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Gillen’s Thor run extended

Thor #611

Thor #611

Marvel sent over some updated information on Thor #611, which was supposed to be the first issue by the new creative team of Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry, but will now be by Kieron Gillen and Rich Elson. The above cover is by Mico Suayan.

No word on whether this is a situation where Gillen needed an extra issue to wrap up his story or if the new team just wasn’t quite ready to take the reigns, but either way I think Gillen has done some great work on the title, so I’ll look at this as a bonus.

Here’s the solicitation info for #611:

Marvel is proud to unveil Mico Suayan’s brand new cover to Thor #611! As Siege concludes, the Marvel Universe embraces the Heroic Age, but rising-star writer Kieron Gillen and artist Rich Elson reveal Loki’s latest machinations as Thor is sent on a dangerous journey…to Hell!

THOR #611
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC—6/3/10, On-Sale—6/23/10

Update: A commenter pointed out that Gillen is also listed as writing issue 612 in the latest Marvel solicitations. I checked in with Marvel, and a spokesperson said, “Stay tuned—we’ve got some exciting news about Matt and Pasqual, but right now we’re all jazzed about the great stuff Kieron has planned!”



More than one issue – Gillen has already been solicited as the writer of #612. Maybe more than that, even?

I’m moderately annoyed since I added Thor to my pull list (rather than collections) starting when Siege ends based on Fraction & Ferry coming on board, but I’m perfectly happy picking up Gillen’s work based on what I’ve read from him on the book so far.

I hate to say it like this, because it’s as if Gillen’s work wasn’t good, but I was REALLY surprised by his THOR run! In a good way, for sure!
I hope he’ll keep the rythm, because he’s been great after JMS, and you can tell he really loves the character!
Way to go Gillen! :D

The thing i’m a bit worried about is the artist, because after Coipel and Djurdjevic, Tan was a little weak, and with a name as Pascual Ferry to follow, I think Marvel should really look up to the art!

Maybe Matt Fraction’s run will be a new ongoing Thor title?

I hope we get to see Matt and Pasqual do the Thor stuff still. Fraction’s ideas about the various world and all of their stories sounded too good to simply pass up.

“No word on whether this is a situation where Gillen needed an extra issue to wrap up his story or if the new team just wasn’t quite ready to take the reigns”

“Reins” does not have a G.

I have enjoyed Gillen’s run immensely and would not be upset if they extended him further.

While not particularly a Fraction fan, I was impressed with his stated plans for him.

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Marvel already announced a second ongoing Thor title at C2E2, but with a totally different creative team. I don’t think Thor can hold 3 ongoings.

Man, I feel like I was tricked. I wanted to drop when Straczynski left, but thought I might as well stay on for a couple arcs because I’d want to read the Fraction stuff. Now it looks like Fraction’s getting his own title…


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