well, this seems like a terrible idea to me, BUT… I thought (I still think) that bringing back Bucky was a terrible idea. And we know what a disastrous reception that’s received from the audience at large. ;-)

So if I had to guess, I would predict that this will work out nicely for Marvel and Brubaker also!

The bad news with this announcement is that Dale Eaglesham will probably be leaving The Fantastic Four where he is doing an amazing job with Jonathan Hickman.

Also considering that DC Comics has multiple characters sharing the same name, I have no problems with more than one Captain America, or even multiple Iron Men, etc.

Love that cover image…but Steve with a gun?!

I’m sorry, I haven’t been paying attention– isn’t that incredibly similar to the Fighting American costume?? Had Marvel not stolen enough from Kirby while he was alive, they have to take one more thing from him now that he’s long dead? Fighting American was creator owned. Maybe I’m seeing things, but that seems to be in truly poor taste– especially while there’s a lawsuit going on. (And especially depressing the same week where they announced they found another crate of ideas Kirby left behind in a warehouse– look how many new ideas someone can come up with if anyone would just try! You don’t have to keep ripping off the same guy!!).

Captain America’s letterer truly is history’s greatest criminal.

Well, note: I don’t actually know who owns the Fighting American, but my vaguest recollection (and wikipedia) suggests that it was creator-owned at the outset. And yeah, maybe I’m seeing things (though …). Who knows?

This uniform is so “90´s”… and Steve with a gun?


@Abhay…what are you talking about? What does anything about this have to do with the “letterer”? If you are going to post a negative comment at least make it understandable and correct. And as to the Kirby stuff nothing you wrote is correct either. Did you read that article at all? Again don’t post if you don’t know…

@Chris I was really hoping that wouldn’t be the case, that maybe he was just taking time off to draw this before resuming his duties on FF, but they announced at the Mondo Marvel panel today that Eaglesham is indeed off Fantastic Four. I’m with you — that’s bad news indeed.

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