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Dark Horse teases something by Geof Darrow, we think

Dark Horse has emailed us three teaser images over the last few days that we* think were drawn by the great Geof Darrow. Here’s the first one, a black and white close-up of someone’s head we received yesterday:


Then these two showed up in our in-box today:



They look very Darrow-esque, for sure, and ComicsAlliance’s Caleb Goellner seems to agree. Based on the subject matter I wonder if maybe he’s doing a Conan project … or simply something creator-owned. Hopefully we’ll know soon.

Darrow’s previous work at Dark Horse includes Hard Boiled and Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, both with Frank Miller. I can’t remember when we last saw an issue of Shaolin Cowboy, his comic from Burlyman Entertainment.

*By we I mean me and Sean T. Collins.



Looks like Geof Darrow inking Glen Fabry. Not that that’d ever happen, surely?

I don’t know. It doesn’t seem as insanely detailed as Geoff Darrow usually is.

I’m with Billy, not insane enough to look like Darrow. Looks a bit like Rafael Grampa to me, but hey I could be wrong.

Looks like a cover for a conan comic

As far as not being detailed enough is concerned, there’s no way to know if what they are showing us is actual size or if it is actually a zoomed in portion of a larger scene in which case this IS the detail.

Whaaat it doesnt look like grampas work at all. this is clearly darrow.

this is darrow. that first panel says it all. the thing thats throwing you guys off is the horrible coloring job that is now the industry standard.

Looking forward to this whether or not it’s Darrow (which it is).

looks more like Pete Doherty to me BUT WHAT DO I KNOW

It’s Darrow. It was in his portfolio at C2E2.

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