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Wizard World Anaheim

Wizard World Anaheim

Conventions | A Wizard World convention soon may be coming to your town. Wizard CEO Gareb Shamus has announced plans to double the number of shows in his company’s stable within the next year.

“We want to create an atmosphere that’s different than San Diego, one that has real access to the stars and is about celebrating these characters in many media, which includes Hollywood films but goes well beyond that,” Shamus told the Los Angeles Times. “San Diego has done a spectacular job. It took them 40 years to build it up to what it is. But there’s other ways of doing things, and people are responding to that. We have 12 shows that we started or bought, and next year we expect it to be 20 to 25. There’s a lot more coming.”

Wizard now has conventions in: Anaheim, California; Philadelphia; Chicago; Boston; New York City; Edison, New Jersey; Austin, Texas; Cincinnati; Cleveland; Atlanta; Toronto; and Nashville, Tennessee. Most of those are part of a recent, rapid expansion that involved the acquisition of small, local shows. [Los Angeles Times]

Swing With Scooter #14

Swing With Scooter #14

Passings | Longtime Archie Comics artist Henry Scarpelli passed away on April 4 after a long illness. He was 79. In addition to his long-running single-panel gag strip TV Tee-Hees, Scarpelli penciled numerous humor comics, including Marvel’s Millie the Model, Charlton’s Abbott & Costello, Dell’s Beverly Hillbillies, Bewitched and Get Smart, and DC’s Swing With Scooter and Plop! Late in his career, Scarpelli became a lead artist for Archie, drawing The New Archies as well as the Archie newspaper strip. [press release]

Legal | The Coroners and Justice Act of 2009 went in to effect on Tuesday in the U.K., expanding laws against possession of child pornography to include non-photographic images (animation, comic books, etc.). [The Register]

Conventions | Deb Aoki, Geoff Boucher, Peter Hartlaub, Heidi MacDonald, Tom Spurgeon and Douglas Wolk file reports from San Francisco’s WonderCon. [WonderCon]

Paul Pope

Paul Pope

Conventions | Paul Pope has been announced as a “surprise special guest” at Stumptown Comics Fest, held April 24-25 in Portland, Oregon. [Stumptown Comics Fest]

Conventions | Molly McIsaac considers the differences between comic and anime conventions. [iFanboy]

Publishing | Editor and translator Matt Thorn discusses Fantagraphics Books’ new manga line. [PW Comics Week]

Publishing | Ada Price talks with editors and creators about the challenges of adapting popular prose works for comics. [PW Comics Week]

Creators | Neil Gaiman remembers artist and editor Dick Giordano: “As DC’s editor in chief, Dick gave Dave McKean and me our first big break, by welcoming us into the DC Comics fold with Black Orchid. He was kind to two unknowns, and took us seriously. […] He was a gentleman, I loved working with him, and he was one of the few legends of comics who deserved every accolade he got. Also, he was magnificently deaf. Although he always seemed to get much less deaf when he was interested in what was being said.” [Neil Gaiman’s Journal]

Greg Rucka

Greg Rucka

Creators | Laura Hudson has posted the audio and transcript from the Greg Rucka spotlight at WonderCon. [Comics Alliance, Comics Alliance]

Creators | Farel Dalrymple talks about his background, Pop Gun War, his process, Omega: The Unknown and The Wrenchies. [Hideous Energy]

Creators | David Harper interviews Jeff Lemire about his influences, his career, Sweet Tooth and Essex County. Lemire mentions that he’ll be writing for DC Comics proper. [Multiversity Comics]

Creators | Jonathan Hickman chats about his new Marvel series S.H.I.E.L.D., which examines the secret history of the organization. []



Wizard CEO Gareb Shamus is pleased to announce the new Wizard World Starbucks™, a 2011 initiative where Wizard will hold a mini-convention in each and every Starbucks® Cofffee location across the U.S. and internationally.

“We feel fans shouldn’t have to drive to a city center, just to have the Comic Con experience. We think by focusing on the basics of the modern fan convention–crowding, waiting in lines, missing the things you really want to see, and of course spending lots of money on things you don’t need–we should be able to water-down and dilute the con experience to the point where any fan can be annoyed for a single half-hour on a Saturday afternoon. We’re in the business of bringing the magic to everyone!”

Shamus plans to run Wizard World Starbucks™ each year, from 2011 onwards, on the first Saturday in May, unless Diamond moves Free Comics Book Day to another date, in which case, “We plan to dynamically counter-program WWS on any weekend that might otherwise be a fan event. Only by dividing the fan base can we conquer the mainstream.”

[/satire, obviously. …I hope.]

Matt from the Chi

April 7, 2010 at 8:11 am

Wizard Entertainment should really stop referring to that con as “Chicago Comicon.” It’s in Rosemont, IL which is quite a distance away from Chicago.

They did call it Wizard World Los Angeles when it was actually in Long Beach (at a nicer location, I might add.) So I find the Chicago/Rosemont non-distinction un-surprising.

Actually, O’Hare Airport is part of Chicago, and Rosemont…excuse me, DES PLAINES, seems to be sandwiched between two parts of Chicago. (Cross over the Des Plaines River, located on the east side of the convention center, and you’re back in Chicago.)

If Gareb Shamus wants to “create an atmosphere that’s different than San Diego” he should try holding a comic convention that actually focuses on COMICS for a change. I don’t see too many cons doing that these days.

>Wizard World Starbucks™

Fools. Krispy Kreme would have been a far more sensible venue, given the fried donut is already a dietary staple of the typical comic consumer.


“Matt from the Chi”

Wizard Entertainment should really stop referring to that con as “Chicago Comicon.” It’s in Rosemont, IL which is quite a distance away from Chicago.”

It’s only about 25 mins? You make it sound like it’s a 3 day trek to get there. The Dallas Cowboys don’t play in Dallas proper should they be remained? Kinda pulling at straws there…

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